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My Brother's Wife

by JRob 08/06/08

Until the video clip, that is. In this one Rick's secretary, Michelle, was bent over an office desk looking straight at the camera. She was in a green sweater and nothing else. A man was behind her, banging into her pussy. No question it was Michelle, I'd seen that face numerous times when I visited Rick's office, and I know when I called in her sexy voice made my dick jump. Of course I hadn't seen that pretty face in this way before.

Michelle was enjoying the fuck, clearly, as her moans and words said so. Her face was contorted all over and in so many varied "looks". There were smiles, grimaces, frowns. She's grunt, gasp and groan as the cock pulverized her pussy.

A minute into the clip the guy pulled out, shuffled to the side, and Michelle opened her mouth and got several blasts of cum on her face. Three things struck me. First, how pretty Michelle was, wiping the cum off her face with the wrist of the sweater. Then, how hot it was watching her slide up her panties and pants, wiggling into them.

The other revelation was the tattoo on the ass of the guy as he turned from the camera. That was a telltale sign of Rick's tattooed ass, a result of a night of drinking in Bavaria.

Kelly Ann began crying all over again, but this time I couldn't calm her down. She picked up a glass and threw it on the floor, screaming how she was going to cut his cock off and punch Michelle in the cunt.

I walked Kelly Ann to the couch and told her to sit down. Feeding her a stiff tumbler of scotch, I told her to sit still while I cleaned up the mess she had made. After I did, I suggested she lay down a bit. We walked to the guest room, my arm around her, and I said it would be okay.

I asked if she wanted a shower, and she did. "Would you like me to get some of Caroline's clothes for you to wear?" I asked, thinking of a nice baby doll nightie.

"No, Rob, that would be, uh, too personal. I'd feel odd."

She went into the bathroom, locking the door, while I decided to offer her a large tee shirt of mine and some red plaid boxers. I laid them on the bed and left. Later, looking into the room, I saw her in my clothes and smiled. She was asleep, but her behind sure looked good in the boxers!

About two hours later Kelly Ann awoke to coffee brewing, stumbling into the kitchen. She looked adorable.

"I can't afford a divorce, I don't have a job, I have two kids, we're in hock up to our ass," said the girl, skipping any small talk. . "I'm such a loser."

It took a while but I convinced her she was anything but. A loser, and I assured her I knew nothing about Rick cheating on her.

"He hardly ever makes love to me --- once a week maybe --- and yet he'd fucking half the girls in the city," said the incensed wife. "I ought to teach him a lesson. I ought to fuck a few of his friends and make him pay, the bastard. How about if I fuck his boss?"

That would get any man's attention.

"You can't do that, Kelly Ann, what about the kids? You can't take the chance. You have to work on getting him back, but in the right way."

"He has to pay," said Kelly Ann.

The girl was hurt, vulnerable. I'm a guy.

That gave me an idea.

"You know, Kelly Ann, it would be right of you to fuck a friend, but it would come back to haunt you. I think I have a better idea."

"Oh? What?"

"You need to fuck someone close to him, make me pay. close to home. Like, now don't take this wrong, like with me!"

There, I can't believe I said that. Neither, apparently, could she. Her eyes opened wide, she stammered something, and then smiled. :"That would be appropriate, wouldn't it. I hated Caroline, she stole at least two guys from me before getting you, and Rick was always inquisitive at what you and I had done when we were dating. He was happy we hadn't, well, had sex. I think if we had he would have never married me."

We spent the next half hour going over the ground rules. It would be out little secret. Nobody would know, except that Kelly Ann would know every time Rick came home from an affair she'd have some of his brothers cum in her. How appropriate was that!

Wondering if she was joking, and leaving her an out, I suggested we start later in the day.

Kelly Ann looked at me, smiled a sultry smile, and asked: "Why not right now?"

She wrapped her arms around me and we embraced and kissed.

It was as if we were back in high school, as our hands roamed all over each other's bodies and explored. We felt each nook and cranny, our breathe getting faster by the second. It seemed as if there were always several parts of us touching each other. We'd be kissing while her hands would be on my ass and mine were playing with her breasts.

Then we'd move out hands around and she'd be stroking my dick while I played with her pussy. First, I played with the boxers separating, but soon I snaked my fingers down and touched, for the very first time, her neatly trimmed box.

Playing with her pussy brought gasps and groans from deep within her. Her head moved back as I carefully caressed before moving on to playing with the lips. Then came a real finger-fucking which started knuckle deep before my finger was fully inside her.

"Oh my god that's good," moaned Kelly Ann. "Don't stop!"

I didn't, alternating slow strokes with fast ones, geared off her response. Her first orgasm came fast as I worked her clit while kissing her neck. Her facial features were contorted as she enjoyed the orgasm, ending with a grunt and then looking at me and smiling.

"That was amazing, Rob, simply amazing. I haven't cum like that in years."

I was on cloud nine myself, knowing I could bring her off so good yet so easily. It was a great feeling knowing I had "the touch" or whatever. It had been ages since Caroline had sounded or looked anything like Kelly Ann had at that moment.

We held each other for a while before Kelly Ann shocked me with her words. I had thought the hand action might be her limit, that the talk of doing all the way was merely a fantasy. But it was as if I had opened a new chapter in a porno novel.

"I want it like he did Michelle...bend me over the table and take me like you want too. And don't use a rubber, do me bare back like he did her."

I didn't need to be asked twice. I led her to the far side of the kitchen before she could change her mind. Our windows looked out over a heavily wooded park, and I took the chance there were no walkers heading along the trail. I bent her over the large kitchen table, one that Caroline and I often sat at and had our morning coffee before heading out to work.

Just the thought of that got my dick hot, but seeing Kelly Ann bent over the table nearly got me to spurt. I carefully lowered the boxers to the floor, baring her beautiful ass. Kneeling down, I began kissing the ass cheeks, gradually moving to licks of the cleft in between.

Her asshole was right before me, and her pussy below, and I licked up and down both bringing gasps from her mouth. I slipped a finger back inside her pussy while I concentrated on licking her tangy asshole.

"Oh my, Rob, nobody has every done's so naughty, don't stop. Kiss my ass!"

I did, and more. Kiss, lick, caress, I was all over the bent over woman. My own brother's wife. It was more than naughty, it was outright wrong.

"Fuck me," said the girl.

I willingly did, dropping my pants and rubbing my cock along the trail my mouth had just taken. I jerked myself off against her ass as she helped matters along by slowly rotating and wiggling her hind quarters. It was an incredible feeling, and the sensations were totally wonderful.

Kelly Ann groaned and asked if I'd fuck her. "I want it. Do it. Put your big cock in me. Into my pussy. Into my freshly trimmed pussy. I trimmed it in your bathroom just for you, just like the whores Rick is fucking. Do me like he does his sluts."

This was a great visual. I was getting ready to fuck my brother's wife just as he had fucked his secretary.

Holding my cock against her slit, I rubbed up and down the moist hole for a few seconds before inserting my rock-hard dick into her needy pussy. Rather than thrust inside, I slowly slid myself into her hole. I wanted her to remember how my entire six and a half inches felt slipping into her core.

"Arrgh, um, ah...yes!" said the girl once I was fully inside. I reached around and fondled her baby aided tits while she was propped up on her elbows. Her head moved to and fro as I slowly began fucking her from behind. Her pussy was tight, not too tight, and was extremely wet. The combination allowed me to slide in and out while still receiving the pulsations of her muscles milking my cock.

How Rick could possibly stray from this pussy was a mystery to me, but I guess he had his reasons. All I knew was that Kelly Ann was a great piece of ass, one that I'd never let get away if I had anything to say about it.

The sensations of fucking my brother's wife were unbelievable, but the little movements and sounds that she made had me more than enjoying the coupling. She had this way of moving her ass, sort of rotating it around, that brought my cum to a quick boil.

"I'm going to cum!" came my warning.

There was no hesitation from Kelly Ann" "Cum in me, fill me with your cum."

Holding the back of her hair into a ponytail, just like Rick had held his secretary, I rocked in and out of his wife. But instead of mimicking my brother I didn't pull out and cum on her face as he had his secretary. No, I rocked in and out of his wife and shot my load all over her insides.

Collapsing on top of the girl, exhausted, I looked at our outline on a wall mirror. I looked spent, but Kelly Ann looked angelic. I watched as a smile came to her lips, and then came a laugh. "How about letting me up you wife-fucker?"

Worried it was a prelude to her taking off at me, crying rape or something, I pulled out of her and moved back. She arose, smiled, and wrapped her arms around me again.

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