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My Hungry Ass

by Rickyroma 07/28/13

The patrolman muttered,"Mmmmm... that's right smartass, you do what I say now, you got that?"

I nodded while licking. The night stick was still warm from being deep inside my ass.

"Put the nightstick in your mouth. That way no one will hear you scream, hurry suck it in!" the patrolman instructed.

I grasped the nightstick with both hands and quickly slurped it into my mouth as he instructed. Mostly out of fear, but also wanting to be the perfect sex slave and please him any way possible.

He lifted my midsection up like a ragdoll and tossed the pillow beneath my hips. Then I felt his massive hands pry my ass cheeks open wide. And I knew what was coming. I closed my eyes and sucked on the slimy nightstick for all I was worth.

"Just relax," he whispered.

Slowly I felt the head of his penis press into my ass. It was huge! It was at least as big as that cucumber I fell in love with and that took an hour to work inside my ass! I figured maybe since I had Billy shoving four fingers in my ass earlier that maybe it could fit more easily. I pushed my quivering ass out hard, my sphincter relaxed just enough and the head popped inside my ass. I stopped breathing because the pain was so intense. The patrolman's penis was huge and very hard.

"Ampf!" I yelped with the nightstick in my mouth.

Without any hesitation he had just shoved that whole monster RIGHT UP MY ASS!!

And before I could even breathe he was slamming away! It felt like he was sawing me in half with that thing! Holy Jesus!! I worked the nightstick in and out of my mouth half moaning and half crying. God that thing was huge! But the part that was killing me was the 230 pounds of muscle driving it up my ass!! His legs had me pinned. All I could do is just take it! And take it I did.

"Yeah muthafucker, this is for all the times you dreamed of getting fucked by a black monster cock. This ain't no dream, you're getting fucked now!" the patrolman chided as he watched his massive black dick repeatedly drive up my hot white ass.

Eventually my ass relaxed and I was beginning to get into it. My horny ass actually started pushing up off the table to take more of that thick black meaty cock.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmm... Mmmmmm," my moaning came through my nostrils with each thrust almost knocking the wind right out of me.

"Mister Smartass... you are one horny muthafucker," the patrolman mumbled as he pounded my upturned thrusting white ass into the concrete table.

I felt like Pricilla, I was pleasing my master. I was taking his entire massive black cock up my lily white ass. I was thrusting my tight round ass cheeks up against his pelvis, meeting his deep thrusts. I don't know where that ten inch monster was going inside of my body, but I didn't care. I was loving every thick throbbing inch of that cock with my relaxed pink anus.

He started to slow down and sat up finishing the beer and tossing the empty bottle into the trash can. He reached for the last beer and opened it.

"Smartass, you want this last beer?" he asked.

I nodded yes.

"Reach back and spread your ass open for me then Muthafuka," he said in a mischevious voice.

I was confused by what he was asking but complied out of fear. I set down the night stick and I slowly reached back and grasped my ass cheeks and held them wide apart.

I felt the long black cock slide out of my ass quickly and then felt the cool sensation of the beer bottle neck slide into its place. The patrolman had replaced his hot throbbing cock with the beer bottle and was forcefully shoving the bottle up my ass.

"Yeah take that smartass, drink that beer right up your fucking lily white asshole!" the patrolman said under an evil laugh.

The cool beer gurgled out of the bottle and into my ass. The alcohol in the beer stung just a little but the cool smooth bottle felt amazing. The patrolman twisted and shoved until the bottle was halfway up my ass.

The patrolman leaped off of the table and landed right at my face. Without saying a word and before I could even think straight the patrolman shoved that big beautiful monster cock right past my lips and into my mouth.

"Come on mister smart ass, you know you want it," the patrolman championed.

I bucked and heaved trying to escape but the patrolman grasped my head with his massive hand firmly holding my hair and drove the oiled slimy penis in and out of my mouth. His other hand drove the beer bottle in and out of my ass.

I humped my ass up in the air to take in the bottle as deep as it would go. The cool glass felt good after having that massive cock tearing me apart. Once my mouth became acclimated to the massive penis invading, I began to get horny again. I wanted to please this master. I wanted my mouth to be used. My tongue licked and slurped at the monster as it drove in and out of my lips. I had to breathe through my nose and relax my mouth. Every once in a while it would drive too deep and I would uncontrollably convulse in response.

My hands left my ass cheeks and grasped the thick shaft to try and control the motion. Instinctively, my hands found the patrolman's testicles and cupped them ever so carefully, gently pulling at the scrotum. This made the patrolman thrust even faster.

I felt the beer bottle withdraw almost all the way out. My hungry ass lifted up to try and suck it back inside hunting for the fullness my ass craves. This really turned me on! My hips began to gyrate wildly humping up into the air to feel more of the bottle. The patrolman was reading my mind and teasing me with the bottle. Then I felt the bottle wedge back into my ass expertly.

"Mmf... Mmmf," I began to moan as the bottle was shoved deeper and deeper.

Then suddenly, I felt the beer trickle deeper into my bowels, my ass had relaxed enough to let in just enough air for the rest of the beer to flow out of the bottle.

"There you go Mister Smartass... drink that beer up your asshole!" the patrolman mumbled as he drove the bottle side to side twisting it wildly like a witch stirring a pot to get every last drop into my ass.

The thought of my ass being stretched to accommodate the beer bottle turned me on so much I redoubled my effort in sucking the monster cock. I slurped and sucked for all I was worth, while gyrating my hips and thrusting my ass up to take more of the punishing penetration.

My fingers cupping the patrolman's testicles reached back and tickled his puckered anus. Between the sucking and slurping, feeling my fingers on his musky anus, and seeing my white ass gyrating with a beer bottle wedged into my pink anus, the patrol man finally began to thrust in earnest.

"Holy shit muthafucker... I'm shooting my load... you better swallow every last drop!" he whispered.

Both his hands grasped my head with handfuls of hair and jammed my face onto his exploding cock.

"How Bout that smartass? How bout that! Suck that shit covered black cock! Suck it!" the patrolman touted.

Wave after wave of semen pumped into my throat. I was swallowing as hard as I could. Without his hands driving the bottle it popped free of my ass and landed between my legs. I gently squeezed the patrolman's testicles and could feel them tighten with each pulse of semen he shot into my mouth. He was such a powerful man, and I was his sex slave at that very moment. Sucking his massive cock and swallowing every drop of semen.

He stopped pumping and slowly withdrew the massive cock from my mouth. I could see it in it's fullness for the first time. It was glistening with a mixture of sun tan oil and my saliva, every bit of ten inches long and thick as a man's wrist or better with a huge bulbous head.

A drop of semen welled at the tip and I reached out with my tongue and lapped it like a kitten. I had to hold that massive beautiful black cock for a minute, feel the weight of it. Kiss it lovingly. Run my tongue all around the head. Grip the shaft tightly. It amazed me that I had taken it up my ass. It was HUGE!

As I played with the spent cock, I could feel the patrolman caress my ass cheeks . My ass felt so completely abused. It was stinging from the whipping earlier, from the alcohol in the beer. But it was a good sting. I felt complete.

"Okay mister smartass... a deal is a deal. Pick up your pile of shit and move it out!" the patrolman ordered as he patted my ass and carefully put that beautiful cock back into his uniform.

I climbed off of the table.

"Oh man what a mess my ass is right now. You fucked me pretty good." I said to the patrolman.

"Here, let me take a look and make sure everything is okay down there." The patrolman said as he grabbed me and turned me towards the table bending me over it.

I felt my jock strap and basketball shorts being pulled all the way down. My ass cheeks spread wide apart.

"Man that is one fine piece of ass!" the patrolman said staring into the quivering pink gape.

He dropped to his knees to get a closer look. His thumbs sunk into my ass and he spread my anus so wide I thought it would snap like a rubber band. He gently blew into the depths of my ass and watched my anus pulsate and quiver.

I felt his hands move onto my hips and then I felt his face press gently into my ass. His tongue pushed in and out of my anus. I put my hands on the table and pushed my ass back trying to relax my anus. The patrolman rutted up and down my crack with his nose rooting around with his tongue. One of his hands moved from my hips to my groin. His hands were so big he cupped both my testicles and my penis in the palm of his hand.

His tongue felt divine. My penis started to get hard and my ass was quivering. He kept his face buried between my ass cheeks but I could hear him unzipping his pants. He stood up and before I could blink his huge penis was pressing at the entrance of my ass again. I stepped out of my shorts and jock strap. This time my legs were spread and I was bent over the table instead of lying on top of it. I had much more freedom to move.

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