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My Aunt Betty

by trashcan44 02/24/10

"I need you to be quiet Sweetie" she said. "I don't think Ol' Joe would like knowing you are here."

"I'll do my best Aunt Betty" I said as I fidgeted.

"We'll have to do something to calm you down" she said, glancing at my rampant cock.

Then without warning she dropped to her knees and pulled my cock out of my panties. Before I knew what hit me she bent down and took me into her mouth! It was the best thing I had ever felt. I started to spasm almost immediately. Pinching the base of my cock between her thumb and forefinger she managed to hold off my orgasm. Then slowly she proceeded to give me the blow job of my life. Using all the skill she had acquired from years of experience she played me like a violin. It might have been minutes or hours, I was lost to time. Finally I could take no more. With a lunge that caused her to look up into my eyes she released the pressure at the base of my cock and I started to cum. Far away I could here someone screaming as I felt mu balls turning inside out. She looked into my soul as she sucked every drop of cum out of my burning cock. When my cock was too sensitive to take anymore she released me. I was mewling when the doorbell rang. She smacked her lips and admonished me to be quiet.

She closed the closet door and I watched as she calmly applied her lipstick then went to answer the door.

I couldn't help but wonder if he would taste me on her lips if she kissed him. Now that would be naughty!

From my seat in the closet I could hear the murmur of voices, the tink of glasses and the occasional laugh. Within a half hour or so I saw Aunt Betty lead a man into the bedroom. He was about fifty. Grey hair and in an expensive suit. He had an air of authority about him. He told Aunt Betty to undress him and she did, finally kneeling before him as she undid his trousers. She must have pulled his boxers down at the same time because all of a sudden she has face to cock with a huge piece of meat. It was at least eight inches long and thick. We both gasped. Luckily Ol' Joe didn't hear me. Aunt Betty shot me a warning glance and started doing to him what she had done to me. She worked him over like the pro she was and after about twenty minutes got up and stripped while he lay on the bed. With expert hands she got a condom on him and then while he lay flat she straddled him and started to ease that huge thing into her tight pussy. While she got adjusted he started to pinch and twist her nipples. He would pull her titties up by her nipples and then when she drove herself down on his cock they would pull free causing her breasts to bounce and her to kind of "Yip". Over and over he did this and before long she bent forward and fed her tortured red nipples into his hungry mouth.

"Chew on them!" she hissed. "Bite them!"

Far from the agony I thought he was causing she wanted him to be rough with her titties. In no time she was wailing out an orgasm. If she faked it, as she later told me she sometimes did, it was a hell of a performance. She continued to bounce up and down on his cock until he too let out a roar and came, filling the condom with his seed.

She lay down across his chest as he gently stroked her back and butt. It was then I realized I too had shot my load of cum. Licking it off my hand as I had become accustomed to, I watched them through the louvers.

Finally she rolled over and he got up and headed for the bathroom. I was astonished by the amount of cum filling the end of the condom. I could only marvel that it didn't burst. I could hear him urinate and I watched her as she languidly stretched and glanced my way and smiled. She had a glow about her that said "I just had sex and I loved it!"

She stayed naked on the bed as he dressed. Then she threw on a dressing gown and saw him to the door.

Her robe was open as she threw open the closet door and told me to come out.

"Did you like that?" she giggled at me.

I just stared at her in wide eyed wonder and nodded. I was staring at her very red and distended nipples.

"Are they sore?" I couldn't take my eyes off them.

She walked over to the bed and sat down.

"Mm mm they are" she said and cupped her hands under them. "Would you be a dear and lick them a little?"

"God yes!" I groaned.

"Gentle!" she hissed as I started to lick and nurse at them.

She gradually lay back on the bed as I crouched over her. She purred as I sucked on one and then the other as softly and gently as I could. Before long her fingers were busy rubbing her pussy and at last she came, wailing as she had done before.

I was even more deeply in love.

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