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My Obsession

by mytasteislikecandy 01/02/03

"Is this what you've been thinking about?" he hisses in my ear, slapping my ass again.

I shake my head, crying for real now as the implications of what is about to occur flash through my mind. "No, its not! I don't want it like this! Please, let me go...we can talk, god don't rape me! I've wanted you for weeks, but not like this." I squirm again, trying to crawl from under him to no avail. I'm trapped. I only hope that he doesn't hurt me too bad. It seems that there's no getting out of the mess I've gotten myself into. I finally go limp, my cheek pressed into the carpet as tears roll down my face. I lie there under him, waiting for his next move.

He pushed up my skirt, reavealing my skimpy black thong and the tops of my thigh highs. He rubs my ass gently for a moment but then grabs my panties at the waistband and jerks them roughly. I tried not to whimper when he ripped my thongs off. As my ass became bared to the coolness of the room, I began to cry a little harder. This was horrible. I'd never imagined getting raped. I'd always been one of those girls who thought it would never happen to them. I clenched my fists into his carpet as I felt his mouth touch the skin of my lower back. As his mouth moved down over my rounded ass cheeks I closed my eyes, praying that this would be quick. Maybe he's a one minute man, I thought to myself, tears pouring down my face in a stready stream.

As his tongue traced the cleft of my ass, I felt my pussy spasm. Oh god no! This couldn't be exciting me. Being raped was not my idea of pleasure. Yet here I was, my pussy overtaking my mind. I could feel my clit tingle as his tongue licked my ass cheek and then my pussy got wet. I hoped to god that he didn't realize that I was getting turned on. It would only make him smug and make this more humiliating for me. I closed my eyes and prayed for him to make it quick.

He pushes me up onto my knees, his hands using the backs of my thighs to position me. "I can smell you." he says, pressing his nose against my ever-dampening pussy. "You know you want this, girl. Don't even lie." With that he buries his face in my cunt, his tongue lapping at my slit. I moan and his mouth centers in on my clit, sucking it into his mouth. It feels like he's trying to swallow my pussy and god does it feel good. I couldn't believe this. Here I was, on my knees, face shoved into a carpet while some stranger licked my pussy! And I was fucking loving it! I squeezed my eyes shut and pressed my face deeper into the deep rug. I didn't want him to hear the moans coming from deep within my body. I gripped the rug and tried to keep my ass from pushing back against his face when his skilled tongue circled my throbbing clit. I swallowed and bit my lips, my pussy growing wetter by the minute. I knew he knew. His face buried itself in my steaming cunt and his full lips sucked on my clit, causing my hips to betray me. I felt my body losing control as I began rocking on my knees, making my pussy press against his mouth harder. I wiggled my ass a bit, rubbing my juices all over his face. I could feel an orgasm beginning, and dammit, if he was going to humiliate me like this, than I was at least going to come! I spread my legs farther and felt my clit tightening as my release grew nearer. I began whimpering and shaking, wanting to come so badly.

I groan in disappointment as I feel Damon's mouth abandon my soaked pussy. He grabs my hair and pulls me up so that my body is pressed against his. I sob again, this time in frustration. I feel his mouth on my neck, but I want it back on my pussy. Then I realize that I'm able to move. He's released my hair and is just holding onto my arms lightly as he kisses my neck. He must think that I'm going to give in. Hell no! True, I'm horny as hell and want to come, but I'm not getting off during a rape. I'll take care of myself once I'm out of his apartment.

I decide to play along for a bit, letting him kiss down my neck to my shoulder. I try to ignore the ever growing tingle in my pussy so that I am level headed when I make my move. I wiggle my ass back against his growing cock. I'm amazed to feel the size of it. I've never had one like that before! Once again, my will falters as I wonder what it would feel like to be fucked with that thing. I swallow and push the thought out of my head. I feel his hands cup my full breasts through my corset, squeezing them and pulling at the erect nipples. When his hands let go and slide down my tummy, I decide that I have to move SOON. I feel his hands slide around my back to the snap on my skirt. Just before he gets a grasp on the material, I throw myself forward onto my hands and knees and start crawling frantically toward the door. I manage to push my body away from his without him getting a good hold on me. I scramble to my feet and run, this time making sure my heel doesn't catch on something. I actually have the doorknob in my hand when I feel him slam into me from behind, mashing my breasts against the hard wood of his door. I scream, but his hand clamps around my mouth, shutting the yell off before its even started.

"Now you've pissed me off." he growls in my ear as he begins to drag me backward. I close my eyes and wonder what the hell is going to happen now. He drags me into the dining room and throws me forward onto his table. I grip the tablecloth in my hands to keep myself from falling over. He grabs my skirt and yanks it up around my waist, baring my naked ass and wet pussy to the cold air. He slides one finger deep into me and begins pulling it in and out. Hell, even his finger feels large enough to be a cock. I feel him fumbling with his pants and I cringe as his large cock falls out, slapping me on my ass. It's so big that I can feel the head touching the small of my back. I don't think I can take all of him. I just know he's gonna hurt me if he tries. I give up. Totally and completely. I lie there, my breasts flat against the dining room table, my legs spread, and his huge hand holding my head down. I close my eyes and waited for the inevitable. All of my fight was gone. I'd take what he gave and then go home. Not even to the police. This was my fault. If I hadn't become an obsessed bitch I definitely wouldn't be where I was. If I'd approached him in a normal way, maybe I'd be getting the royal treatment, instead of this rough abuse. I sighed as the fleshy head of his dick stroked my pussy. His hand squeezed around my neck and one grasped my hip as he slid his length deep inside of me. My traitorous pussy clasped around his hardness and I heard him sigh. I hadn't been fucked in months, so I knew I was tight. And I definitely hadn't been with anyone of his size. I instinctively tightened my pussy around him and pressed back a little, my ass jiggling as it hit his hips. I bit my lip and waited for him to start thrusting....part of me now wanting it.

He began shoving into me, his dick stabbing deep inside. I groaned into the tablecloth as I felt myself being lifted higher onto my toes from his hard thrusts. My pussy was clenched around his dick and I could feel the orgasm rebuilding. It didn't take long for me to get back to the level I had been at when his mouth was the one providing the pleasure. Both of his hands were now on my hips, pulling me up and into his thrusts, which provided the deepest penetration imagined. I could feel the head of his cock brushing my cervix with every push. I lifted my head from the table and braced myself on my hands. Arching my back I began to move my hips in small circles so that the feeling of him driving into me was supplemented with the feeling of my soaking pussy swirling around him. He groaned again and grasped my hips tighter, his cock pressing into me harder. I cried out at the feeling and began using my hands to push back just as hard as he was pushing forward. The feeling was un-fucking-believable! I pushed myself away from the edge of the table a bit, just enough that one of my hands could slide down to finger my clit. I applied a bit of pressure to my tingling clit and felt my orgasm grow closer. God, I hoped he let me come this time.

When he started thrusting faster, meeting me push for shove, I thought I was in heaven. I could feel my heart beating faster and my climax coming closer. I started moaning out loud and rubbing my clit with more pressure. I could sense he wanted to come too. Just when I felt my pussy clamp and my clit start pulsing, everything stopped. He jerked his cock out of me, leaving me pushing my ass back at nothing. I cried out in frustration and slid my fingers down to fill the void that his large dick had left. Before I could make myself come, he whispered in my ear, "You better not come yet! Don't you even think about it!" He picked me up and I whimpered as I felt myself pressed against his muscular chest. I slid my arms around his neck and snuggled my face into his shoulder, not wanting him to see the need in my eyes. I heard him chuckle as he strode down what I assumed was the hallway leading to his room. I licked my lips and tasted him. I started pressing kisses to his pecs, licking the thin sheen of sweat that had formed from our fucking. He groaned and then suddenly I felt myself being tossed. I landed in the center of his huge bed so forcefully that my corset ripped and my left breast was bared. I crossed my arms over my chest and scooted back toward the edge of the bed. He sensed what I was doing and shook his head, staring at me menacingly. I stopped and waited for the next move.

"Strip for me. Now!" he said. I must have looked at him like he was fucking out of his mind. When he ordered me to strip, my mind refused to acknowledge the command at first. No man had ever told me to strip for him, and I never would have considered it if he had. I'm way too shy for that kind of bullshit. And now that my rapist was telling me to, I was actually considering it. What the fuck was wrong with me? I licked my lips again....I knew that all this lip licking was probably turning him on, but its a bad habit. After checking out his tight body and then finally seeing the hardness I'd been about to come all over, I decided that I didn't care how I came, I just had to. And if he wanted me to strip, then dammit, I'd strip. And I'd make him want me at the same time. Not just my pussy, but ME. I nodded slowly and smiled seductively. I know he felt the change come over me and was actually confused. I strolled over to his stereo system and knelt before it. I could tell he was staring at me as I looked through his cds and finally picked one. I slid it into his cd player, after figuring out how the damned thing worked. As I picked the selection, I told him to sit down on the bed. I heard it squeak as he actually did what he was told.

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