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My Submissive Little Sister Ch. 04

by RandomAuthor 05/03/10

Reaching down, I stroked my fingers lightly over her hairless lips to feel their bald softness. Her skin felt baby-soft and incredibly warm. As my fingers traced to the middle and made contact with her slit, her soft pussy lips separated like warm butter, making room for my fingertips as they moved up and down her girl crease. The thick, slippery lubricant that leaked from her vagina coated my fingers, and as I traced up to the top of her slit and rested them against her clit, Alison's body viably weakened and she reached out to me, grasping my arm to steady herself.

I put my hands on her hips, turning her a quarter turn to her right, and then dropped both of my hands -- one to her pussy and one to her cute butt. Then, at the same time, I began to feel her intimate places from both sides. I ran my fingers between her lips; from her vaginal opening up to her clit and back, and at the same time, I wiggled my fingers between the crack of her butt and tenderly touched the rosebud of her bottom.

Alison's body flinched just a tiny bit when my finger touched her anus, but I didn't stop touching her. I was sure it was just an involuntary reaction to being touched in a place she wasn't used to being touched -- at least by someone else. I knew full well I didn't hurt her -- I didn't even push my finger into her, I just wanted her to feel my finger there, resting lightly against her hole. So after a second, I continued stroking up and down her pussy lips with one hand, and with the other, I began to lightly tap on her butt hole with my fingertip.

Very softly, I whispered up to Alison and told her to stay where she was, and then I moved around her and went to my computer desk and opened the drawer where I put the things I bought from the store. Reaching in, I pulled out one of the small bottles of personal lubricant I bought, and then went back to sit on the edge of the bed and pulled my little sister in front of me, turning her to the side as she stood between my knees.

I can just imagine what was going through Alison's head as she listened to the sounds of me removing the plastic security wrap and opening the bottle of lubricant. I told her to spread her feet again, which she did quickly and obediently. I poured a generous amount of the slippery lubricant onto my fingers, then without announcing what I was doing, I touched her again -- just like I did before, with one hand touching her pussy and my lubricated finger touching her butt hole.

"Be still now." I said, as my slippery finger found her rosebud. Carefully, I pushed just the tip of my finger past her crinkled star and held it in her about an inch. Alison became visibly flushed as my finger pushed into her butt, but, she didn't pull away. She took a deep breath and amazingly enough, I felt her butt muscles relax as if she was fully accepting my finger as it probed her butt hole, and inviting me to push more of my finger inside her bottom.

"Have you ever had anything in you back here?" I asked, wiggling the tip of my finger inside her bottom so she'd know exactly what I was referring to?

"Yes." My little sister answered. "A few times."

"Like what?" I asked.

"My fingers." Alison replied, softly. Then, turning red, she added, "And uh...... the handle of my hairbrush."

Upon hearing that she'd had her own fingers up her butt, I pushed my finger into her deeper, and it went in easily another inch. At the same time, I rubbed between her pussy lips with my other hand, taking great care to make sure I grazed her clit each time my fingers traveled up and down her slit.

Pulling my finger out of her butt about half an inch, I pushed it back in and then looked up at her. Her mouth was open and her breathing was shallow. I started moving my finger again; in and out of her butt as she stood there, and at the same time I was rubbing across the top of her clit and then using two fingers to massage down between her inner and outer lips. When she started to tremble, I chuckled to myself knowing I could probably make her cum again. Bringing her to orgasm like this would be incredibly nasty, and if I could do it, it would confirm my initial suspicions about her enjoying having her butt touched, and, probably more.

"Does that feel good?" I asked, increasing the speed of my finger as it moved in and out of her bottom.

Alison reached her hand out blindly, searching for my shoulder to lean against, and when she found it, she spread her feet wider and bent over a little bit, resting a portion of her weight on me and opening her legs wider to allow me better access to both her front and back girl places.

"Alison!" I snapped. "Answer me. Do you like what I'm doing to your butt?"

"Yes." She said, almost whispering.

"Are you a virgin back there, too, little sister?" I asked. "Ever had a dick in there?"

"Just my finger and the hairbrush." Alison answered.

"So you're a virgin twice over, huh?" I chuckled. "I'm just gonna love taking your cute, tight little ass. I'll put you on your hands and knees, little sister...... I'll get your bottom all lubed up and then I'll push my cock all the way into you. I might even make you play with yourself while I fuck your tight little butt from behind. I bet you'll like it, too."

I continued to stroke Alison's pussy while I teased her and finger fucked her bottom. By now, I could recognize the signs of her approaching orgasm and while I was happy she was so turned-on, I didn't want her to get the impression that she'd be having orgasms all day long as my submissive. So, I pulled my hand from between her pussy lips, and pushed my finger as far as I could into her butt and held it there.

"Uhg!" Alison whimpered softly as my finger bottomed out inside her ass.

"You know, though," I finally added, "we've got to work up to that...... butt-fucking, I mean. There's still so much to do and so much for you to learn. But, we'll get there."

I snickered to myself as I tenderly pulled my finger half way out of her ass and then slowly pushed it back in. I finger fucked her ass like that for another minute before I pulled my slippery digit from her backside and told her to stand up.

I moved around to the side of her, guiding my blindfolded little sister to the edge of the bed, and just like I did when I examined her panties, I sat her down, told her to lie back and then I told her to lift her knees and spread them wide open for me.

This time, she got it perfectly right, and when she lifted her knees up to her chest and spread them, I was treated to the miraculous sight of my little sister's warm, wet, hairless pussy almost completely opened up to me. I stood above her in awe, looking down at the multiple colors of pink emanating from her pussy. She looked like a flower between her legs -- her outer lips opening and spreading apart naturally, exposing her clit and hood along with her pink inner lips.

Her outer lips pulled apart as she spread her legs wide for me, and I got my first look at her inner lips. They were small, much smaller than I thought they would be, and at the top of her inner lips, her clitoral hood stretched up her body a full inch. Her clit was fat, about the size of a pea, and stuck out prominently at the end of its sheath. I couldn't see down inside her tiny inner lips, but, I knew how to fix that.

"Put your hands down there and open your pussy lips for me." I said to Alison. "It time for you to show me your cherry."

I watched as her hands moved down to the sides of her pussy, and as she pulled herself apart, her inner lips opened and I saw the thin, pink translucent membrane of her hymen as it stretched across her vaginal opening.

I had seen the pussy of a real, live virgin with an intact hymen only once before - a girl I went to high school with who agreed to let me see what a girl looked like down there. She didn't let me touch her - she'd only let me look, and it was a quick look, at that. But, the image of her untouched femininity never left my mind, and now as I was looking down at my little sister's virginity, all I could do was stare in absolute amazement at her pristine, untouched pussy.

There, down inside her little lips was my little sister's innocence. Just like the one I saw when I was younger, Alison's hymen was a combination of pink and crimson, and it had a small hole in the center, about the size of my little finger. It was very thin, I could tell that much, but I could also tell it was her living flesh. There was no seam, or connection point around the edges. The thin membrane was part of her, and as Alison adjusted her hands to pull herself open a little wider, I watched as her maidenhead stretched across her opening in concert with Alison's actions.

"Fuck." I moaned in wonder. "You're beautiful down there."

"Can you see it?" Alison asked. "Can you see my cherry?"

"Oh, yes." I sighed. "I can see it perfectly."

Then, as I looked down at her, I asked, "Have you ever put anything in there?"

"I can get my finger in there part of the way." My little sister answered.

After a short pause Alison added, "You're the first person to see down there, Brett."

Suddenly, I fast forwarded my mind to the point where I was going to make love to her and I realized my cock would have to push its way through that little hole in the thin, living tissues of that pink membrane. And when it did, my cock would destroy that portion of her forever. It wouldn't grow back -- it would never heal. Once I broke her hymen with my hard cock, she would never be the same again. Not only that, but as I looked down inside her, it became obvious that even when I broke her hymen, my cock still might not fit down inside her because she was so small. I'd have to go very slow and be very gentle with her. I'd have to ease my cock into her and make love to her slowly, tenderly and very gently.

"Alison, you are so amazing down there." I sighed, as I looked down into the wet, glistening pinkness between her legs. Then, I lowered my face to her small pussy and I began to kiss up and down her slit, sucking the bud of her clit into my mouth and gently tonguing in between her lips, tasting her wet girlhood.

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