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My Sister, And Her Friends Ch. 03

by mojavejoe420 05/28/13

"You... are not going to tie me up anymore. We are going to fuck, and suck, probably for the rest of our lives, but we aren't going to do it that way anymore."

"David," she began. "I was conflicted, I didn't want to impose myself on you. If I tied you up, it wasn't your fault, you know what I mean? I'm wicked, you aren't, I didn't want you to..."

This wasn't exactly my plan. Okay, I didn't have a plan at all. I was just winging it.

I drop down, and lay naked body on top of her. She's still dressed in jeans and a blouse. Her tits are sticking up pretty nicely so she's got a bra on, too.

"David, let me go, please. We can talk, or whatever you want to do..."

"It's too late for that, sweetheart."

I thought of ripping her pants off and half-raping her. I thought of smacking her like I did Vanessa. Instead, I kissed her. We had never kissed before. We have tittyfucked, and played around, but never kissed.

Her lips tasted good. She was hesitant, at first. I slid my hands behind her head and neck, cradling her. I stroked her cheek with my thumb as I slowly parted her lips with my tongue. She let out an "mmm..." as I began exploring her mouth, and found her tongue. Her whole body relaxed, she wrapped her legs around mine. We kissed for several minutes. Not moments. Minutes. Hungrily, hard, gentle, teasing, giggling, dreaming.

I break the kiss, and the embrace. I get up and sit on her pelvic area, my cock pointing skywards while pre-jizz oozes out of the tip. I crawl up to her, so she can see this fat cock coming towards her face. I stop with it an inch above her face. I stroke from the base, bring out the pre-cum so it drips onto her forehead, her cheeks, her lips.

"David, undo me, and I can..."


I take my cock, and slap her on the cheek with it. Again, and again. I rose up and maneuver around her face, continuously slapping her face with my cock. Vickie didn't shy away from this. She loved it.

"You want to suck this, don't you."

"Yes Davey!"

"Call me 'Davey' again and I'll buttfuck you with a baseball bat." She sat there, stunned and wild-eyed while I smacked her lips with my hard cock some more.

"Tell me how much you want it."

"Dave... David... I want your cock so much. I've dreamed about it. Please. may I kiss it?"

That's more like it. "Yes, you may."

I place it on her lips. She begins kissing it, tonguing my cock. I press deeper, my cock enters her mouth. Her hot and wet fucking mouth.

I can't push down much further, though. My cock goes up, her throat goes down. Problem. I prop her head up with some pillows... yes, that's a better angle now...

"If you let me out I could mmmpphmphmmphm..." She tends to stop talking with a dick in her mouth. I'm fucking her mouth pretty fucking now.

Even with her limited mobility, she sucked my cock pretty fucking good. I pulled out and dragged my balls in her face. She licked them, and sucked them gently into her mouth. Jesus, THAT never occurred to me! But it felt fantastic...

I move back down to where I'm sitting atop her pelvis. Her tits want to come out. I know they do. Vickie is wearing this light pink button-up blouse. I gently undo the first button. Vickie smiles at me. I grasp more of her blouse in each hand... and RIP it apart! Buttons flying, fabric tearing. I don't get it in one shot, so I go down more and rip her shirt again until all the buttons are gone.

Vickie lays there, her chest heaving up and down with anxiety and passion.

"Back in a minute." I tell her. Her bra, of course, won't come off because her arms are cuffed up at the headboard. I go get my big camping knife.

A voice in my head says to go check on Mom. Seems like a bad idea. I tiptoe in her room, naked and holding a knife... She's still asleep. Good. For a moment, I think of dropping my cock in her mouth. Nah... she'd probably clamp down on it and cause permanent damage.

As I'm walking down the hall back to Vickie's room, I can hear her struggling with the cuffs. I walk in, smirking, go to her dresser and pull out the magic handcuffs.

"Looking for these?"

I turn and face her. She sees the knife and goes bug-eyed.

"Don't scream... don't scream..."

I sit on her pelvis again. i slide the shiny knife blade against he soft, pale skin. Up to her left bra strap. I tilt the big blade 90 degrees so it's pointing up. I lift up... higher... higher... the blade digs into the strap... SNAP! on her skin as the now cut straps return to their unstretched length. I repeat the move on her right bra strap... stretching it up until the knife slices through the material.

"Don't move a muscle." I instruct Vickie.

I bring the knife down to her stomach, pointing to her breasts. Sliding the tip up ever so gently... under the fabric of her 36DD bra... I have to use my other hand to pull up the bra... her tits are squishing together... the knife blade now fully under the middle of the bra...

"Lift... and separate!"

Her tits spring back to her chest, Vickie breathes again. I lean across her and stick the knife into her nightstand.

"That's a twenty dollar bra, you know..."

I smirk... "Not any more!"

I yank out the remnants of her cut up bra. She still has her shirt on, just wide open.

Greedily, I attack her tits with the same ferocity that I molested Vanessa's a couple days ago. I'm not slapping them, just kneading them... sucking them... kissing them... Vickie pulls on her restraints as I push the two nipples together and lick and almost suck them both... I do love tits... I grab her left tit and push it to Vickie's face, offering her a snack.... she greedily chomps on her nipple, drawing it completely into her mouth... god... damn... it...

I start kissing below her breasts... down to her taut belly... oh shit... her pants are still on.

I undo the button and zipper and shuck them off. She has some silky little pink panties on.

"Vick... I have to..." I reach over and grab the knife, I slip the cold blade against her skin, she shudders. I cut the panties on her left side by her hip. I pull the panties away from her mound. Vickie is watching the process intently. I slice through the crotch of her panties. I pull them out from under now, and sniff them deeply.

"Mmmmm... somebody's excited!"

"It's me. Oh my fucking god I'm excited! David will you hurry up and fuck me?!?" Huh... she's begging. I like begging. I also like denying.

"Let me go and I'll..." I stuff the panties into her mouth. She looks pissed.

"You gonna be quiet now?" She nods. I remove the panties. I slam the knife into the night stand again. I leave the panties right at her neck so she can smell them.

I go back to kissing around her pant line. I've settled in between her legs. Thinking back on Michele's advice, I tease Vickie by going right alongside her clean-shaven pussy and keep going down her left leg... I look her in the eye... she's silently pleading with me to dive in... I switch to her other leg and gently lick and caress her thighs... she squirms... I arrive back near her pussy... the scent is strong with this one.

Ever so lightly, I place my tongue right at the base of her cunt and slowly... slowly bring it up. I can feel the heat coming from her core. I'm tasting her cunt juices that have sneaked out already. I get to the top... grazing over her hooded clit...

"Oooooh David... my brother... my lover..."

I start at the bottom again, more juice now. I'm trying to go slow, but jesus it's hard. At the top, this time, I do a slow return back down her lips. It's easier going up, of course, the tongue is built that way. I do that for another minute or so, just going up and down but not penetrating.

Then I apply more tongue pressure and her lips separate. Jesus, I thought it was hot before, but now that my tongue is a half inch inside it's even hotter. The slight taste of pussy juice is replaced by an assault on my tongue. Female juice, mmmm-mmmm-good. Moving up slightly, it gets even fucking hotter as I cross over her actual cunt hole. Vickie is just mewling and twisting... then she clamps her thighs against my head and pushes her cunt into my face as hard as she can. Fuck, gotta watch that move! A fellow could suffocate down here! I spread her legs slightly so I can move my head some more.

My hands wrap around her thighs and ass, and come over to pull her lips apart.

"Your pussy is beautiful, Vickie."

"Yes..." She can't really form sentences, it seems.

I thrust my tongue deep into her vagina, as far as I can. I can feel the juices on my tongue and I withdraw a little so I can swallow. Tangy. I go to town on her pussy, licking faster, licking everywhere... on impulse I suck on her pussy lips... to my surprise lots of lip and cunt comes into my mouth... I use a tiny bit of teeth as it slides back out...

"Oh fuck... oh shit... David... David... fuck..."

I pull my hand from around her leg and I gently thrust my index finer inside... it goes in so easy I'm not sure she notices. Two fingers... she notices that!... I plant my face on her clit and alternate between licking and kissing and sucking... all while thrusting two fingers back and forth... three... moving faster, much faster... fuck let's get them all in there! Four fingers and the tip of my thumb are ramming in and out of my sister's cunt!

Vickie can't stand it anymore... I can feel her orgasm building... I pull my hand out and rise up off her cunt.

"You know what Vick? Maybe you're right. Maybe incest is bad... this doesn't seem right..."

She moans at me. "Please! God! please go on!" She looks like she's going to cry. I make one of those mean faces that a brother makes to his sister, and dive back in.

In ten seconds, she fucking cums. And I mean cums. I can barely hang on as she bucks against me. I decide it's a good time to slap her tit with my left hand, while she's cumming... SLAP... SLAP... more faceplant on her clit... SLAP on her tits...

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