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My Wife's Boyfriend

by colleenslittletoy 09/09/09

It started as a joke. At least I think it did. My wife, Colleen, and I had been married a couple of years when the relationship changed very dramatically. I remember the evening well. She was toying with me as we were on the bed. Naked and aroused she held my hardened cock between her thumb and two fingers. Rolling it playfully, she commented about its cuteness. She had a thing for my little guy, always calling it cute, and loved masturbating me. I suppose other men would have been insulted if their wife thought their penis was cute rather than awesome, huge or some other manly description but for some strange and erotic reason I enjoyed her slightly disparaging remarks. Anyway, I was a sucker for her artful manipulations and never lasted long once she began her caresses on my cute little toy.

"Does your little pee-pee like Colleen's big fingers?" she cooed. Groans were all I could manage to emit for an answer.

"Does your little teeny weenie get all excited when he sees his pretty wife with her new boyfriend?" The idea of her being with her "boyfriend" caused the little fellow to erupt. I recalled vividly watching her with her boyfriend. The vision was too much and the juices poured from my hardened cock onto her sympathetic fingers. With a quick stroke she wiped my own cum off her hands onto my face. Apparently finished with me, she left me alone on the bed drenched in my own juices. I couldn't help studying her magnificent ass as she disappeared into the bathroom. What a woman, I thought. I'm very lucky even considering the situation I found myself in.

How did it all start? Well, it started with Mike, a friend of mine whom I have known for quite some time, first met my wife. Both in high school and college Mike had actually stolen girlfriends of mine right from under my nose so I should have been aware of the risk of introducing the two of them but I went right ahead and did it anyway. It just seems to work out that I find some beautiful woman only to end up losing her to Mike.

It's not hard to understand why. Mike is a big guy, around six four, handsome, muscular, strong and charming. I'm not exactly any of the above. He towers over my slender five foot seven frame. It doesn't help that I always seem to cower when I'm around him. Something about his superior nature intimidates me, not that I'm afraid of him exactly, but I always feel sort of second best around him. And he's always demanding that I fetch him drinks or get him things.

To add to the awkwardness, he has a habit of always wanting to compete with me. Sometimes I get the feeling that he enjoys beating me at contests even to the point of putting me down, which is what happens every time we compete.

Often after besting me at some sport he has me do some menial chore as a consequence for losing. I've washed his cars, painted his house, taken his clothes to the laundry and even cleaned his home. Once, he watched some game while I toiled in the bathroom on my hands and knees polishing the floor. The only respite I get from these tasks comes when he needs another beer. He hollers out and I scurry to fetch it for him like I was his servant.

He says these chores are better than betting money because I would soon be too indebted to him to ever be able to pay him off. Our friends, actually his friends because I've lost most of their respect, wonder why I keep betting with him. I always lose. Even when the game gets close I seem to lack the killer instinct to beat him, almost as though there is something inside me that acknowledges his innate superiority. No matter what I try, I know deep down that I can't beat him.

So, why do I keep trying? The answer is simple. I keep playing and betting with him because he tells me to. I don't seem to be able to tell him no, no matter how embarrassing the consequence.

Little did I know how that would translate into my relationship with my wife.

Not only is Mike bigger and taller than I am, he is also a lot more muscular. Besides beating me in sports, he always topped me at work, succeeding in getting the promotions I wanted. His intimidating nature makes me feel inferior around him, like I'm on a lower rung of the ladder than he is. The only appropriate comparison I can think of is the relationship between a rightful servant and his master.

Before Colleen and I married, no one in our group of friends believed Colleen would end up with me. Actually, Mike and Colleen would have made a great looking couple, she being a tall, shapely blond and he the trim and fit athlete, but much to everyone's surprise, I'm the one who won out. Probably what carried the day is that I helped her through a messy divorce, paying all of her bills and getting her back on her feet. So she ended up marrying me. The fact that my family has lots of money may have entered into the equation but I like to think that she saw something in me that made her choice easier.

The real trouble began about a year ago. We were at a party having a good time. The drinks were flowing and everyone was feeling real good. Mike, Colleen and I were sitting together on the couch with her in the middle. The conversation soon consisted of just the two of them and I seemed to be left out. For some strange reason I permitted the slight and sat and observed as the two kidded and flirted together.

Mike glanced at me occasionally across my wife's body and smiled in that confident manner he had as though he knew he was more interesting than I was. I always grinned back. Might as well, it was true. Colleen drained the last of her drink and started to go get another.

"No babe, sit still. That's why I brought along my servant." Colleen arched her eyebrows.

"Servant?" Mike pointed across the couch to where I sat.

"My boy there." Colleen glanced at me and I turned red. She grinned at my obvious discomfort. "What good is having a servant if you don't use him?" Mike said. He handed his glass along with hers to me. "Here, boy. Make yourself useful and get us another drink."

The moment was not only awkward, it was significant. It would be difficult to resume normal relationships with the two of them if I allowed myself to be treated as if I were a humble servant. Colleen watched me closely, waiting to see how I would react to this obvious maneuver for control. Part of me wanted to throw the contents of the glasses into his face, but as I stared at his confident, superior gaze I knew, as usual, I would not be able to stand up to him.

Strangely, a part of me felt oddly aroused. As though I had accepted my newfound position, I nodded to him and left to do my task, accepting his role as the master.

The sounds of their laughter filled the air as I scurried off. When I returned there was no room on the couch for me any longer. A close friend of Mike's had filled my spot along with his girlfriend. The two couples stopped their conversation to watch as I handed Mike and Colleen their drinks. Standing awkwardly for a moment I waited until I was dismissed before departing.

"Sorry," Mike said insincerely. "This is a couple's only couch. Reserved for lovers only." Mike's dismissal was almost as embarrassing as Colleen's look of amusement. She was watching me closely as though judging how I would receive this dismissive behavior. Even with her judging me, I couldn't disobey Mike. He was too powerful. One glance into his haughty, arrogant eyes and I obeyed, thereby becoming his servant and lackey. Colleen seemed to enjoy seeing me humiliated like this as she scooted even closer to her boyfriend. Her wicked grin caused me to become even more excited. I waited across the room, watching the couple whisper to each other, leaning close to each other's ears.

My sole purpose of the night was when I was summoned occasionally to refill their drinks.

This started the rumors. They kidded around after a while, telling other couples who were new to the neighborhood that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. I think somebody got confused about who was with whom and just assumed that they were together. Everyone at the party went along with the joke and soon Mike and Colleen were walking around, arm in arm, flirting and kissing like newlyweds. To fit in, I joined in on the gag.

Looking back on it now, that decision was probably a colossal mistake. Every time we got together with Mike after that occasion it was always the same, he claimed he was Colleen's boyfriend and we went along with it. Stopping him may have been difficult because I don't think I could have prevented Mike from taking over anyway. He had this hold over me and I always succumbed to whatever he wanted, usually rather meekly.

At one of Mike's parties last summer, things became a lot more complicated. Thinking back on it, I should have grabbed Colleen and left the moment we walked in the door. But it turned out well, at least for some of us.

It all started when Mike met us at the door, greeting us heartily.

"Colleen, baby! I've missed my girl." Ignoring me as though I didn't even exist, he grabbed Colleen and pulled her into a big hug. With his arms wrapped around her, he swallowed her up. As if old lovers, her lips met his lips. She returned the affection, a little too eagerly I thought. It looked like their tongues were battling inside their mouths. I saw how wide their lips were and how frantically they went at each other. The kiss lasted way beyond the normal quick smooch you're supposed to give a friend. To make matters worse, their bodies ground together in an intimate manner.

"Knock it off, you tow," I said tugging to pull them apart. Irritated, Mike pushed me aside. I fell against the wall as they walked away. Again I was awed by his strength.

"Thanks for bringing my girl to the party. I'll take it from here," Mike said as he circled his arm around Colleen and led her into the house. His hand got dangerously close to cupping her gorgeous ass. To my jealous eyes, he did seem to be fondling it.

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