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My Wife, the "Groomer"

by taylorscock 01/14/18

My wife (Hope) has had a very successful career as a hairdresser. She had a very large clientele and most of her clients were from the upper class east side of town. A part of my wife's job that has become to be very prosperous is grooming. It came by accident, but it didn't take long for the word to get out. She took this responsibility professionally and became known for her care and creations.

To make this as professional as possible, she created a private room. We developed an elaborate method to shampoo and shave. My wife was soon making more money grooming than hair styling. It wasn't long before wives began to ask if she would groom their husbands. My wife was not crazy about the idea, but soon came up with a list of rules in order for this to be professional. No husband could come along, they always had to be with their wives. And if at any point, she became uncomfortable, it could be her choice to end the treatment.

Honestly, there were not many husbands willing. Matter of fact, it was about 3 months after being mentioned that the first husband the urging of the wife. But soon there were about six men that became clients. She felt very comfortable with each, mainly because she was so close to the wives.

But it was Clara and Alex that changed everything. Clara had been a client of Hope's for 4 years. We all had similar interest, so occasionally we would go out for dinner and drinks. Clara was stunning. At 38, she still had a body most women craved. Now my wife Hope is equally as stunning. So typically when the four of us went out, they got a massive amount of looks. I didn't ever ask about Hope's clients, but she would always say that Clara was her favorite. Because Clara never liked to be completely shaven. She always wanted a cute designs...most of the time it was a flame or a heart. But the surprise came when Clara asked if she would groom Alex. Hope was very hesitant. She thought we had become too good of friends and this might be crossing the line. Hope asked my opinion, and I told her how proud I was of her professionalism and I thought it would be perfectly fine. So, the appointment was made for Thursday evening.

I'll just explain this evening exactly as it was told to me. It was a normal hectic day. Lots of hairstyles. The appointment for Clara and Alex was scheduled for 7:00. Thy came, and as typical, Hope starts with the wife first. Clara this time asked for Hope to just do a simple vertical rectangle. Hope said to her surprise, it was her most beautiful creation ever. Alex was so impressed, he said he wanted the same thing. as Clara dressed, Alex began to remove his pants. Typically, the men would always leave a shirt on. This was no different, but Alex was wearing like a tank top. Alex plays lots of basketball, so he was in tremendous shape. As Alex removed his boxers, Hope said she had never seen a cock like that. He went over and sat in the washer chair, and his soft cock hit the bottom of the sink. It was 7 inches long soft, lots of extra skin and looked to be the circumference of a paper towel role. Hope said it was beautiful. And his balls were the size of lemons. Now Carla and Alex had never been with anyone I don't think it ever registered to them that Alex had a masterpiece.

Alex already didn't have much bush, so there wasn't much to groom. I think Clara was getting turned on as she watched another women "playing" with her husbands cock. Hope said she couldn't help, she spent so much time admiring his manhood that she didn't realize she had been shampooing his cock and balls for 5 minutes. Hope was in a zone. It was Clara who brought her out of the trance, as she noticed Alex was slightly aroused. Nothing major, but Hope said it thickened a little more and got another inch. Clara winked and said, maybe it was time to just groom.

When Hope got home, she was as horny as she had ever been. We didn't even eat...Hope said she had to be fucked right now. I asked her what had gotten in to her. She told me about her appointment with Clara and Alex. She said that she was sorry, but she had never seen a cock like that. We have always been upfront with each other, so I told her she could share the experience with me if that would help, and that I would keep it to myself. She described in detail that shampooing experience. This was the first time she had ever even explained her job to me. As she told me how she was enamored with shampooing his abundant manhood, I couldn't help but get aroused. Now, to back up...I'm not a slouch on that department. I carry a full 8 inches hard and quite thick myself. Obviously, she had not seen Alex totally hard, so there was no way for her to know his erection size. All I know is, her story got us raged in to another incredible fuck. I joked and told her that I wanted her to groom Clara and Alex every day. She said she would love that.

We had already planned an evening of dinner and drinks the next night. We were scheduled to meet them at the place we always ate. This particular night was booked solid because a show was in town. So Clara called Hope to say they wanted us to come over for filets to grill out. It was a beautiful evening, so they said to bring our swim trunks, we would eat, then maybe have a swim or relax in the hot tub. We had been to their home before, it is a beautiful place with a breathtaking view of the city.

We grilled out the steaks, cleaned up and had already became right tipsy from the drinks. We all had our swimsuits on, and the ladies still had covers on. Looking back, i swear to myself that they had already planned this out. But Hope tells me that was not the case at all. It was just a perfect night to be. Anyway, we drunk some more and the ladies decided to take their cover ups off. They both were stunning. Each of the ladies had revealing tops and thong bottoms and were both wearing 5 inch heels. It was if Alex wasn't even there. I Immediately said, "holy shit, we must be at the playboy mansion!" Alex agreed and said that we had to be the luckiest men on the planet. The girls was so proud!

Clara was already practically drunk, she got on the conversation of how awesome Hope is at grooming and wanted to know if I had ever seen her creations. I told them that other than her and myself, no...that we kept it very professional. Hope backed up my answer. Clara said, "well we are close friends, let me and Alex show you what she did...we are so proud!" I looked over at Hope, she didn't say a word. The look in her eyes and the expression on her face said it all. I knew she wanted to see that cock again.

So Hope was quick to sheepishly say, "well if you guys don't mind, I've seen it all, and I'm sure Benji (me) doesn't care. Honestly, I wanted to see them both naked.

Clara was so much like Hope, her body and looks were as if I'd had already seen her naked before. Nonetheless, she was stunning. Her tits were perfect, and I must admit, the job Hope did was even better than I could imagine. I looked over at Alex who was now standing between myself and Hope, and I found myself admiring his manhood. I couldn't help it. It was literally every man's dreams. Hope was literally staring at Alex as her eyes were like 10 inches from his cock. Now, I didn't feel threatened...because I'm a good 6 inches soft and have good size limes as balls. The thing that really blew me away was the excess skin as his balls hung very I was thinking that there is no telling how big he can get.

Little did I know where this night was going. Clara began to tell us how when they got home, it was the best fuck of their lives. Hope quickly chimed in and said the same thing. They both wanted to know, what was the common denomination. Hope said, "Clara, I am so sorry...but Alex has the most incredible cock I have ever seen. I couldn't wait to get home and tell Bengi all about it!"

Clara was actually excited at the answer, for it was the way Hope shampooed Alex cock that got both She and Alex excited. She quickly followed saying, "you have got to show me how you do it!" "Why don't you and Benji get naked with us...but let's change it up. Benji, do you mind if I shampoo you while Hope shampoos Alex!" I looked at Hope and didn't have to ask, Hope was eager to get her hands on that cock again.

Now, Hope has groomed me so often...I know her technique. What I saw as teaching was nothing like I knew. But since Clara was duplicating on me, I was not about to say anything. Each of the girls literally put on a show. The two of them were putting on a performance and Alex and I were the lucky participants. "Practice makes perfection!" Hope said. She was on her knees, shampooing Alex's cock and balls...her face and eyes were within a few inches. You could tell this was more than practice. She was loving this. As was wasn't obvious, but I could see that he was massaging my wife's tit. All the while, he was getting hard. Clara didn't mind, she was doing exactly as she was instructed...she to was within inches of my cock. I figured I would join I started massaging Clara's nipple and she was loving it. I was completely hard, standing straight up.

It was Hope that spoke up and said, "I think these men need attention tha we can't give them in this condition!" Clara agree, so they rinsed us off. Alex and I both stood up. Now this was my first look seeing Alex hard, as it was Hopes. What blew my mind, Hope was still stroking his now completely hard cock. I didn't think a cock could get that long. It was a good 11 inches long, and it look as thick as a soda can. It was massive. And it stood straight up in the air, rock hard. Hope looked over at me and saw that I was equally at attention. Although not the size of Alex, Clara seemed to be impressed with what was before her.

Hope asked Clara, "what now?"

Clara replied, "I'm ok with where I am if you all are!" Hope did not even answer, she immediately went to her knees and began to suck those lemons as if they were her merchandise. Clara said, "I'll take that as a yes!"

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