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Mother's Legacy Ch. 4

by The Enchanter 10/08/00

"Yes Amanda! We want to see your son fuck you, and shoot his load in you beautiful hot pussy," said Gloria. Sandy looked up and saw my hard cock two inches from mother's fuck hole. She took her fingers from her red swollen cunt and grabbed my member. She pulled it towards mom's waiting lust pit. Her wet slimy hands were jacking my cock as she brought it nearer. As soon as the head touched her splayed lips mom groaned her approval.

"Yes baby! Yes stick your hard cock in mother's hot wet cunt hole. Fill mummy with your seed baby. Fuck mummy." The other women voiced their agreement as well

"Fuck her Gary. Fuck your mother. Stick your fucking hard cock in her wet cunt," said Gloria.

"Yeah! Fuck her pussy! I want to see a son fuck his mother," form Sandy. Almost as if Sandy had read my thoughts to mother she expressed her desire to see mom eat pussy.

"Amanda! I want you to eat my pussy while your son shove's that monster in you. I am going to sit on your face and watch him fuck you while you eat my slit. I want you to suck my cunt and my clit. Make me cum while you eat me." Sandy moved trance like until her dripping slit hovered over mother's open mouth. The moment was at hand. I was about to see my mom eat pussy. I swear my cock grew another five inches. It felt as if it were going to explode. I slowly slid the length of my prick into her wet waiting cunt as Sandy lowered her pussy to mother. Just as I buried the last inch, mother's lips made contact with Sandy's pussy I watched her tongue slither out like a snake and lick at the hanging lips before her and just like a snake sensing the heat of it's prey, mother found the weak point of her prey and sunk her tongue into the depths of Sandy's wet slit. The groans from the young woman filled our ears and she started to pinch and grab her own breasts, pulling and stretching the flesh to it's limits. She showed no concern for her self as lust took over her senses. She ground her cunt down hard on mother's face sliding the wet opening all over. Mom was holding onto Sandy's hips trying to keep up with the frantic movements above. It look as if mother liked eating pussy as much as she liked sucking and fucking. Even though Sandy was grinding her cunt down on her mom was pulling on her hips as well. You could see her fingers were leaving a white ring around the flesh of her captor's hips. The next thing I felt was a warm wet tongue licking my ass. Two hands spread the cheeks of my ass and the wet probe licked the length between my cheeks. Then I felt it near my brown wrinkled asshole. The nearer it came the better it felt. The wet digit finally made contact and tried to push past the tightly closed orifice. Next came the wanton moans from my anal attacker.

"Let me in baby! Let me sink my tongue up your hot ass. I want to fuck your asshole with my tongue. Ungh..ungh....ungh." She forced herself up and her persistence paid off. The barrier was broken and her wet tongue slid inside my ass. The feeling was to much and I let go with a very powerful orgasm.

"Yes my darling fuck sluts I'm cummmmmiiiinnnnngggggg!" My white hot milky sperm shot out of my cock deep into mother's cunt. I bathed the walls of her hole with load after load of my seed. Gloria quickly pulled out of my ass and went to the point of contact between mom and me. She pushed back on my chest and my shooting cock fell from the wet confines of mother's pussy. She slipped her mouth over the spouting shaft and drank the remaining flow. Her cheeks caved from the suction, wanting to get it all. When The last drop was swallowed she simply turned and dove into mother's cum leaking cunt. She sucked all the dripping sperm from the outer lips then stuck her tongue deep inside retrieving all the available cock cream. I though to myself, (wow this is sure one cum loving little bitch) (She sure is, and her tongue feels divine inside my cunt. She's going to make.......) I looked up and saw Sandy falling off mother's face and mother grabbed her nipple rings, stretching her tits as far as they would go. Her back arched so much so her ass was a foot off the bed. Her orgasmic cry was a continuation of her thoughts to me."me cummmiinnngggg....... Yes you slut eat my cunt baby. Suck my wet fucking cuntttttt.. Fuck............I'm cumminnnnnnnnnnggg!" Mother's hips were rotating, holding Gloria's face tight to her spasming cunt. I noticed that Sandy didn't let mother's vacated tongue stop her from getting her jollies. Her fingers were manipulating her clit while she watched the scene in front of her. She was moaning herself, having reached the plateau. Her pusyy was convulsing in orgasm as the rest of us were coming down.

After we were back to normal the ladies grabbed me and laid me on the bed and then they surrounded me. Mother and Sandy on either side and Gloria curled up between my legs. All three women had that after orgasm glow about them and they seemed satisfied for the moment. Mother was playing with my limp cock with Sandy and Gloria kissed my thighs just below my groin. Mother bent and kissed my cock on the tip. She looked at Sandy and said,"You must think me terrible for loving my son the way I do."

"Oh heavens no Amanda. I don't think that at all. I think it's very erotic and wonderful. Fuck society and their stupid ways. I ate my sister and my mother, and if mom were here I'd eat her pussy again. I think it's great!"

"Me too Amanda. After yesterday I'm all for incest as long as no one gets hurt and everyone is at the age of consent. We are all adults and I say if it feels good DO IT. Besides the way I have become addicted to cum, male or female, One person is not enough. Hell I don't want to catch aids or any of those other diseases. If we stick to each other we have to be safe."

We all agreed on that and mom added that if any one were to join our group they would have to be tested and wait until they were positively cleared medically.

"What about my mom said Sandy. Can she join our group?"

"Go give her a call Gloria. I'll have a cab sent over to pick her up and she can join us tonight. Hell we'll have a pussy eating orgy all weekend, and my stud muffin son can fuck us in between," replied mother. Gloria jumped up, he small but pretty boobs jumping as well.

"I'll make sure she "cums" right over, but I get dibs on her pussy first."

"Mother!" I interjected. "I would love to fuck you all in between as you say but I think you are forgetting something. There are three pussy's in the room at the moment and two of them are virgins. I was going to fuck one of them yesterday but I wanted your first pussy to be a virgin. I was hoping to have these two fine women bouncing on my cock before the night is over. Just think. Two virgins to fuck in one night."

"Hey stud!" said Sandy. "If you plan on shoving that big pole up my tight little hole I think maybe your mother should prime it and guide in home. Doesn't that sound like an idea?"

"I would love to, Sandy. Who is going to go first. Gloria or Sandy. Lets flip a coin."

"Let's wait 'til their mom gets here. Hey mom why don't you surprise Adele. Meet her at the door with no clothes on and give her a lip lock. I bet you can't have her nude by the time you reach this bed!"

"Your on son. If you loose you have to be my salve for a day. Do anything and everything I say with no questions or hesitation. Deal?"

"Deal! If I win you have to do the same for me though!"

We sat and made small talk until the door bell announced Adele's arrival. We followed mom to the top of the stairs and watched in seclusion as she made her way to the door, her big tits flopping as she bounced down the stairs. She reached the door and turned to look up at us, giving us the "cross your fingers sign." She faced the big door and pulled it open.

"Good evening! You must be Adele!. Mom grabbed the surprised woman's arm and dragged her into the foyer. She pressed her body against the other woman and gave her a deep kiss. Adele was shocked at first, but after five seconds of kissing, she brought her arms up and around mom, returning the lust. When they broke the kiss Adele stood back and commented mom on her beautiful body.

"You must be Amanda. Your have beautiful tits and I just love you hairless cunt. I can't wait to stick my tongue in it." As she said this she put a finger in mom's gash and after a few seconds withdrew it and licked it clean.

"Mmmmmm Finger lickin good pussy my dear. Now where are those two no good slut daughter's of mine. I want my share of tongue."

Mom then said something to Adele we could not make out. Adele looked at mom and smiled and started to remove her clothes, dropping them as she made her way up the stairs. We scooted back into the bedroom and waited on the bed for the two mother's. They entered the room and Adele looked at us on the bed and a wicked lust filled gaze came over her.

"There you are you cuntsucking sluts. She laughed out loud and jumped on the bed hugging her daughters and kissing them in an un-motherly fashion. She pinched their nipples and stuck a finger in each cunt, pulling them out and sucking them clean of the juices.

"Well I see you two are still virgins. I was hoping that young man would have put a couple loads of cream in them by now."

"We were waiting for you mom," said Sandy.

"Yeah! We wanted you to be here to see your two daughters get fucked for the first time. Then you could climb between our thighs and suck all that wonderful cock juices from our well fucked holes," added Gloria. Adele licked her lips and put her fingers in her own pussy. You could hear squishing as she manipulated her clit. I noticed that Adele still had on her nylons and pointed it out to mom saying,

"We will start tomorrow mother dearest, with breakfast in bed!" Mom just smiled and nodded her head in agreement. She then walked to my side of the bed and wrapped her hands around my hardening cock. Her soft hands slid up and down the length, her thumb flicking the angry red knob.

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