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My Big Sister

by L.A. Wicker 05/18/01

" Wow, Sis. you trying to get me horny now." I asked.

She looked toward my cock and replied, " Looks like I already did."

We had dinner and a lot of drinks and then it started. I took Ruth by the hand and we started slow dancing. She melted in my arms, as I hugged her to me I heard her moan softly. My cock was at full hard on and had slipped right between her legs. " Oh John," She moaned again, " I’m so glad you get so hard for me. Tonight will be our special night." And she started kissing me like on our night of drinking.

I pulled her hips into my cock, moving back and forth. Ruth, looking around making sure no one was watching us, then she unzipped my pants, letting my hard cock loose on her pussy. I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. Big sister, Ruth, was on fire, for me. My hands held and caressed her ass the whole time we danced, I held her hips just like I was making slow love to her.

About an hour later, I led her back to our room. Once inside I grabbed her up in my arms kissing her deeply as my cock rubbed on her very wet little pussy. I carried Ruth to the bed, putting her on her back. With one easy pull, I took her panties off and drove my tongue deep into her womanhood.

" Oh yes, baby, you remembered." She moaned. I licked her pussy from top to bottom and side to side. She pulled her legs to her breast, spreading them out, wide. Driving my tongue into her hot tunnel between licks. Along with sucking on her clit and her pretty pussy lips.

Ruth was on fire, " Oh, do it, yes, eat my pussy, baby. Make me cummmmmm." She screamed

I went crazy eating her little love box. Up and down the length of her pussy my tongue licked every where on and in her. I would suck on one of her pussy lips at a time and then suck her clit. My favorite spot to lick on her was between her ass and pussy hole. My tongue would lick all around it in little circles, driving her insane.

When she started cumming I didn’t think she would ever stop. " OH MY GOD, YOU DID IT, YES, YES, THAT’S IT. RIGGHHTT... THERE...YES, YES, OH GOD... YES,YES, OH JOHN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH." She came four times before I stopped.

I moved to lay beside her, she looked in my eyes and said, "I need that cock of yours buried so deep in me, we’ll need a doctor to get us apart."

She moved her body on top of me and placed my cock head at her pussy opening. Slowly, she lowered herself down, " Oh my God," Panting for air, "It’s going spilt my pussy."

Ruth’s pussy was so soaked, my fat, hard cock slid into her tight little pussy with just one push. Her muscles started to spasm around me, they squeezed my cock just like it was being sucked. Moaning loud Ruth said, "Oh baby, you feel soooo good in me."

Ruth started moving her sexy little hips and ass around my cock. I knew it wasn’t going to take me long before I started to cum. She was so tight, when she would lift her hips, her pussy would pull on my cock. Faster she moved her hips around my cock, making little circles.

All at once Ruth squealed, " Oh MOTHER FUCK...I’M CUMMMING."

Her hips and ass started thrashing all around, her head flung to my chest. My hands grabbed her ass guiding her deeper and harder into my cock. With each thrust my cock sank into her body, deeper and deeper.

" OH...OH...YES...YES, OH SHIT." As she came.

"Oh, fuck me baby brother, fuck me hard." Ruth was screaming.

Each time she pushed her hips down on my cock, I would push harder up into her spasming pussy. We moved as one, our hips worked together like we had made love hundreds of times before.

I rolled over to get on top of Ruth, I needed to cum myself. I had been horny for my beautiful, sexy sister since the first second I laid eyes on her. My hips pounded her little pussy with no forgiveness, I needed to cum and cum hard.

" John... oh yes...FUCK ME...FUCK ME ... HARD." Ruth screeched.

I jerked her sexy legs up to her heaving bosom and I hammered her like never before. Our skin was slapping together so hard it hurt.

With passion in my eyes I looked at my Ruth and said, " Oh I love you so much... I’m cummmmmminng..." Ruth wrapped her legs around my hips and started humping her pussy to meet my thrusts.

" Cum on baby... cum for sissy... Fill me up..." Ruth whispered..

I came like it was my first time that night, " Oh that’s my big boy... fill big sissy up... Cum on... that’s my man." She giggled. We just kept making love for hours that night. I would cum, then she would and sometimes together.

Well, that was 6 years ago. Neither one of us has married or been with any body sense that summer. Each holiday and long weekends Ruth and I meet at the family events and act like sister brother but, when we are alone, we are lovers.

Next week is Labor Day weekend, I plan on asking Ruth to be my wife...

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