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My Wife Fucks Another Man

by DooMyWife2 12/23/12

Finally, I saw my wife roll onto her back and pulling Phil on top of herself. I thought, "Holy shit! This is it! The guy must be hard and he's going to fuck my wife!"

I saw Phil position himself on top of my wife. I noticed that as he got on top of her and started what he was doing, that he never even glanced my way. I think he was trying real hard to forget that I was there and I obliged him by staying still and quiet. In the darkened room, he might have even thought I was asleep.

It was pretty obvious that Phil's cock was hard and I could see my wife's arms move under the sheets, as she slid her hand down to guide his cock into her wet, waiting pussy. I could tell when his cock slid into my wife because she made those motions and noises that let me know she was getting a cock shoved up her cunt! Once he was "in", Phil, started the in and out motions of fucking my wife. My wife started gasping, moaning, and making noises as Phil started giving her what she had been wanting all night, hard cock up her hot cunt! I'm not sure if my wife was being a little more animated than she usually is while having sex, but I suspected that she was being sure to be noisy enough that I would wake up if I was asleep.

I saw my wife look over at me and since Phil was now fully involved in fucking my wife, he wasn't paying me any attention, so I gave my wife a "thumbs up" so that she would know I was awake and watching. At that point, my wife grabbed the edge of the sheets and whipped them completely off of her and Phil. There, for the first time ever, just 2 or 3 feet in front of me, was another man, between my wife's legs, and driving his hard cock in and out of her, fucking MY WIFE! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I thought my own cock would explode without me ever having to touch it!

As I laid there watching Phil fucking my wife, I thought about how many thousands of times since I met her, that I had fucked her. The first time I ever had sex with Brandie was the night that I met her. We went home to her place after meeting at the NCO Club and we had the most incredible sex! I was "hooked" right from that very first time!

When I met Brandie, I was a married GI in my latter 20's. Like many young men, especially GI's who travel the world, I had been around, and had quite a bit of sexual experience behind me. But the sex I had with my current wife, Brandie, was the absolutely best sex I had ever had in my life! She was the most sensual, erotic, purely sexual woman I had ever had my cock in. Every time we had sex, I was totally consumed by her; the way she felt everywhere that our bodies touched, the way she smelled, the sounds she made, the way she breathed, the way she touched me, it was the most sensual, arousing, sexual experience I had ever had! It was pretty much because of our sexual relationship, that I left my first wife, and married Brandie.

Brandie was so sexual, so into sex herself, that she was willing to entertain me in almost all of my sexual fantasies and games. She would dress like a slut for me and then go out to nightclubs and bars with me and let me "show her off" like a slut. Then go home with me and we would have incredible sex while I talked dirty to her and told her what all those other men, who had been checking her out all night, would like to be doing to her right now. She even played a game with me where she dressed super sexy, in very revealing clothing, looking like what people would call a slut, and she went into a nightclub, or bar by herself. I would either already be inside, or come in a few minutes later. I then watched her all night as men hit on her, bought her drinks, danced with her, copped a feel of her ass and legs, even sometimes kissed her, but then she left them high and dry when she and I "hooked up" and went home to fuck ourselves into oblivion!

But one thing that I had always wanted to do, that up until this moment, she hadn't ever been willing to do, was watch her actually fuck another man. When she and I had sex, it was incredible. As I stated earlier, the sensation of being pressed against her body, smelling her, feeling her every movement, hearing her sounds and words, was the most totally sexually consuming experience I had ever had! But I wanted to be able to stand back and "SEE", what that "looked like"!

I tried setting up a video camera and taping ourselves having sex, and that was OK. But the camera was stationary and I wanted to move around and see this from every angle. I wanted to see her fucking another man and see if it was the same for another man with her, as it was for me. I wanted to know if the sex I had with her was that good because we were in love with each other, or was it that good because she was just, "THAT GOOD"?

Brandie had a pretty active sex life before I met her and I knew, or later met, some of the men who had fucked her before I came along. Even after we got together, there were several times when she and I separated while I was going through my divorce and when we weren't together, Brandie didn't go without hard cock! I knew some of those guys as well. Every man I ever met, who had been in the bed with Brandie, always wanted more of her! But, I was the only one willing to work through the complications of life, to make that commitment to be with her full time. So, I knew that other men found her attractive and the ones who had been lucky enough to ever get any of her great pussy always wanted more, so I just assumed that she must give other men the same treatments in the sack that she gave me, but I wanted to "SEE" that happen for myself!

Now, here, just 2-3 feet in front of me, for the first time in my life, I was actually watching my wife fuck another man! But, because of this guy's nervousness, I was confined to watching from the other bed in silence for fear that if I disturbed him, he would lose his hard on and the moment would be lost! I was beginning to regret having chosen this guy for this first time, but by the same token, I was more sexually excited than I had ever been in my life to be seeing what I was!

From my vantage point, I could see my wife, on her back, with Phil between her legs and driving his hard cock in and out of her giving my wife a hard, forceful fucking! The whole bed was bouncing, my wife was rocking back and forth under his thrusts. He was lying flat down on top of my wife, with his head down on the other side of her neck, (I assumed so that he couldn't see me), and I could hear him grunting once in a while and whispering to my wife, although I couldn't make out what he was saying. (Brandie later told me he was saying things like, how hot she was, how good her pussy felt, and that he was sorry it took so long to do this.)

My wife had her legs wrapped around Phil's legs, with her heels hooked behind his knees, just like she has done to me thousands of times before. I knew that she does that for leverage. By hooking her heels behind his knees like that, she can use her legs to push her pelvis hard against him as he thrust into her. She was pushing her pelvis back at Phil, that gave her a great grind on her clit, every time their thrusts met. I could see that my wife had both of her arms up on each side of Phil so that she could hold his upper arms in her hands, or rub her hands and finger nails across his back when she wanted to. There have been times when she has been so into it, that she has scratched my back with her always manicured nails! She didn't seem to be scratching Phil tonight, but it was fascinating to me to see my wife's hands rubbing all over this other man who was fucking her, like I had done so many times before! My wife had the top of her black nightie pulled down so that her bare tits were mashed hard against Phil's chest as he lay on top of her. Phil had a pretty hairy chest and my wife absolutely LOVES a man with a hairy chest, so I had no doubt that she was really enjoying, and maybe even getting off on, having her nipples buried into his chest hair! (I surprisingly, have very little chest hair myself and I have often asked my wife why, if she loves chest hair so much, did she ever take up with me. Her answer was, that everything else I do, makes up for it.)

Even in the dim light of the darkened hotel room, I was able to see my wife's facial expressions and I loved watching those different faces she made as her sexual passion rose and fell, and when Phil gave her just the right thrust and hit just the right spot! I could also hear her gasps and moans, see her biting her lip from time to time, and I could hear her talking to Phil in hushed tones and since her face wasn't buried in the pillows and sheets with something between her and me like his was, I could hear her saying things to Phil, like; "Oh! That feels sooooo good!", " Yes! Fuck me!", "Oh yeah! Come on! Harder!". Hearing my wife saying these things to the man who was between her legs, fucking her, nearly made me loose my load without ever touching my cock!

I saw and heard my wife building up to an orgasm and watched as she pushed her pelvis hard against Phil, begged him to hold it there and push, and then she shuddered and lightly screamed as she went through, what I knew, was a good, but not a huge orgasm! I couldn't believe my eyes that I was actually WATCHING, my wife, have an orgasm from some other guy's hard cock shoved up her cunt! I don't know how I kept from passing out! Nearly every pint of blood in my body had to be in my dick!

Phil didn't stay still long, he immediately went back to stroking his cock in and out of my wife. In reality, this whole thing probably took less than ten minutes. But at the time, it seemed to last all night! I wanted him to get done so that I could move and do what I wanted to do, which was to get those "sloppy 2nd's" from my wife that I had so long dreamed about getting! We had talked about this before hand, and I had told my wife, that whatever happened, however it happened, that fucking her after Phil was done, was something that I just absolutely had to do! That was non-negotiable! I didn't care how nervous this guy was, how bashful, or how he felt about it, once he was done, it was going to happen!

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