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My Mom and Me

by LittleTommyTudor 03/05/11

When I was young I was my mom's favorite much to the chagrin of my siblings. I was the oldest of 3 boys and 1 girl. Back then I really enjoyed being mom's favorite. She always showed partiality toward me, which later came back to haunt me as my brothers and sister resented me and even though mom has been gone for some years now, they still hold grudges that I have come to accept and understand that we will never be close.

I married young and worked my way thru college while having a wife and a young baby boy. Often, when fucking my wife, I would pretend in my mind that I was fucking my mom.

After college I had a job opportunity that would require me moving to Florida 1200 miles from mom. I made the move and my desire to fuck my mom waned as I rarely saw her more than once a year for almost 20 years. Then my dad came down with lung cancer. He had always been a heavy smoker with nicotine stained fingers. I made the 1200 mile drive to visit him in the hospital. Before he left the hospital, he had a massive heart attack and past away. Leaving my mom alone. My mom was still a young woman as she had had me when she was young.

In the following years, when visiting, I would stay with my mom and my wife would stay with her sister. One evening I asked mom if she missed dad very much and she replied every day. I then boldly asked if she missed the sex. She looked at me with a surprised look and said why do you ask me that? I said that I had often listened to her and dad and knew she enjoyed sex and that she was still a very attractive woman not yet past her prime.

She seemed not to be surprised by my admitting to listening and said she often wondered if I could hear them from the next room. And that it added to her excitement thinking I could hear them making love. My mom had big tits that I wanted to suck and they were probably what drew me to her. I asked her if I could feel them and maybe suck them.

She said that would probably be all right but not to expect anything more. I took her big tits in my hand and felt them as my cock began to surge in my pants. As I kneaded her big tits and rolled her nipples in my fingers I felt her start to squirm and my cock grew harder. I knew I wanted to fuck her more than anything. I opened her blouse and removed her bra then sucked one of her big nipples into my mouth. She squirmed more as I sucked harder on the nipple. I reached down and took one of her hands and placed it on my now swollen cock.

She started rubbing my cock thru my pants as I reached to touch her pussy. There we were mom and son, me sucking her big nipple, her rubbing my cock as I massaged her pussy. I pulled off her nipple and mouthed mom I want to fuck you so bad and I think you want that too. Her breathing had gotten ragged and she couldn't speak, so I took that as acceptance and started undressing her. She moaned we just can't do this. I said mom I want you so bad and I think you want my cock deep in your pussy. I'm going to fuck you.

After completely undressing her, I removed my clothes and she saw my cock standing straight out. A cock that was now going to fill her pussy for the first time since my dad was no longer able to fuck her. I had thoughts of putting my cock in her mouth, but wanted it in her pussy so much that I thought maybe later and I put my cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed in. She was so wet that penetration was easy and she moaned as I went balls to the wall. I fucked her fast and furious as I was so hot for this pussy that I couldn't help myself. I heard her say, so good, so good, as I continued to fuck her. I was finally getting the pussy that I had always wanted. And I knew this would not be the last time. I couldn't help myself I was going to blow my load before I wanted to but I heard her say I'm cumming and I blew my load deep in my mom's cunt.

More to come.

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