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Mother Seduced

by sukkerboy_007 10/05/06

In the evenings, by the time I come from the college. She used to be ready and dressed up in sarees & wore jasmine mala, and we went to parks and movies on the scooter. She was making her all her dreams come true with me as her man, as her husband. We did everything. I shaved Aunty's pussy and armpits. I read in sex magazine about eating pussy. I ate pussy auntie's pussy- banana stuffed in her pussy- and she bringing it out slowly. Pour honey on her body and lick allover. Eat grapes, cherries, gulabjamoons from her juice drenched cunt.

On Sundays we used to move around naked in the house. We were aware of the fact that our fucking is incestuous. But the incest only helped to add glamour and excitement. I used to call her Peddamma in front of others. and Padma when we were alone.

Her husband was deeply religious, even when he visits once am month or so he used to go to temples for religious discourses. And Me and Padma used to go to movies or for shopping in the evenings.

Padma was pregnant, I impregnated her. She was happy and jubilant. She wanted to have my child our love child. During the next visit of her husband , she almost seduced her husband and got fucked and later made him believe that he made her pregnant. I fucked Padma aunty throughout the pregnancy.

During the 5th month of aunty's pregnancy mother came to visit us. That night after Mom slept , Aunty came to my room. Aunty had huge belly even in her 5th month of pregnancy, her breasts became more plumpe and bigger, her round aphrodisiac ass softer and bigger, she was erotic and exciting. I was sucking, licking , lapping and slurping up her cunt juices.

Seducing Sexy Mother

Mother came to see me during dasara holidays on a Sunday morning. Padma aunty and me were not so happy because, mother presence interrupted our usual Sunday fucking program. In the evening, Me, Aunty and Mother went to a movie. I was thrilled to take them out- both dressed beautifully, the sexy sizzling sisters. In the mean while aunty gave me some mane to bring 5 two feet jasmine malas for rest of the night & hide it with me & I did so. In the night, after dinner Aunty and Mom went to the master bedroom and me to my room.

I have forgotten to say about my mother , I was also sexually attracted towards her from the time I started my affair with my aunty. Sandya Devi was 37, 5'8" tall, has beautiful sexy figure, a slim & trim lady, large expressive eyes, beautiful pectorals, broad face, thick juicy lips, chubby cheeks, fair & smooth skin, long thick jet black silky smooth lustrous shining hair crossing her knee lengths. She was a Gandarva type woman. She oozes sexuality and feminineness. She was elegant, sophisticated, glamorous, and magnificent. She looks like Sri Devi (who married Bony Kapoor) , the South Indian actress.

Padma Aunty came in after a long wait. I hugged Aunty. Your mother is asleep, I couldn't sleep without being fucked by you, my Young hubby. Then I bought one two feet mala & decorated her hair. We undressed each other, Aunty lay down across the bed her feet on the floor, and I kneeled between her thunderous thighs and started licking her cunt, sucking, lapping slurping, unaware of the audience. Mother couldn't sleep, she saw Aunty going out, Mother also got up to drink water, went to the kitchen, didn't see her sister Padma, but saw the light in her son's (me) room. Walked towards the door, heard voices, the door was bolted inside, she could listen Padma's voice "Lick me, oh! Dear it's heaven; you have become an expert in pussy eating Good .I am melting, suck my juices out" Mother heard the voice.. The words, went out of the main door went to the window- window was open light passing through the

curtain, Sandya slowly lifted the curtain and saw.... puzzled...couldn't believe ... Her son was licking Padma's cunt.. She was surprised yet excited to see her son licking, and her son's long thick monstrous cock. Body chemistry worked, her body responded, breasts became heavy, nipples grew hard, as she watched.

I asked Aunty to get up and bend. She bent, her hands holding the bed. I positioned myself at her back, Her legs spread wide, her ass up, I placed my rod at her cunt and then entered her cunt slowly steadily, like a knife Piercing a slab soft butter, opening her cunt muscles torching her bottom. I started fucking slowly rhythmically taking out my cock from her cunt upto knob and sending back in.. Gradually increasing the speed like a railway engine piston each time I forced my cock sound thup thup thup thup thup Fucking fucking with controlled movements in and out in and out in-out In out, I took hold of her long single plait decorated with flowers; with one hand & put it on my shoulder and and with other hand holding on her midriff – fucking her – I was riding her. We could see our images in the mirror, so could mother.

Sandya Devi watching her son's big cock in and out of Padma's cunt, his cock shining in the light coated with cunt juice. Sandya's juices oozed out of her cunt. She wished that she were there in her sister's place. She couldn't stop but compare. Her son's cock was twice the size of her husband's. Sandya started fingering her cunt.. Watching the fucking scene in side the room, she inserted two fingers into her cunt and started fucking herself. She watched, listened.. Padma: "Fuck me ..More hard ..harder.. more fuck me my son my young stud.. Fuck me..oh! Rip off my cunt ...." "Ohhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" She came and came loudly, her whole body shaking.. Volcanic eruption. Shiva holding her ass pressed his cock deep inside Padma's cunt experiencing her cunt muscles gripping contracting expanding.... And I exploded ... hot lava pumping into aunty's cunt... White thick sperm dripping down from her cunt onto her thighs... Padma and me stood in the same position till the orgasms were complete.. I took the cock out of her cunt.. And we both walked out to the bathroom through the kitchen.. washed each other, came back to the kitchen. Aunty took the bowl of gulabjamoons and we came back to the room.I ate gulab jamoons from aunty's cunt. Aunty licked my cock dipped in gulab jamoon juice. We started fucking. This time I asked aunty to come up fuck. Mother was watching all these fucking games. We didn't know that. Aunty went back to the master bedroom saw her sister deep in sleep. But Aunty didn't know that her younger sister was awake and was acting as if she was in deep sleep.

After some time, Mother got up ensured that Padma slept, and went to hall to bring flowers from cover put it in her hair and came to my room. I was in light sleep, I saw my mother wearing a white saree arranged her hair into a single long plait decorated with jasmine malas more than aunty, she was amazing. Mom slept next to me on the bed, I asked mother that I want to hold her in my hands and sleep, she said ok, then I hold her tightly, I can fell her breasts on my chest, her plait and jasmines in my hand, that make my loins raise she felt it and got up & started fondling my cock and it was instantly hard and erect. I was awake and to my pleasant surprise and astonishment saw my mother holding my cock in her hands. I fucked my mother in the same way as I do with aunty that night.

Aunty went for her delivery to hospital, so I and my mom went to our home, in the mid way I took her to a temple and married her too. From that evening we fucked daily, I used to get flowers daily and she used to decorate her self according to my interests ,I used to fuck her in many new ways as my father was also on tours, mom also seduced father and made him to fuck her one night. I impregnated my mother too. We fucked each other through out the pregnancy. I took my mother too aunty house as it is a secured place for her.

Gorgeous Grandmother

Aunty Padmavathi Devi was very happy to deliver a handsome healthy boy, our love child in a hospital. My grand mother Kasthuri Devi came to help mother and aunty.

Mother too gave birth to a gal while I was fucking her in her ninth month, our lovely child in home itself.

After few days Grandmother wanted to go to her home situated in a village. I accompanied her. We went to the Bus terminal, but the last bus going to the village was cancelled, and hence we boarded another bus which doesn't go to the village but to another village situated on the highway.

It was 9.00 PM and the bus was crowded, we had to travel standing almost at the back row of the bus. The conductor issued tickets and lights were put off. It was clear full moon day, but it started raining.

I was standing behind grandma, the aroma of jasmine flowers from grandma's hair plait was romantic and exciting.

Grandma was 56yrs young, gracefully matured beauty. She was 5'6" tall, sexy, voluptuous, heavyset, 75kg woman, with 44-38-48 figure and long smooth silky hair reaching her knees. Her hair is still dark at temples but a light streaks of silvery hair added glamour and attraction to her feminine. She normally wear her hair as a plait beautifully arranged long & jasmines compulsary.

I couldn't control touching her porturbing ass cheeks which were like inverted pots . My perpetually erect and hard cock was pressing against her arse . Grandma instead of moving away from me though there was enough space infront of her she leaned back against me pressing her buttocks against my hardness. The road was not smooth and the jerks of the bus helped me to press at her. Grandma was almost leaning against me, turned her head back towards me and smiled. I placed my left hand on her fat midriff and then moved towards her navel, holding her tight pressing myself against her, my cock's hardness pressing her arse in circular motion. There was a slight drizzle, which gradually turned to heay rain, the early monsoon rain, the earth absorbing the rain water and giving out typical aroma, which was romantic, invigorating and symbolic.

The bus stopped, the lights were on, and we move apart slightly sothat no one could suspect. Some people got down and the bus started again, and the lights were off.

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