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My Confession

by nazka77 07/03/11

I do so love the true or supposedly true stories here. The feeling of reality makes the stories much better for me. If that is your passion as well and you like to hear the details of what women like me do, then read on. I want to tell you about the first time I cheated on my husband.

My purpose is to simply relate my slide into an out of control situation that still rears its head even today. I love dirty sex, and by definition, it cannot be had in the bounds of a faithful marriage.

There has never been anything like the feeling of initiating dirty sex with someone other than my husband,to fulfill me, ever. Being married and choosing to continue in this risky behavior is what makes it so much better than if any of this had happened before I was married.

I was of course, a virgin when we got married. Not only that, but completely inexperienced. No one ever touched me in a sexual way; ever. I did however want it very badly and constantly masturbated and imagined torrid scenes of decadent orgies. I naively assumed any sex with my husband would satisfy me once I was married.

I was wrong.

There was a time when it was possible for me to turn away from such behavior, but whispering in bed about "forbidden" stuff with Kyle, my husband, really killed that idea early on. It was even worse when he occasionally brought home Penthouse letters to share with his naïve new bride.

I ate that stuff up and pretty soon, no normal sex would satisfy me and I looked around me in daily life for some small ways to titillate myself.

First of all, I realized that my wardrobe would need revamping and so I threw out all my pantyhose and bought garter belts and stockings. I eventually replaced all my underwear with either matching stretch lace bra and panty sets or sheer sets. Everything I owned would ramp up my sex drive every day, and believe me it does. The very idea of looking hot and being available for any play at any time truly preys on one's mind.

Kyle loved my underthings and our talk in bed started to gravitate toward exhibitionism. I remember one day when the wind picked up my dress and blew it high enough for the man behind me at the bus stop to see that I was wearing stockings and stretch lace panties. I loved that he had seen them, and a lot of me in them. The next day I shaved my pussy of all but a tiny tuft cropped short.

I should probably describe myself to help you picture me more clearly; I am Hispanic with soft dark brown shoulder length hair. I weigh about 115 pounds with long legs and gravity defying 36C breasts. All my aunts have the same hot boobs and the brown skin makes 'em stay up very nicely.

It was in our fourth year of marriage when someone mentioned that Clint was interested in me. He was one of the executives where I worked and he had reportedly said to my friend that he thought I needed my horizons expanded; with his tutelage of course.

She was more than happy to relay the gossip, but I focused hard on disappointing her with my feigned disinterest. Inwardly, I was intrigued and a little offended that he thought he had anything to teach me about sex play. He was cocky and charming and I loved cocky men; they let you know what they want without all the games. He also looked a bit like my husband which didn't hurt at all.

My pride in my abilities was offended and I began plotting ways to turn the tables and let him know that I was no innocent new bride. It was an excuse of course; I had been looking for any opportunity at all to expand what felt like a very narrow sexual life.

At the first hint that Clint was flirting, I responded with eager friendliness, and soon we were talking all the time. I kept everything very professional as I felt out the situation to see if he could keep a secret. He was married and that was a real plus. Also, his career was taking off and that too would help ensure his silence.

The months wore on and when no one was around his flirting became more aggressive. I let him look down my blouse when he thought I couldn't tell and once or twice a quick upskirt as I crossed or uncrossed my legs. I was enjoying myself immensely and I wanted his lust to burn hot.

It was all very naughty of course; the intentional accidental flashing, but nothing had really happened yet.

Still, the dissatisfaction continued to push me on. Kyle was becoming more obvious at home about wanting me to imagine other men coming on to me and what I might do about it. It was getting harder and harder not to constantly think about indulging in some sort of extra-marital sex.

My husband would whisper in my ear, asking me if anyone at work ever hit on me or flirted with me. He was so much hotter in bed when he was questioning me about other men and I finally gave in and confessed my attraction to Clint. I told him that Clint wanted me.

"There is one guy; he told Angie at work he wanted to broaden my horizons."

This was the first bit of news of this kind to Kyle and he immediately shifted into a kind of sex play I had never witnessed before, he became passionate and dirty and a bit rough!

"That's pretty cocky, does he know you're married?"

"Yes, he knows," I started to pant, "that's what makes it so hot!"

"You like it more when men treat you that way?"

Kyle was kind and shy and couldn't imagine that a woman might want purely carnal attention from time to time. He believed all the movie stuff; that we all only wanted cerebral and loving sex from significant men in our lives.

"Mmmm," I moaned out breathlessly.

I opened my eyes and looked deep into his and stated flatly, "He wants to teach me some things."

I smiled and closed my eyes again; I felt very satisfied just saying it.

We were already in bed fooling around when he had started the questioning. I was only wearing thin white string bikinis, he was nude and already fully erect. Kyle's trail of pre-cum on my thigh confirmed his arousal at the news flash.

Kyle started to shudder a little.

He was great at foreplay. He would get me aching for release and then hold me there until I gave in to whatever he was wanting. It was nice sometimes, but his long involved love-making was exactly one of the reasons I wanted a guy like Clint to just "take me" from time to time. Fast and rough was my fantasy.

Tonight, I could tell he would want me to fantasize about Clint and I would give in. I knew that he would want to know how much this excited me and I wanted him to push me hard towards Clint.

He moved in close to my neck and whispered hotly in my ear. His fingers danced on the slick panty material and I started to spread for him.

"What do you want?" he ventured.

I knew Kyle would pester me until all we could talk about or imagine during sex was Clint watching me do a strip tease, Clint finger-banging me, Clint's cock in my mouth, and of course, Clint's meat pumping me on his desk or, best of all; in our own bed when Kyle was out of the house.

"How do you feel about him hitting on your wife?"

"mmmm, it's . . ." Kyle paused, he was trying to decide what he wanted.

I took the opportunity to grab hold of his cock and squeeze it hard.

We rolled together and pulled the covers high over our heads and whispered our exchange as if we could be caught by parents.

"Would you like to imagine him seducing me?"

Kyle was losing it, "Yess." His eyes were starting to look hazy.

"You would?" I stroked his cock purposefully, spreading the lubrication over the head.


"You want some other man seeing me in my garters and panties?"

"Yess . . . uh . . . I want him to see your slutty sheer panties."

His hands worked furiously into my panties and I humped his fingers uncontrollably.

The groping was getting hot and fast and I took the opportunity to pointedly ask, "Do you really want me to?"

"You would actually do it?" He seemed somewhat surprised at the turn in our talk.

"If you really like the idea, I might spread my legs and let him look up my skirt in his office. Maybe unbutton my blouse for him, would you like that?"

Kyle was a bit out of control as he wrestled with the ultimatum; picturing the scene of my slutty behavior in his mind. I could tell his brain was fogging up with having to make such a decision.

He moaned and pushed his cock toward my puss and tried to pull off my panties but I wouldn't let him in. I jacked his throbbing meat a bit to increase his discomfort.

"No-no, not till you tell me what you want me to do."

I pressed him harder, "You want him to see my nice tits?"

"Ohhh, yessss," he moaned, "show him your tits!"

"Mmmm, that would be nice; I would love to show him my tits!"

The honesty had come through in my voice and he liked my answer.

He pushed into me just slightly and we started humping in synchronized rhythm. His hardness pushed against the slick material of my panties soaking them with pre-cum. It was a slippery mess down there and it felt great.

"What if it's too much for him and he wants to touch me?" I ventured.

My tits were swollen firm and the nipples rock hard, our level of arousal was still climbing higher. We had never whispered of real seduction with a real man before, it had always been hypothetical.

Kyle was kissing my neck and his voice was tinged with a dark velvety quality. He seemed different.

"Yess, let him touch you!"

"Mmmm, that was easy. Are you sure Kyle? You want another man's hands on me?" I asked him in a very innocent almost taunting tone. I knew what he would say and I wanted to hear it, I wanted my husband to tell me to let Clint touch me.

"Can Clint pull my panties off?"

"Yes . . . please . . . let him slide your panties off in his office."

We were groping each other insanely now and I let him tear open the crotch of my wet panties. Kyle was a panty tearing expert, he loved to see his cock disappear into the torn panties and swollen pink of my sex. I rolled him over to sit on his cock and rode it madly as I imagined Clint under me in the back seat of our car. My tits bounced and I sweated and moaned and pushed just a little more before I would let Kyle finish.

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