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My Sister and My Daughter

by RabbitPrince 08/25/11

My wife left me when Marisa was just four years old. We had had a solid, passionate marriage with the usual problems, but always lots of love and lots of hot sex. When she walked in on me and my younger sister Karen fucking like rabbits, that changed a few things. First she was going to sue me and take Marisa, but I had records of the funds she had stolen from her workplace, and that combined with her previous criminal record (which she had not revealed to her employer) left me with the power to destroy her career, her reputation, and her livelihood. In all truth, she just wanted more babies, and when Marisa became a toddler, she was disappointed. She wanted a baby to coo and burp and wet its diaper and all those things, but I was satisfied with one child and I didn't want any more. So my wife moved out and found a guy and got immediately pregnant, and Karen moved in with me.

Karen and I had always sort of had a crush on each other and had kissed a few times when we were kids, but nothing had really developed until I moved away and went to college. I came back in the summer, when I was 20 and Karen was 18, and something about her had changed. She was certainly wilder and freer, and we did things together as adults, clubbing, partying, gambling -- all sorts of things that built a new bond between us.

One night after we got home from a club, we were having a nightcap and joking and laughing at the kitchen table. At one point there was a lull in the conversation, and Karen downed the rest of her drink, looked me in the eye with a smirk on her face, and got down on her hands and knees and crawled toward me. When she reached my chair, she looked up at my face with a smile, and very matter-of-factly undid my zipper, reached into my pants, hauled out my cock and started sucking on it. I was stunned, but it seemed so natural. My beautiful, loving sister bobbing on my dick and sucking furiously -- I was in heaven. It didn't take me long before I grunted out, "Oh God, Sis, I'm gonna cum!" to which she moaned "Mmmm-hmmmm!" encouragingly and sucked even harder.

I gasped and choked out a low groan as I blasted an enormous load of thick, white semen into her mouth that she greedily swallowed every drop of. After she had squeezed out the last pearly drops onto her tongue and gulped it down, she looked up at me again, her cheeks glowing and an adoring look on her face, and my heart melted. I knew that I loved her like a sister, but also as so much more. Every day thereafter she gave me at least one fantastic blowjob until I left for college again in the fall.

That year I met Debbie, fell in love, and we were married the next summer. I had resolved to be true to her, but the second I saw Karen again, I knew that I had two loves, and nothing could ever force Karen out of my heart. At our wedding, Karen was one of the bridesmaids, and I will never forget the moment when I said "I do"; I looked over at my sister, proud and beautiful, a beaming smile on her face and a hint of a tear welling up in her eye, and thought of how her belly was full of my sperm as she stood there with us in front of the whole congregation.

Anyhow, Debbie and I had a good relationship, and the sex was hot, but very vanilla. She didn't like oral sex, and wasn't into experimenting very much. Karen, on the other hand, wanted to take me further. She was the one who more often than not suggested that we try anal, golden showers, or BDSM. Sex was so exciting with Karen that it became more frequent. Debbie and I quickly discovered that she was actually pregnant during the wedding; we figured the date of conception was about two weeks before the big day. Debbie and I fucked like lunatics during the pregnancy; she was constantly horny and had incredible, powerful, noisy orgasms. She loved to be bent over and pounded from behind doggy-style as she moaned and whimpered for me to fuck her harder. When Marisa was born, the moment I looked at her I knew I had three loves. My heart was full and life was wonderful. Karen came over frequently to assist with the baby, also sneaking in a blowjob whenever she could. She helped out babysitting and often she would come with Marisa and me to events for kids. Debbie just wanted another baby, and increasingly lost interest in our daughter as she grew older.

After Karen moved in there was an adjustment period, but Marisa had always known Auntie Karen, and loved and trusted both of us. Her mother hadn't paid an awful lot of attention to her as she grew, so she was sad and missed her mommy, but came to view us as her mother and father. Karen and I fucked madly, passionately, and constantly. Now that she could suck my cock whenever she wanted, I was getting two to three blowjobs a day from her on average, and in the evenings we would fuck on the couch, downstairs, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, bedroom, or wherever. My balls were often sore from all the activity, but I loved it and I loved how Karen always pushed us for more. Sometimes it seemed like it was a game to her to see how much sperm she could coax out of my balls in one day. Life was still wonderful, even without Debbie.

When Marisa was six, I got a transfer and we moved out east. Karen and I bought a house together, she got a job, Marisa started in school, and we built a life together. All our neighbours and coworkers knew that Karen and I had the same last name, and that Marisa called her "Auntie", so they just assumed that Karen and I were married and that Marisa was mine from the previous marriage. We did nothing to dispute that assumption, so things were even better for us. We could kiss and hold hands in public, attend functions together... everything was more perfect than I could have hoped for.

In private, we made a point to call each other "Big Brother" and "Little Sister", or variants thereof as often as we could, particularly when we were having sex. It made it seem extra kinky and naughty, especially since this was our dirty, perverted secret. It affirmed for each other that even though no one we associated with really knew, we knew who we were, and that this was an immoral, taboo, incestuous relationship, and that we loved each other all the more for it.

In the summer twelve years later, Marisa was eighteen and graduated from high school, and my beautiful little sister and I were living life like a married couple still passionately in love with each other. I would buy her flowers and trinkets and sexy underwear, and she would meet me a couple of times a week at lunch to take me into her car in the parkade, suck me off and swallow my semen. We often embarrassed other couples with how affectionate we were with each other.

Marisa was now a young woman, with a tall, slim shapely body and perky B cup boobs, the face of an angel, and medium length brown hair. She had an amazingly shaped ass, plump and juicy, with a wonderful subtle flare at her hips that gave her a sexy hourglass figure, despite her slimness. Even though she was incredibly attractive, I had always viewed her simply as my daughter, and loved her with pure, adoring protective fatherly love. She was my angel, and my sister was my she-devil.

I had noticed that Marisa seemed mopey lately, quite the contrast to her usual contentedness. Karen and I were up watching movies and drinking wine one night while Marisa was out with her friends so I brought it up. "Oh, she's just having boy troubles," Karen said to me.

"Boy troubles?" I asked. "Isn't she over that? She's been dating that Trevor character for months now. She was mooning over him for the last two years, what the hell is the problem?"

"Sex," was Karen's monosyllabic reply. I gulped.

"Uh, ok, what about sex?" I asked, not too sure I wanted the answer. I knew that Marisa was indeed a fully sexually mature woman, and probably had been sexually active for several years now, but I didn't really want to know about it. I had given her what I thought were all the proper talks about biology and mechanics, tried to avoid moralizing, and trusted her to make good decisions. I guessed she was an adult now, so I could confront the idea of her as an active boinker, and try to do what I could to help her solve her problem.

"Well," explained my little sister, "She's having issues because Trevor is pressuring her for sex. They have kissed and felt each other up, but he wants to go all the way. She doesn't know if she wants to do that."

"Huh?" I half-choked, trying to keep my composure and sound unconcerned. "What's the big deal? They've been dating for what, three months now? She's supposedly in love with him, they're both adults; I figured they've been fucking plenty already."

"Phaugh," scoffed Karen. "First of all, your little girl is a virgin." My heart leapt a little, I don't know if was relief, pride or what. "Second, she's in love with you, Bro, not Trevor."

I spat wine across half the room and convulsed into a coughing fit. "WHAT?" I managed to splutter out. "Are you nuts?"

"Hardly" was her amused reply. "You must be blind or stupid to have missed that. Haven't you noticed the way she looks at you? Don't you think it's a little odd that at her age she still wants to spend all this time with you? How many eighteen-year-old girls still climb into their daddy's laps and give them kisses on the cheek?" I was speechless. "Why, I'll bet that she goes to bed every night, looking at that picture of you on her nightstand while banging away at her little clitty, calling out "Daddy! Daddy!" into her pillow when she cums."

"WHAT THE FUCK??" was all I could manage to croak out. Karen's merriment was clearly displayed on her face. Was she being serious?

"Oh my god, you are blind and stupid," she continued, taking a sip of wine. "I think it's the reason she's still a virgin. Her daddy stole her heart and she hasn't met anyone else who can light her fire. You are seriously telling me you never had any idea?"

"Fuck, no," I retorted. "She's my daughter. I don't even think I should be listening to this!" I blustered.

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