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My Husband's Son

by MistyMorgan 12/26/05

I had just returned home from a long day of shopping. Ray, my second husband and I were preparing for a two week cruise for our past due honeymoon. We'd been married for six months but his job kept him really busy after the wedding and we just couldn't find the time to book the trip.

You see Ray has three boys that were in school when we met and married. Jim, who is now twenty-two, Mark who is nineteen and Charles who will graduate in May is eighteen.

I had brought clothes for the trip and knew they wouldn't fit in my closet so I knocked on Charles' door because he has a large closet and few clothes. I figured I'd store them there until the trip.

There was no answer so I walked right in. The closet door was ajar but I paid it no mind. I threw my bags on the bed and took the new dresses into the closet where I immediately dropped them on the floor.

Walking into the large closet, there was Jim sitting on a bar stool, naked, his cock in his hand and masturbating. I have to admit that he had a really nice tool there in his hand. I licked my mouth at the site of it.

Shocked, he yelled at me, "What the hell are you doing in here? You don't have any right to be in here! This isn't your room or your closet!"

"I'm sorry, I knocked but no one answered and I needed a larger closet to hang these clothes for your dad and my cruise." I tried to explain but couldn't take my eyes off of his prick.

I licked my lips as I eyed his hand still slipping up and down on his shaft. I don't know how it happened, but suddenly, I was on my knees and my mouth was on the acorn shaped head of his tool.

His hand had released his manhood to me and his hands supported him from my shoulders.

His seed soon spewed into my hungry mouth and it was so much sweeter than his father's more mature cum. Licking and sucking as fast as I could, I could barely keep up with its flow.

Once he stopped spewing, he laid me on the floor of the closet, pulled my panties off and spread my legs wide. He stroked his prick once again and his head swelled. Crawling closer to my cunt he placed his dick into my wetness and fucked me like I had never been.

Once he shared his seed with me, he bent over my body and kissed me hard and deep. My arms encircled him and I whispered in his ear, "I want you. I want your dick to fuck me time and time again!"

"You're married to my dad! I can't be your lover, he's your lover!" he spat at me. "You're only teasing me!"

"No, I'm not teasing you. I need your young cock to please me. Your dad doesn't have the stamina that you process. I need you. We can do this so that he doesn't know. I pleaded.

He was so excited that he pulled me close to him once again. He kissed me hard and deep and forced is dick deep into my wet pussy. Soon his seed seeped out of my venus garden and ran down my legs.

It excited me so, having his seed soiling my legs. I wanted to force share his love with Ray. But I knew he would only be jealous of his son. So I decided to keep it our secret and we agreed that we would get together when his father was not home.

I straightened out my dress and my hair. I went into his bathroom and cleaned up the sticky seed form his young penis and went to share with my husband.

Ray was in our bedroom. He too was masturbating. A lot of horny men in this house. I thought. Then I crawled on the bed and sucked his prick into my mouth and suckled him until he fed me his thick hot cum.

"Mmmm you do that so good baby!" He whispered.

"Your turn to do me," I smiled and spread my legs so that he would get the full load of Jim's gift.

He buried his face deep in my smooth shaved pussy and his tongue licked me deep inside. I knew he was cleaning up all of Jim's gift.

I lay there moaning as he pleased me with his lips and tongue and I reveled in the fact that he was sharing me with his son and he didn't even know it.

After he had cleaned me, we fucked again and he filled me with his hot seed. He came so hard that it spilled out of my cunt and onto the bedspread.

"Now look what you've done, baby! You have to go wash the spread now!" I said jokingly.

To my surprise, he rose off the bed and pulled the spread off. He walked toward the door, turned, smiled and said, "You have the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted and I don't mind cleaning up some cum spill to please you, my dear lovely wife" The next time I saw Jim, my pussy reacted as if she wanted more of him. We just crossed paths and acted as if it hadn't happened.

A few weeks later, Jim was in his room so I knocked and asked if I could talk to him.

"Sure, come on in. I don't have anything you haven't already seen," he giggled as he stood there with nothing on except a pair of jockey shorts.

"I just wanted to apologize for the other day. I really didn't mean to walk in on you," I explained.

"Oh, but it was my pleasure," he said. "You have a really tight pussy for a woman your age. I would have thought you would be so lose one could get lost in there." he said honestly.

"Thanks," I blushed. "I do try to take care of myself and I've never had children so I guess that's why I'm not stretched out." I explained.

Well, I wouldn't mind having some more of that from time to time. That is if we can keep it from dad."

I smiled. "I think I'd like that too. Your dad is in good shape and dose a good job, but not as good as you. Let's just keep it a secret. He doesn't have to know."

"When he's at work, we could play around; that way we won't have to worry," he suggested.

"Sounds good to me, he's at work now, you know?"

He smiled devilishly and winked at me. He turned and headed toward his bedroom. Glancing around to see if either of the other two boys was around and finding none, I followed quickly unbuttoning my blouse as I went.

Slipping through the door, I ripped off my blouse and bra and tore off my shorts. I crawled onto the bed. Jim touched my freed tits and pulled me onto him with them.

Then he sucked one into his hungry mouth and his fingers explored my pussy once again. He soon found my erect clit and played with it.

My legs trembled at his touch. Soon he tired of just touching or sucking. He pulled his pants off and his hard cock stood tall.

I leaned over him and my mouth covered its heart shaped head. Once my lips touched the throbbing head, he pushed the back of my head, forcing me to take his full eight-inch length

He was strong and his seed rose quickly to the head. Soon I was sucking and playing with his hole with my tongue.

"That's it baby, make me happy; suck it good! Yeah, that's it! Slow down! I want to enjoy this like I've never enjoyed it before."

Both hands grabbed my head and he guided me up and down on his hard dick. Then he rolled me over and laid me spread eagle. He guided his tool to the slit between my legs and forced it into my wetness.

"Oh yeah, baby, I'm gonna make you mine now. You're never gonna fuck my ole man anymore!" he cried.

"That's it baby, make me yours; I'll do anything you want! Just fuck me good!" I cried as he pounded me with his thick dick. His heavy cum spewed into my wanting cunt and my body shook with a pleasure it had never experienced.

That night when Ray returned home, he took my hand and led me to our bedroom. He undressed and lay beside me. "I'm horny baby, take me and then I'll take you!"

"I'm a little tired Ray; I've had a really busy day. Can't this wait until after dinner?" I cooed.

"But I would really like you to suck my pussy before I fix dinner; that should calm you until I suck all that stress out of you grand dick," I lied.

He smiled and licked his lips. "I'd lover to lap your juices before dinner just like hors d'oeuvres," he whispered into my neck as he nuzzled me there.

I lie on the bed and spread my legs wide again and he buried his face there. His tongue licking deep and finding the essence of Jim. "You always taste so sweet baby!

The following week, we left for our cruise. I wanted to stay home with Jim, but I didn't want to let Ray know about us.

So I spent the next week with him and his mediocre prick. I did convince him to lick me and introduced him to how I liked my clit licked so that I received a good bit of sexual stimulation while we were on the cruise.

His prick was just the right size for ass fucks though and that really stimulated me. He fucked my ass as I masturbated. My orgasms were explosive that way. And I was teaching him how to please me.

One night after a few drinks, he snuggled up to me and pressed his stiff prick at my butt hole and whispered, "I think it would be exciting to see you with another man. I'd love to look into your face as he spilled his seed into your pretty cunt. "I know that I can't please you like you should be, but I do the best I can. But I would love to see someone give you a big cock and watch your body shake with the pleasure he could give."

"Oh really? Why do you say that baby?" I asked.

"I don't know; I've just been fantasizing about you with another man. Where I could watch your face glowing from the excitement he could give you that I can't."

"Do you have a preference of whom you would like to see me with?" I asked.

"Yeah, someone younger and strong and with a bigger dick. I have dreams about this," he whispered as though he thought someone other than me would hear his request.

I smiled, "But I love you just the way you are, Ray; why would you want to share me?" I asked as my heart beat quickly at the possible opportunity of telling him about Jim and me.

"I would just love to see the expression on your face as someone gave you more cock than I ever could. I know you would be blissful and beautiful." he smiled.

"And afterwards, maybe I could scoop out what he left behind. Sort of a treat, ya know?" he had a goofy smile on his face and his eye twinkled with joy.

"Well, baby, find someone and let's try it out!" I smiled.

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