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My Teacher, My Love Ch. 06

by APGilmore 03/14/08

Chapter 6 - Their First Time

I woke up feeling wonderful, for many different reasons. My sleep addled brain was trying to figure out why I was feeling so gooood, but once I was fully alert I then realised why. I was with my love, my Amy and her hand was gently fondling my breast. I could also feel her grinding against my ass, she was very wet, my nightie must have ridden up to my waist during the night, and even though I was still wearing panties I could feel her arousal. I knew I was wet, I could feel the wetness as I rubbed my legs together to help relieve some of the tension in my pussy. It needed attention, but I was in a quandary, do I do something about it or just pretend to be asleep. Honesty was always the best policy.

"Amy, are you awake?" She stopped what she was doing. "Please, don't stop" I asked happily. The movements began again.

"Busted! Sorry about that, I was asleep then found myself with my hand on your breast and I was rubbing myself against you, it felt too good to stop." I moaned at her statement. I suddenly realised I really did trust her, enough to not stop her.

"You're making me feel so horny. I can feel your wetness as you rub against me." I knew then what I wanted, what I think we both wanted. I gently took hold of her hand, stopping her movements; I guided her hand slowly down my body. "You are making me extremely happy and excited. Feel?" And with that I slipped our hands inside my panties. Parting my legs slightly, I guided her hand over my pussy and started moving her hand to rub against it. We both moaned then. "Can you feel it Amy?" She was now nibbling on my neck moaning, she was moving faster against me, while her hand slowly began to touch my pussy. I removed my hand from my panties, leaving her hand to continue its exploration. I slowly turned around so I was facing her. Her eyes locked onto mine, I saw love but I was also hit by the gaze of her desire, so clearly displayed on her face. I slipped my leg between hers, until my thigh hit her pussy. I moved my hand to below the hem of her nightie and slipped it underneath. Moving my hand along her thigh I continued until I cupped her bare ass. My emotions heightened as I began to lose myself as I touched her, her hand was still rubbing gently against my pussy, still exploring. Grabbing a firm hold of her ass, I began to move her lower body against my thigh, her pussy rubbing gently against my skin. We were still holding our gaze, our breathing began to increase. Her fingers slowly slipped inside. I could feel the slight hesitation.

"I love you Amy." Trying to convey to her that I did not want to stop.

"Are you sure?"

"I love you so much; I am ready for you Amy."

"I love you too Sophie, I need you inside me, now." And with that she took my hand from her ass and guided it between her legs.

"Stop?" I asked. "Naked!" And with that we both slowly moved apart. Kneeling close together, I reached out and cupped her cheek, stroking it with my thumb. She did the same, both of us reminded of the first time we kissed. We looked intently into each others eyes, displaying our love for each other. I learned forward, as did she and our lips met into a kiss. The kiss was gentle at first but then our lips parted and our tongues reached out to touch the other. The kiss became more passionate and more heated as we became one in our need to show just how much we loved the other. We touched and caressed each others bodies, over our nightie's, until Amy reached the hem of mine. I raised my arms up and broke the kiss. She lifted my nightie over my head until it was off and she threw it behind her, onto the floor. She raised her arms above her head and I quickly lifted her nightie off her body, and flung it behind her to land near to my discarded nightie. I then shuffled around a little bit and eventually was out of my panties. We both looked at each other, then our eyes began to explore the others body. It was still early but the dawn light was breaking gently through the thin curtains, bathing us in a haze of light, just enough to see each other.

"You are so very beautiful Sophie" said Amy, "I have not seen many women naked, but you simply take my breath away." She began to run her hands over my body exploring and feeling the contours that made up my body. It was very erotic. "So very soft, I love you very much." I wrapped my hands behind her neck and pulled her gently towards me, kissing her softly but passionately as my tongue traced her lips, her teeth and her tongue. We gently lied back down upon the bed, still kissing. We rested our heads on the pillow and stretched our legs to get comfortable. Our bodies drew closer together, but still giving room to explore each other. My hands were rubbing her back and ass, while hers were exploring my breasts. We stopped kissing and just smiled at each other.

"I am very happy to be here Sophie."

"Me too, I don't ever want to be with anyone else, this has to be the most perfect moment ever." She nodded in agreement.

"I don't want to be a virgin anymore Sophie, I want you take it."

"I am honoured that I can be your first Amy, that shows a lot of trust and love. I want you to take mine also, I am ready. Together." She nodded again.

"Forever, my love." she added. Even though this was new to us, we both knew what was going to happen next. We had discussed this when we were reading the stories. When a man has sex with a woman, he takes her virginity usually when he the first enters woman's vagina with his penis We wanted to build to the moment, we agreed we would tell each other when we were ready to have our hymens broken.

We both started kissing again, as my hands moved to the front of her body, towards her centre, hers moved lower, leaving my breasts, past my stomach and eventually sliding her fingers through my pubic hair, passed my clit and gently into my slit. Even though this was going to be one of the greatest moments of my life, I was still very nervous. We both agreed that in life, everything that is the first time for someone is a nervous time. Sometimes a person is taught how to do it the first time, and other times they have to just take a risk and try it. So even though we were going to find out together what to do, now that we had spontaneously decided to make love now, we were jumping head first into the unknown. But the moment my fingers rubbed her pussy and two of them gently eased inside of my lover, all the nervousness and doubts left my mind. We had both masturbated so we knew where and how to touch each other. But in the end, all that really mattered is that we were together, showing each other our love and trust, we were sharing an important moment that neither of us would ever forget. So I stopped thinking and concentrated on just sharing my love and experience and enjoying our first time together.

I could feel her fingers, one of them, move gently in and out of me. We were still kissing, but our breathing had radically increased and keeping our lips together was becoming difficult. So we stopped and just watched each others faces, watching each other as we built to our first mutual orgasm and ready to take each others virginity. My moaning had increased as did hers. "Another finger Amy?" And then I felt a second finger join the first, two fingers now moved in and out. My own fingers were moving faster now, her juices running, making my fingers move easily inside of her. She was moaning more loudly the faster I moved. A few times I felt the wall of her hymen, but it wasn't the right time to go further.

"Oh Sophie, you feel so good, use your thumb on clit, please." I moved my thumb and running it over her nub, rubbing it gently, as my fingers continued there movements. I started to move the fingers around inside, when I hit a spot, Amy shuddered and moaned loudly. "Right there baby, keep rubbing that spot, oh god, I am so close." She began to rub my clit with her thumb. My breathing suddenly began to become erratic as my moans became louder.

"Oh Amy, so good, don't stop, I'm close, so close. Oh god I love you so much." Her own fingers began to explore my insides until she hit the spot I had found in her pussy.

"Oh, right there Amy, keep rubbing there, oh god, fuck me baby, I'm ready, Amy, I'm ready to be yours fully."

"Me too, oh Sophie, god I love you."

"Love you too." And with that our fingers began to increase in speed and power, the intensity grew, harder and harder we pushed until we both broke through. We both screamed as we came together. My eyes had shut, but not before I saw her cum. It was electrifying to see that, for me to feel my love as my fingers were held tight in her pussy, as I felt her whole body shudder. My body was doing the same; I was drowning in the most glorious feeling, more than I have ever felt when I masturbated. My eyes were tightly shut, causing a kaleidoscope of colours to appear. We mumbled words of love as we try to calm our body's strong reaction to our mutual orgasms. I started to continue rubbing her clit to get her to come again. I opened my eyes as she started to do the same to me. There were tears in her eyes, it was then I noticed my own as they slid down my cheek. We were still moaning.

"Amy, oh god, I love you, that was amazing, I need to come again, please I need to make this moment last for as long as possible."

"God Sophie, what you do to me, I love you so much, keep going." I leaned in and kissed her, and then I moved downwards, quickly latching onto her nipple with my teeth, not too hard, but hard enough to have her scream my name again. I stopped biting, and just gently suckled her nipple. After a moment I stopped and pulled back. Once she was able to see straight, see did the same to me, taking my nipple and gently but firmly nibbling on it. My own body started to convulse as I came again. "Oh Amy, baby, oh god. Oh fuck baby so good." Eventually it became too much and I passed out.

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