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Mother is my Sexual Slave Ch. 02

by SusanJillParker 07/26/13

"I figured you'd like the idea of controlling your mother in such a wicked way," said Nancy with thoughtfulness. "You realize, of course, that her wearing a diaper is more about control and submissiveness than it is about sex."

"I know. It's all part of the fun in having a submissive, sexual slave Nance. The sex conveniently ties into it too," he said. "I mean, it wouldn't be as fun if it was all about control."

"You'd love to have control over your mother in the way that you think you have control over me now," she said with a laugh. "Yet, don't kid yourself about your mother's sexual orientation. All women are bi-sexual one time or another. We're different from men in that way," she said.

"What do you mean?"

"A woman licking a pussy is different than a man sucking a cock. It's not nearly the same," she said. "Even heterosexual women, especially when in the swinging lifestyle, would willingly lick a pussy, especially if their man was watching. All men get off seeing two beautiful women going at one another."

"I don't know Nance. Even though I think that I can seduce any woman and even though it excites me to imagine you and/or me having sex with my Mom, I'm not sure that I can seduce my own mother. That's incest. That's just nasty, isn't it?" As if waiting for her to disagree with him, he looked long and hard at his sexy girlfriend before speaking. "Be honest, would you really do my Mom or are you just teasing me to get me going?"

"Why not? I'd definitely do your Mom, especially if you would too. We could do her together, that is, if she was agreeable to having sex with us. She's nice to me and she's very pretty. In the way that you'd do my mother, I'd do your Mom," she said with a dirty laugh. "Besides, you said that you can seduce anyone. I'd love to watch you seduce your Mom."

"I dunno. Too close to home; I think we're pushing the submissive, sexual slave envelope in trying to make my Mom our submissive sexual slave though," he said. "Don't you think? Maybe we should try this with someone else, perhaps with one of your friend's mothers."

"No, I like the idea of doing Helen. Who knows Joshua, if it works with your mother," she said curling her long hair with her finger again while flashing him a sexy look. "Maybe we'll try it on my mother next."

"Oh my God, I like that idea even better," he said. "I'd love to touch and feel your mother everywhere while kissing her and stripping off her clothes. Looking up at me with her big, hazel eyes, I can just see your mother on her knees sucking my cock before I push her back on the bed to pound her pussy."

"Bullshit," said Nancy. "You're so full of shit Joshua. Who are you kidding? Don't you know that I know you better than that? I can see right through you."

"What?" He looked at her in shock. "What the Hell are you talking about? What do you mean?"

"If both women were standing before you naked and you could only have sex with one, I dare say that you'd choose your mother to have sex with over my mother," she said.

"Okay. You're right. Now that you've brought my incestuous lust for my mother out in the open and held the mirror of incest up to my face, just as you'd like to have sex with my mother," he said pausing as if embarrassed to confess. "I would too. I admit that my imagining having sex with my mother makes me hot."

"Duh. I figure as much. You're so transparent that I wouldn't be surprised if your mother knows that you want to do her," said Nancy. "In the way that you stare and leer at her and in the way that you walk around her wearing pajamas without underwear with an erection, I'd be surprised if she didn't already know how much you wanted her."

"Only taking it a step further than just incest," he said pausing in thought. "I'd like to make my own Clockwork Orange story with my Mom as the submissive star and you as sexy my co-star," he said getting all dreamy eyed. "I'd love to strip my Mom naked and force her to have sex with me."

"Now you're talking. Now you're making me hot and horny. I'd love to strip your mother naked and force her to have sex with me too," said Nancy holding her hands up in front of her crotch as if she was holding the back of Helen's head while she licked Nancy's pussy.

"Then, if we're successful with my mother, I'd love to try the same thing with your mother. Actually, I think it would be easier to make your mother a submissive, sex slave than it would be to make my mother a slutty whore," he said.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because like daughter, like mother, your Mom is easy and my Mom isn't," he said with a laugh.

"Fuck you. My Mom isn't easy Joshua, but compared to your mother, I can see your point. Your mother is a Nun compared to my mother," said Nancy. "Interesting," she said looking at her boyfriend with wonder. "So do we have our submissive, sexual, slut of a victim?"

"I think so. My mother it is," he said slapping her a high five. "She's the one that we'll seduce and make into our sex slave. Then, we'll do your mother next."

"Now for the hard part, lover boy, other than drugging her, hypnotizing her, or getting her drunk, if you think you can seduce anyone, tell me how you'd seduce your mother. She doesn't look like the type who'd have sex with her son never mind having lesbian sex with her son's girlfriend. I think you'd have a better shot of seducing my mother or your mother alone than I would. Although I do have a few tricks up my sleeve," she said.

"Tricks? What kind of tricks?"

"You'll see," she said.

"I dunno. I think you'd have to be a magician or a hypnotist to get my mother's clothes off of her while she's in my presence or your presence even. Unlike your sexy mother, my Mom is modest when it comes to nudity and inhibited when it comes to sex. I think my Dad was the only man she had sex with and then when he left her, it's been only her and her vibrator," he said.

"You heard your mother masturbating? That's hot," said Nancy looking at him with thoughtfulness. "Maybe she wanted you to hear her playing with herself. Maybe she wanted you to lend her a hand, a finger, or a tongue," she said with a sexy laugh.

"I only wish," he said. "When she goes up to her room to take a nap or takes a bath in the middle of the day, I know she's in there masturbating," he said with a sly laugh. "I wonder what she thinks about when she's masturbating," he said looking at his girlfriend. "I wonder if she thinks about blowing me."

"She thinks about you, of course, her son, lover boy," said Nancy laughing. "Maybe not in the sexual way that you'd like her to think of you but, no doubt, you're always on her mind."

"What do you think about Nancy when you masturbate?"

"I think about you. I think about sucking your cock, of course," she said feeling his erection through his pants and rolling her eyes when he was more focused on watching her hand than looking at her pretty face.

"I only wish she wanted me in the way that I want her," he said again. "When I mute my TV, I can hear the soft hum of her purple rabbit. Trust me, if I knew she'd want my help, I'd love to lend her a hand, a finger, or my tongue. It takes all the control that I have not to barge in her room or in the bathroom when she's masturbating to offer her a helping hand or a hard cock," he said with a dirty laugh. "Whenever I hear her masturbating, I masturbate too on the hopes that she'll walk in my room without knocking but she never does."

"So what do you think?" Nancy looked at her boyfriend with wickedness.

"About what?" He returned her look with innocent curiosity.

"Are you ready to have sex with your mother? Are you ready to make her your sexy slave? Are you ready to strip her naked and force her to have sex with us? I'm ready," she said.

"Ready? I've always been ready to have sex with my Mom but let me think about it. I'm sure I can come up with a way for me to get my mother in bed but I'm not sure if she'll welcome you in bed with us too. I don't want to screw up my living arrangements here. I can't afford a place on my own, just yet."

"I'll tell you what. Let's make a game of it," she said. "So as not to frighten her, needing her to more look forward to us being sexually attentive to her, we'll take things slow."

"A game? I like games. You know how competitive I am," he said looking at his girlfriend with excitement. "Okay? What's the game?"

"I'll bet you that I can seduce your mother before you can," she said with a knowing smile.

"No way but I'll take that bet," he said with confidence. "Being that my Mom isn't lesbian or bi-sexual even, my Mom would do me before she'd do you, that's for sure."

"Trust me. I think I have a better chance of doing her and once I bed her, she'll not only have sex you but also with the both of us," said Nancy.

"Only how do we even begin to seduce my Mom?"

"I have an idea," said Nancy.

"What? Tell me."

"Her birthday is coming up, isn't it?"

"It is," he said.

"Did you buy her anything yet?"

"No," he said chagrinned no doubt that he waited until the last minute to buy his mother a birthday gift. "I was hoping you'd go to the mall with me to pick out something for her. I'm not good at that stuff. I hate shopping. Other than her bra and panty size, I don't even know her sizes," he said laughing while shrugging.

"Tell me you're not really still removing her underwear from the laundry hamper and sniffing her panties, are you?"

"No, I haven't done that in years," he said. "Okay months...weeks...yesterday," he said with a laugh. "And so what if I am? I have needs," he said with nervous laugh. "All guys want to sleep with their mothers," he said with a shrug. "With you not always available to give me sex whenever I want it, if the closest thing I come to having sex with my mother is to sniff her underwear while masturbating over the images of her naked and on her knees, what's so wrong with that?"

"Eww, you're such a disgusting pervert," she said with a laugh.

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