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My Wife is a Party Girl

by happytreefriend 05/02/13

"Have a safe flight, and have a great time sweetheart," I said to my wife as we broke our embrace by the security line at the airport.

Stephanie smiled and said, "I'm sure I will baby. I love you."

She gave me one last quick kiss and I watched her walk through security and out of sight. I caught myself admiring her beauty as she walked away, her perfect ass in a pair of tight jeans and her blonde ponytail swinging back and forth. I don't know how I got so lucky; I somehow got a smart beautiful blonde to marry me.

As I was driving home, I realized how much I was really going to miss her. She'd be gone for a week, which would be the longest we'd been apart since we'd gotten married almost a full year ago. We got married just after we graduated from college and shortly thereafter moved out of state because of the job I landed. From this Sunday to the next, Stephanie is flying home to see her family and some of her old friends. It will be good for her to see everyone again.

Although there's one friend, Rachel, I'm hoping she doesn't see much of. Rachel was Stephanie's roommate during college, and was always bringing guys over. She was hot as fuck, a small girl with black hair who never really had a steady boyfriend, she would just bring home random dudes and Stephanie and I would spend hours listening to Rachel getting banged. I know that before I came into the picture Rachel would constantly take Stephanie out to parties and bring home guys for her too.

I don't ask Stephanie about these times very often because I can get pretty jealous. I know that I'm flabby in all the wrong places and my cock isn't as big as I would like, just under 5 inches hard. I hide my jealousy and insecurities well, Stephanie loves me and I roll with it. If I were to ask her about those times and the kind of guys she's been with...well let's just say it would make me even more insecure than I already am. I also know how girls talk to each other and Rachel definitely knows about my shortcomings in the dick department, and she would make subtle comments when Stephanie was out of the room.

Most of the week went by quickly. I buried myself in work and my wife called or texted me every night to tell me good night, and sent me lots of pictures of her and her family. Then on Friday night, my phone vibrated and I received a text from Stephanie. Wifey (5:13 PM): I get to see Rach tonite! We're going to a club!

I immediately felt a lump in my throat and my stomach did a little flip. I wanted so badly to tell her not to see Rachel, but then my insecure side would show. Against my better judgment, I texted her back:

Me (5:16 PM): Great, have fun babe!

For the next couple hours I couldn't think about anything but what might be happening at the club they went to. I tried to watch TV or read a book, but I couldn't focus. I checked my phone religiously for updates from my wife.

Wifey (7:46 PM): This club is great! I'm getting a little tipsy lol

Wifey (7:47 PM): [pic msg]

It was a picture of Stephanie and Rachel, both with huge smiles and girly drinks in hand. They were both bombshells. Rachel was wearing a short black dress and obviously no bra, and knowing her probably no panties either. My wife was in a tight low-cut pink shirt and tight blue jeans.

Me (7:50 PM): Looks like fun, tell Rachel I said Hi

My stomach started to turn as my imagination started to take over. I pictured her getting felt up on the dance floor and her not caring because she was drunk, while Rachel watched and smiled. I decided to have a drink myself, opened a beer and tried to watch TV again. I was getting a buzz and getting into the movie I was watching when my phone lit up.

Wifey (9:01 PM): [pic msg]

Rachel and my wife were now standing in between two guys. They were all looking into the camera and making funny faces. The men looked like typical muscled frat boys, and as looked more closely at the picture I couldn't be sure but I think he had his hand around my wife's waist. She must've been too drunk to notice as the caption on the pic read: "Still having a great time. Wish you were here :)"

I spent some time drinking and considering how I should respond. Should I tell her about the guy's hand on her waist? Should I tell her to leave the club? I couldn't decide what to do.

Wifey (10:01 PM): These cool guys invited us to a party!

My mouth went dry and my palms got sweaty. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen, but I trust my wife and I had to let her enjoy herself. No one wants a controlling jerk of a husband.

Me (10:04 PM): Cool :)

My mind was taking me to horrible places, but I didn't have to wait long before I learned how this night was going to go.

Wifey (10:21 PM): [pic msg]

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I nearly dropped the phone. My wife was the backseat of a car with one of the guys from the club. He was no longer wearing a shirt, and Stephanie's slender hand was wrapped around the base of his cock which was erect and sticking up through the zipper of his jeans. His dick was around eight inches in length and fairly thick; it definitely put mine to shame. She and he both appeared to be in the middle of a laugh. The caption: "She couldn't even make it to the party, it's been awhile since she touched a REAL man's cock."

Damn Rachel. She had my wife's phone. Now it was too late to stop any of this. What was I going to do? I stared at the picture in disbelief for a few minutes, and I was startled when the phone buzzed in my hand.

Wifey (10:30 PM): [pic msg]

The frat boy was no longer wearing pants, and my wife's beautiful lips were wrapped around the shaft of his cock, she was about halfway down. She had his balls in her hand. The guy had one hand holding her ponytail up, and with his other hand he was giving a thumbs up to the camera. He had a satisfied smirk in his face. "I almost forgot how sexy Steph is with a large cock in her mouth."

It was all I could to imagine her lips sliding up and down his thick shaft. Her mouth was stretched out around his dick and I had to admit she did look rather sexy that way, whenever she sucked me it looked like she had a straw, but this man was making her face look hot. I was aghast when I realized I was rubbing my cock through my pants with my free hand, and I was hard as a rock. I figured since I can't stop it, I might as well enjoy myself. I slid my pants to the floor and began slowly stroking myself while staring at the picture.

Wifey (10:47 PM): [pic msg]

Stephanie's mouth was still about halfway down his cock, and she had a look of concentration on her face. Her eyes were shut tight and her cheeks were bulging slightly. The guy's head was leaning back and his mouth was open in a state of intense pleasure, he was still holding her ponytail. "Gotta love a girl that swallows ;)"

I imagined the semen shooting out of the tip of his dick and into my wife's waiting mouth as she tried her hardest to swallow every drop, and I shot my own load all over my hand and stomach. My orgasm's intensity took me by surprise, I couldn't believe I was so turned on.

Wifey (11:35 PM): Steph just went into the bathroom with two guys. I'll see if I can get in there and snatch a couple pics for you lol

My dick was rock hard as my imagination ran wild with thoughts of what might be happening. I couldn't wait for Rachel's next text and slowly stroked myself in anticipation.

Wifey (11:59 PM): [pic msg]x3

It was a slideshow of three pictures. The first was my wife on her knees between two guys that had their pants around their ankles. Stephanie had one of the man's balls in her mouth and his big dick was laying across her face. She was stroking the other guy's cock.

The second picture showed one of the guys with both hands on her head and had pushed her all the way down on his cock. His balls rested on her chin and her nose was against his pelvis. The other guy was slapping her face with his dick.

The third pic was of both guys cumming on her face. She had one hand on each of the men's ballsacs as they stroked their cocks. She had her head tilted back, mouth open, and tongue out. The picture was perfectly timed as you could see the jets of jizz from the tips to splashing on her face and tongue. "We're taking good care of your wife ;)"

I couldn't contain it as I shot another load all over myself. I felt exhausted and got into bed and tried to fall asleep, with thoughts of what a slut my wife was being with these guys to comfort me. I took some small amount of solace in thinking she was just giving head and not fucking any of them as I drifted to sleep.

The buzzing beeping phone woke me up.

Wifey (2:02 AM): [pic msg]

The picture was taken directly behind my wife, who was completely naked. There was a frat boy, also naked, sitting on a couch and Stephanie was on her knees with her head in his lap. His muscular legs were either side of her and his hand was tangled in her blonde hair. "Damn, your wife just cannot stop sucking dick tonite!"

I stared at the picture and could practically see her head bobbing up and down as her mouth pleased his cock.

Wifey (2:12 AM): [pic msg]x2

The angle was still behind my wife but much closer. He was still on the couch but now she was straddling him, her perfect ass raised up and her hand around his shaft, aiming his huge cock. The tip of his nine-inch cock had just begun to enter my wife's pussy, the lips already beginning to stretch to accommodate his girth as his big balls rested on the couch cushion. "Jealous?"

Of course I was. Jealous another man was fucking my wife. Jealous I didn't have a big dick like his. I'd never been more turned on.

The second picture showed her all the way down on his massive cock, her pussy stretched out as it grasped his dick, her ass touching his thighs.

In my mind I watched her ass bounce up and down as she fucked him, sounds of pleasure escaping her mouth.

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