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My Son, My Master Ch. 04

by jimsjolene 09/04/03

I heard the door open and I strained my ears. There was a tap on the stall door. Master spoke. "Turn around bitch and face the back wall." I obeyed. My legs trembled. The door was opened. My breath held. Masters laughter was so sweet as he stroked my ass beneath the damp skirt. "Aaahhhhh you are a wet cunt tonight aren't you mommy?" I yelped as His palm struck one cheek leaving it burning. I heard Master unfastening his belt and I thought oh god he is going to fuck me right here. I didn't care now I needed to be impaled on his thick fuck meat. I lifted my ass higher and wagged it. As my body begged without my brain realizing it, his laughter was music to my ears as felt him move up behind me. His strong fingers dug into my hips as the head of his dick thrust into my dripping snatch. I cried out and he moaned. How I loved to hear the pleasure in his voice. His cock pushed deep in my tight pussy, stroking in and out. My cunt was so wet it slurped loudly in the restroom yet I didn't care. Master was fucking me. That was all that mattered. His hands reached around and began to pull and twist each nipple. God it hurt. I felt my cunt tighten, I knew I was going to beg Master to come right here. His meat was so thick. I could feel every ridge and vein as it slid between silken wet walls. He began to pound deep and harder, raping me right there. I new others were in the bathroom but no longer did it matter. I moaned and Master grunted with each savage thrust. Soon my cunt would be filled with his gifted cum. My muscles clenched and I heard Master loudly command. "Cum bitch, cum now!!" I did. I screamed and shuddered feeling his balls empty into my cum vessel. His motions slowed as the last droplets settled into my cunt.

I whimpered. Realizing what had just happened and I wondered how could I ever walk out of this room. People would know. Master pulled me into his strong arms and reassured me. "I love you little cunt, I am proud of you. You will hold your head up high and walk a bit behind me." I suddenly realized I could do anything as long as Master was near. Straightening my clothing, feeling the trickle of our mixed cum ooze down each inner thigh I followed Master out. I was grateful no one had remained in the bathroom. Again welcoming the dimly lit room as we moved towards the exit.

The cool night air hit me and suddenly I felt giddy. I realized I did not care what people thought as long as Master was with me. With him I was total and complete. We approached the truck and I stopped dead in my tracks. There leaning against the pickup was my ex husband. He smiled. I looked to my Master, then to my ex and back to Master. Something was up.

Master and his father spoke and it was then i realized that the secret was out. I felt afraid. How did he feel about me fucking his son, my son? I could hardly stand. I was instructed to remove my blouse and get in the truck. I did so. On the passenger side my ex climbed in. His eyes boldly admired my tits so fully exposed. Master climbed in behind the wheel. I was thankful it was dark yet even still people in the parking lot could easily see my tits. I stole a look at Master and he looked almost proud sitting there with me so exposed.

Turning to look at my ex he smiled at me then reached for my thigh, stroking it slowly. The same time Masters fingers found my nipple. He twisted it. It hurt and I cried out. My ex's finger was finding my come soaked cunt, stroking my clit. Damn it felt so good as his father fingered my clit. My skirt was removed and slid down over my legs, then tossed to the floor. I felt Master's father lift and then guide me to sit atop his lap. His hard fuck meat was exposed and the head pushed easily into my hot slit. Master was watching us with a smile. I began to squirm around the impaling meat as it slipped deeply into my belly. My ex moaned. I marveled at how much father and son were alike. He began to slide his dick in and out. I felt Masters fingers tangle in my hair then draw my head down to His lap. The bulbous head of His cock brushed my lips then parted then demandingly. I tasted my cunt then our mingled cum. Mewling hotly I slowly swallowed his cock into the tight canal of my throat while his father drove his meaty cock in and out of my cunt. Occasionally, I would hear people passing, making lewd remarks as they glanced in the window. I cared not. The cock in my snatch was driving hard and deep. Soon he would shoot his load of jism deep into my sloppy cunt. His moans mingled with Masters driving me insane with raw lust. My moans muffled as I fed from Masters fuck meat eagerly. I could feel it throb and swell as the come from his hairy balls slid up the veined shaft. My lips milked his cock eagerly almost begging for the gift of his hot thick cum. A final savage thrust from Master and his cock began to shoot thick ribbons of come down his bitch cunt's throat. At the same time his father's dick pushed deeply into my cunt then exploded. My pussy throbbing and spasming as my mouth feed from Masters come.

Both Master and his father used me unmercifully that night. Master has made it clear I am his slut, his mother, his bitch and now his fathers play toy too. I looked forward to future encounters with both Master and his father.

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