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My Amish Mom

by worst10 01/19/11

She was reaching down for something maybe her soap or sponge fall down or something but I didn't wait to find out what because I immediately close the door. I quickly ran to the corner of the hallway to see if she would come out immediately because I thought she might have seen me. after waited for a few minute. I decided to go inside my room, my heart still beating rapidly like a drum. I lay down on my bed close my eyes.

I couldn't believe what I have just seen, the thought of what I saw in the bathroom ran through my mind. I have just see my mom bent down in a touch you toe position everything was in display her legs was spread apart and I saw her bush, there was so much pubic hair between her legs that I couldn't see her cunt. The incident happened so fast that all I could remember was just a single image of my naked mother.

The image of my mother's fat bottoms and hairy pussy is plastered on the wall of my brain. I felt so disgust and filled with embarrassing, I never wanted to see my mom naked and never wish too, I have never thought of my mom sexually in my life before. Not only is it wrong morally it is wrong in every aspect of the society.

As I lay on my bed, trying to forget the image of my mother's nakedness, some part of me wanted me to remember every moment it. Her voluptuous bottom her unshaved pussy and her fat thighs. The evil thought seems to be gaining momentum in my mind, it overcame me. I felt a cold blood rushing through my veins I could feel an erection rising on my shorts, my dick was responding to my mom's naked image on my head. I was getting an erection, I tried to stop myself by thinking something else but it was easier said than done, all I thought about was what could have happened if I had step into the bathroom grab my mother by the hip and insert my 8 inch cock into her bush..

I fell asleep few minutes later, and dreamt about fucking my sister Michelle in the barn as she learns against the wall. Strangely enough I didn't dream about fucking my mom but my sister, you know how that dream thing works. My sister is pretty an all but I don't wanna fuck her or anything. So I woke up in the middle of the night restless and went to the backyard to cool off.

The next morning I woke up in the barn. I must have slept in the barn because my mom woke me up in the morning and asked me what I was doing there. I said that I just felt like sleeping in the barn so she ask me to help her clean up the barn and feed the horses before getting them ready for our trip to the farm. I have never been so happy to be work around my mom.

I started seeing my mom in a different light, I started looking at her not as a mom but as a woman as we work around the barn I took every opportunity to get a glimpse of any part of her body, my mom was wearing a white baggy cotton dress that covered her from top to her ankle, but mother is fat so I could see her sagging breast as it push against her dress, her hip was so big that it shakes with every movement she makes, all that time I had an erection.

After the barn work I was not satisfied with just watching my mom around the barn, I wanted to see more of her, Even if it means spying on her. So when my mom went into the bathroom I waited at the corner of the hallway so I could see her coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body. And sure enough when i saw her step out of the bathroom with a short towel wrapped around her body.

I pretended to be walking on the hallway just as soon as she opened the door of the bathroom, so I can see her up close. As I pass her on the hallway I said "o mom when should we be going to the farm?" I asked, just so she could give me the time to run my eyes around her body. The towel was so short that I could see her huge inner thighs and her fat saggy cleavage was almost forcing it way out of the towel she was so voluptuous. I went straight to my room and masturbated like I have never done before.

My family had to go to the farm that noon. So I started to think of a plan on how to seduce mother or to find reason to get closer to her. I knew she and my dad barely had sex. even the word "sex" is an abomination in our family. My parent believes that sex is only for procreation and not pleasure.

That afternoon I went to the backyard with my dad and got the horses ready, mount the carriage and plow and other tools getting them ready for our farm work. We have one large horse carriage that is driven by two horses. It has a little back window, a sit in front where the controller sits and two role of sit in the carriage each has capacity of three individual.

My dad is usually the controller so he sits at the front and my mom sits at the back with the rest of us. My little siblings love sitting in front so they could watch the horses move. The carriage was large but it only has 6 sits. It also has an anchor at the back that carries an extra cart where we place our tools. Since there are few sits and so many of us we had to lap each other (sit on others thighs) in order to fit in the carriage.

My father rode the carriage from the backyard to the front lawn so the rest of my family would enter. As soon as everybody entered the carriage they lapped each other and the space remaining at the back was for my mom. Since I was the visitor there was no space for me to sit on, so I was left out.

I immediately suggested that mother sits on my laps, she hesitate a bid but agreed. Deep down in my mind I know my mom will be too heavy to sit on my laps, but that was exactly the opportunity I have been waiting for, an opportunity to rub my body against mother's fat bottom will be a thriller, just the thought of it sinks my heart to my stomach with excitement.

I went to the back and sat, waiting for her to sit on my laps. I know my mom will be heavy but this was just part of my plan to get my body close to her, my mom carefully sat on my laps and my dad rode off to the farm.

My mom sat on top of my lap, her ass was amazingly soft and she didn't seem to be as heavy as I thought. I was so nervous that I couldn't even have an erection. I was sweating like a pig. My mom's ass covered my lap completely, she was wearing a black cotton dress and from the back I could see her underwear's outline. I was nervous throughout the trip and tried not to think of my mother's fat ass that is sitting on my laps. I tried talking to my mother about the farm and what kind of crops we would be planting this season. We talked through the trip before I know we are already at the farm. We didn't go home the same way we came because my father made two trips to drop my younger sisters before he came to pick me, mother and my four other siblings. When I got home I was so tired to even think about mother. I hadn't work so hard in years. I was so soar that I laid on the bed and slept forever.

The next day on our way to the farm, I sat on same position with mother sitting on my lap, mothers ass covered every part of my thigh, as soon as she sat on my laps. My dick came to life I was having an erection; I was so scared that she would notice my erection but I couldn't help myself. I could feel my dick rubbing against her ass, I could feel my dick grow harder and harder. I could swear she felt my dick on her ass because she began to act uncomfortably. At that point I was so nervous I thought she would turn around and slap me or something but she moved her ass closer to my knee and trying to get away from my erection.

Although I was nervous, my boiling testosterone started acting on its own. As the carriage bump into pot holes the movement causes mother to move deeper on top of my erection. Now my dick is flat beneath mother's buttocks. It was a bumpy ride so every now and then my erection rubs between mother's ass cracks. Throughout the trip all I could do was enjoy the pleasure of rubbing my dick against my mother's ass crack till we got to the farm.

The next day my mom sat on my lap like she did yesterday. This time my dick was hard and ready, I think she sat on my dick unknowingly because she didn't look down at where she was about to sit on and my dick was lying flat on my laps . She sat down on my erection lying directly between her ass crack, the only thing that separated mothers buttocks and my erection was my khaki pants and her thin layer black dress. I could feel my erection growing and getting stronger, my eyes locked on her fat ass on my laps. At this point my erection was so hard and it was throbbing against her ass crack. My mom was having a conversation with my siblings I don't know what the conversation was about because I was busy bumping my dick against my mom's buttock with every pot hole the carriage ride on. Her clothing material was cotton, soft enough for my dick to be moving up against it and touching her inner thighs. We remain in the same position and allow the pot hole on the road to do the movement. I don't know whether mother knew what was happening but I am sure she could feel my dick between her butt crack, but she didn't act consign she kept on her conversation with my siblings.

I lack courage to go further with my sexual advancement toward my mother while we were commuting to our farm, I was only content with just rubbing my erection between my mother's crack. After a whole week of just rubbing and bumping my erection between my mother's buttocks, I began to get more confident each day during that week and so was my mom. i suspected that my mom knew that I was getting having and erection by her sitting on my laps because of what she said to my dad, usually when we are coming back from the farm, my dad usually makes two round trips so that me and my siblings would sit comfortably when coming back from the farm, but my mom told my dad to stop making two round trips when coming back from the farm, she told him that we should go home the way we came and my dad agreed. Now not only am I rubbing my erection against my mom when we are going to the farm, now I am also rubbing against her when coming back from the farm. And you would imagine how regular I masturbated when I came home.

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