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My Sister, And Her Friends Ch. 04

by mojavejoe420 06/05/13


"I said, do you know what that is?" I wasn't yelling, I was talking in low tones. Evenly, not excited.


I slapped her tits, hard.

"No, what?"

"No.... sir?"

"Very good." I held the end of the whip up to her face. "That crack of the whip sound is the end of this whip traveling faster than the speed of sound That's about 760 miles an hour, give or take. It's making a sonic boom. That's the sound you hear. You didn't know that did you."



", sir..."


"Speak up, missy."

"No, Sir!" she hollered.


"Not so defiant, if you please."

"Yes, sir."

"Better. Now, Vickie, Michele, please render some first aid to little missy here."

They looked at me with quizzical faces.

"Use your tongues and mouths, render first aid, now!"

They looked at each other for a moment, then shrugged their shoulders, and bent down to Vanessa's chest. Vickie greedily sucked on Vanessa's right boob while Michele gently licked and kissed her left. I looked out the window while they were all occupied.

I could see the dim glow of a cigarette in the backyard. It went up a foot or so, glowed brighter, then dimmed again. Missus Aramendia, you dirty, dirty girl... Michele was right. I am WAY too young to get tied down at this point in my life.

Ok now... think... what the fuck else haven't we done. My best friend Mr. Johnson seems very excited about the whole thing. Come on, let's keep this going...

"Alright alright, they aren't broken." Vickie and Michele released Vanessa's tits and stood up, still holding Vanessa's arms.

I brushed the coiled up whip against her tits... back and forth... dragging the rough leather against her soft and tender skin.

"You don't like this whip, do you?"

"No, Sir."

Whack! I brought the coiled whip across her chest.

"Don't. Lie. To. Me."

"No, Sir."


"I mean, Yes, sir?"


"Which is it, missy?"

"I won't lie, Sir"


"Sorry, that was undeserved. Nurses... why are you two still dressed? Fix the situation and render more first aid."

Vickie and Michele quickly undressed, they were into this now. Vanessa was trying not to smile as both her huge fucking jugs got sucked by two pretty girls. I've never seen anything like this. Holy fucking shit, keep it together man...

"Are you... Are you smiling at me?"

"No, sir!" But she was.

I pulled her hair and yanked her head back.

"Not so funny now, is it, missy?"

And I slapped down, hard on each tit.

"No, Sir.. no..." and the smiling stopped.


"Yes sir!" they replied in unison, saluting. I almost broke character as that struck me as very funny.

"Nurses, I need a status check on the cunt situation."

They yanked down her sweatpants exposing her enormously hairy black bush. They threw the sweatpants off to the side.

"It's very hairy, sir." reported Nurse Vickie.

"I can SEE that, thank you. Nurse Michele, will you please inspect the cunt and report back to me."

"Aye, Aye, cap'n." Christ we went from Indiana Jones to the US Navy. whatever.

Michele tapped on Vanessa's legs, getting her to spread them while still standing up. She reached in roughly and... well I couldn't see what she did because of all the damn hair.

Michele stood up and saluted. We are, apparently, very formal in this man's navy.

"It's wetter than shit, sir."

"Thank you, nurse. Prepare the truth-probe." I pointed at my dick. "Aye, Aye, cap'n."

Nurse Michele, the love of my life, made sure the truth-probe was fully hard, fully ready, fully lubricated.

"Nurse Vickie, Tie the subject up with the whip. I want her pussy right her at the edge of the bed."

It didn't go quite as smoothly as planned. It took all three of us to figure out the whip and how to tie up Vanessa so she could be towards the end of the bed and still tied to the bed post. But we finally did it.

"Nurses. We've had our difficulties... I'm afraid the truth-probe must be inspected again." My sister and my sweetheart descend on my 3/4 staff cock. It had lost some of it's enthusiasm. Vickie engulfed my cock while Michele worked her way amongst my balls. They traded off who went down my shaft, back and forth... then they got on each side of my cock and simultaneously slid their lips up and down... fucking awesome...

"Hey!" shouted Vanessa, the poor tied up victim. "I think I can get loose!"

She was just kidding, she was feeling left out.

"Nurses!" More salutes. "Grab a leg. Prepare the victim... er... patient."

Vickie and Michele pulled Vanessa's legs open, revealing her cunt lips, barely visible through the black forest of pubic hair.

"Spread please, and guidance."

The girls pulled her lips apart. Michele grabbed my cock and helped me aim as I moved forward.

My cock settled right on the outside of her pussy.

"Drumroll, please."

Vick and Michele had Vanessa's legs up on their chests, they took their free hands and patted Vanessa giant tits...

"Fire!" I shouted and thrust my cock forward, slamming into her super-slick cunt. Jesus, she's tight! I wasn't expecting her to be this fucking tight. Her blazing cunt felt so good... I began the slow-pullback to almost out, pause... and Slam! forward method of fucking. One of my favorites and the chicks seem to dig it.

"Render first aid as necessary, Nurses."

They each grabbed one of Vanessa's tits and began sucking them. While their heads were down, I checked the window again. Mostly all I could see was our reflections in the glass, but I could also see the faint glow of Mrs. A's cigarette. I waved. The embers moved back and forth. Slutty bitch likes the fuck-show, I thought.

Vanessa is just mewling with pleasure... "Are you liking this, sweetheart?"

"Oh, fuck yes...yes..."

"Nurses, we have a problem. I can't tell if she's lying or not. The truth probe is dirty..."

I pulled out my dick. Vickie was the first to pounce on my cunt-dripping cock. Michele fought her for it, though, and gulped me all the way down. They both got a good mouthful of Vanessa's juices.

"Nurses. Your nipples look dry. Please wet them." And I pointed to Vanessa's oozing pussy. Michele grabbed her own tits and pressed each hard nipple one-at-a-time into Vanessa's secretions. I crooked my finger, indicating to come here. I bent down and sucked her luscious tits clean while Vickie dipped her tits into the cunt juice. I started fucking Vanessa again as I sucked my sister's tits. Her tits with cunt juice on them. Fuckin' A!

I slam-fucked Vanessa for a few minutes while the girls played with her tits, kneading them, pulling them, sucking them... what a fucking sight.

"Nurses, inspect and prepare the patient for anal insertion."

I withdrew as they rubbed Vanessa's asshole. They each stuck fingers up her butt, taking her cunt juice and spreading it around inside her.


"It's also very hairy, sir!" Vickie, such a clown...

"Thank you, Nurse. Commence salivation procedures."

They took turns drooling their spit onto Vanessa's puckered rosebud and then slobbered all over my cock. Michele spat several times on my dick and Vickie worked it all around. I was as slick as I was going to get.

I moved back between Vanessa's legs and placed my cock head against her tight asshole.

I pressed forward.

Reluctantly, her ass opened up... small movements back and forth... Vickie licked up some cunt juice and spit it on my cock... I pressed forward more... ahhh... the head is inside... the ass is different than the pussy, I discover. Very tight right here, but then a little roomy also once you get in. Then into more tightness. Not just continuously tight like a pussy...

Vanessa is grimacing and death-gripping the sheets. Michele whispers in her ear... and licks and kisses her neck as I sink my shaft completely up her asshole. Vanessa's legs are up my chest and her feet are past my head. She can't be any more exposed or vulnerable...

I start the ram-fucking again while Vickie rubs Vanessa's cunt and Michele kisses her mouth. Vanessa can't maintain... she begins a low moan... then starts panting with each full cock-stroke.

"ah, ah, ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, AH, AH, AH, Yes, Yes, Yes, Shit, Yes, Yes, Fuck, Fuck," and she continues gasping and shrieking as my cock piledrives her ass non-stop.

I pull out to take a moment's rest. "Nurses, doggie, please."

They roll Vanessa over and get her up on her knees and elbows, her ass sticking up provacatively in the air. I climb on the bed and without any hesitation I slide my cock into her cunt. Jesus it feels nice and slick in here... I fuck her for a few moments, pull out, and return to her asshole.

"AAAAGGHHHH!" Vanessa shrieks as I practically tear her a new one. Her hanging tits make perfect targets, and I slap them both while she pants and gasps as the pleasure/pain feelings course through her body.

"Who's pussy needs a licking?" I ask my nurses. Vickie raises her hand.

"Well, get up there and stick her face in it."

Vickie works her pelvis under Vanessa's head so that now I'm butt-fucking Vanessa while she is face deep in Vickie's cunt.

I motion for Michel to come over, we kiss for a few moments, and we whisper softly so they can't here...

"Hey sweetheart, you okay?" I ask.

"Yes baby, you're doing great. She's really liking this."

"I'm glad. I'm about out of ideas."

Mind you, I'm still fucking our friend's asshole...

"Tittyfuck to the face?"

"My god you're a genius! Any baby oil or anything around?"

Michele goes and finds some in the bathroom.

Vanessa, meanwhile, is a rag doll. Her face is in Vickie's cunt but she can't really pull herself together enough to make coherent licks... she just lays there as Vick's pussy lips batter her cheek...

I reach around and grab Vanessa' big hairy cunt. She stiffens at the clutching of her clitoris. I go hyper drive on her ass and shake her cunt with my hand.

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