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My Sister And I

by Fornicate 12/01/00

Soon, Megan was taking all of my 8 inches into her mouth and throat. She started at the top and then kept sucking on it like a baby would a bottle nipple as she went down, until she had it all the way in her mouth. Her tongue carressed the underside of my cock and when she had the whole thing in her mouth I could feel her chin resting on my balls. My moaning was almost constant.

It seemed to me as if this was going on for an eternity. Unfortunately it had to end, because unless I made her stop, she was going to suck me until I came, and I didn't want that.

I took my hands away from her head, but before my sister stopped sucking my cock, she held my head inside her mouth and caressed my cum hole with the tip of her tongue. When she took her mouth away she let a length of saliva run from her mouth down to the tip of my cock and just let it hang there.

Megan got up and started doing a little strip tease for me. She danced around in front of the couch while I slowly stroked my cock to the rhythm of her dancing. She turned away from me and looked over her shoulder to stare me in the eyes. Megan reached behind her back and undid her bra, she let it fall to the floor.

"What are you?" I asked. "Some kind of erotic dancer after school?"

Megan gave a little laugh, "Something like that!"

I said, "Well, come on, don't keep your audience waiting! We want to see your tits!"

"Oh you do, do you?" she asked, arching one eye brow.

"Yes, we do!"

Megan turned around, her beautiful tits swinging into view. I smiled broadly as my sister said, "So, are you going to pay for this lap dance, or is the little guy?"

"The little guy is," I say. "I'm sure he will give you exactly what you want!"

Megan continued dancing around and soon started to slip down her panties very slowly. She stopped, as if she was deciding against it, then she turned and bent over and slid her panties all the way to the floor, sticking her ass right in my face. Between her legs I could see her pussy lips and I leaned forward and gave them a little lick.

"Ohh!" she exclaimed. "I like that! Come here and give me more!"

She bent over again, this time with her legs spread wide to give me better access to her cunt. I leaned forward again and gently started to lick her pussy lips, caressing them lovingly, teasingly. I placed my hands on her ass and squeezed firmly as my tongue slid along the length of her slit. I moved my face down so I could get my tongue on her clit, I reached it and started licking it, my nose pressed firmly in her pussy hole. I could smell the sweet aroma pouring off of her cunt.

I started to caress her thighs as I slid my tongue inside her cunt. I felt her swollen lips and clit against my chin as my tongue entered her hole as far as it would go. I wiggled it around and she gave a cry of pleasure. Her juices poured forth and my chin was soaked.

I went down again and found my sister's clit. I sucked it into my mouth and nibbled and twisted it with my teeth. I circled my tongue around her clit, Megan moaned very hard, her pussy juices were flowing constantly, and her legs started to shake. I could tell that she was about to cum and I got ready for the flood that was about to overwhelm me.

Megan came, hard and strong. She put her hands on the floor to keep her from falling down as her juices soaked my face. I held on tight, my mouth locked onto her cunt as her body started trembling. Wave after wave of pure pleasure washed over Megan, sending her to heights she had only dreamt of before.

She turned her head toward me, sweat glistening on her forehead. There was a sparkle in her eyes like she had just fallen in love, or lust.

She sat down on the couch, her hands in her lap. I took a moment to just look her over, her eyes, her lips, her tits, her whole body. I just couldn't believe my luck!

It was my turn to push my sister back onto the couch. She went back, her hands still covering her pussy.

"Well, aren't you going to let me see what I am about to fuck?" I asked.

Megan smiled and gave a little laugh, "Yes, of course! But I want to make you want it a little bit more."

"Oh, I want it very much!" I said, a big smile crossing my face. "Ever since you kissed me I have wanted it!"

Megan leaned forward and kissed me passionately, sucking on my tongue like a miniature cock.

As she leaned back, she removed her hands from her cunt, but my eyes were riveted on hers.

"You complained about not seeing it, and now you are just going to stare into my eyes?" she asked teasingly.

"Yes! Definitely!" said I. I looked down and gazed at my sister's pussy. When this first began, I had pictured Megan with a carpet of hair covering her pussy, or even just a little patch, but my sister had surprised me again. Her pussy was completely shaven, slick as you please.

I rubbed my hand on it, to make sure of what I was seeing. Megan moaned and lifted her hips to get a better feel of my hand. I slid a finger inside her cunt and moved it around a little. When I pulled my finger out, Megan grabbed my hand and sucked my finger into her mouth to lick all her juices off of it.

I positioned myself and placed my cock at my sister's hot, wet hole. I gave Megan a questioning look, to make sure that she really wanted this, and in answer she thrust her hips and engulfed my cock. She wiggled her hips and both of us sighed out our pleasure.

My sister looked at me and said, "I didn't think that it would feel this big inside me! You are filling up my hole!"

"I know," I said. "You are so tight, I am going to enjoy this very much!"

I started thrusting my hips, pumping my cock deep inside her cunt and Megan started moaning, "Oh, yeah! That's it, baby! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

I was right, I was enjoying myself very much. I had just never thought that I would be enjoying myself, in this way, with my sister.

As I lost myself in the feeling of two bodies joining into one, I started to pump faster. Megan's moans and groans were getting louder and I noticed that I myself was grunting and getting louder.

I started to slam my cock into her young, tender pussy. Every time I would slam into her, Megan let out an "Oh!" and her tits would jiggle like I mentioned before.

As I slammed my cock into her, I said, "You are just a dirty little whore that spreads her legs for anything with a dick! You little bitch! Tell me what you are!"

"I am a whore that fucks anything with a dick! I'm a bitch, a slut! All I'm good for is sex!"

The dirty talk was turning both of us on and I bent down to suck on Megan's tits as she said, "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oooooooooooooh! That's the way I'm supposed to be fucked! Fuck me, Josh! FUCK ME!"

Hearing her use cuss words made me hotter. I slammed my hips as hard as I could and Megan would thrust her hips to meet mine.

As I pounded her pussy harder and faster, Megan said, "Oh! Oh! I'm cumming! Fuck me harder! I'm cumming!" As she did, her cunt muscles squeezed my cock tight and I could feel my own cum about to explode from me.

I fuck her harder, trying to hold my orgasm back. Just when I thought I had it under control, she came again. Her cunt spasmed around my cock, squeezing and letting go. The sensation sent me over the top. My own orgasm hit me hard and strong. Jet after jet of my hot jism exploded from my cock and deep into my sister's tight young cunt. I buried my cock deep inside Megan as it spasmed and twitched.

When it was over, I collasped on top of my sister and just laid there, catching my breath.

"That was the best fuck I have ever had!" she said between gasps. I could only nod my head in agreement.

Finally, I got up, pulling my semi-hard dick from Megan's cunt. It was still slick from both of our juices. Megan grabbed my cock and pulled me over to her face, sucking it into her mouth once again, sucking it clean, and milking it dry.

As she let my cock slide from her mouth I noticed that it was getting about time for mom to come home.

I told Megan this and we both started to clean up. I grabbed my shorts from where I had thrown them earlier and Megan picked up her clothes out of the floor.

We both took separate showers, though, I did mention taking one together, but she shook her head and said, "You know what would happen if we took a shower together, we would never get washed." and that was the end of it.

We straightened up the couch, flipped the cushions to hide any stains that might have gotten on it, and made sure that everything was in place.

But there was one thing that both of us had forgotten, and I would live to regret it, or would I?

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