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My 'Working' Mother

by Otazel 01/21/11


She smiled broadly, a giggle hidden behind her words. "I know what you're thinking, and it's nothing like that."


"No, I have three regular young men who come once a week. They're a bit poor and they club together for me, taking it in turns. So I let the other two watch whichever of them is doing it with me, and just recently they've taken to wanking over me while they watch. I don't mind, it's a compliment really, but it can get a bit messy."

"Oh!" Somehow I felt I should be the only one to watch, and I wasn't allowed to wank over her. Jealous again!

"So it would be good if you'd help me out."


"Suffering from restricted vocabulary are we?" She asked, one querying eyebrow raised.


"Can you act as my maid? I know you're not a woman, but I can trust you, and there are times when I need someone to help take care of things."

She didn't expand on 'things', but I nodded anyway.

"Yes, of course I can." I grinned awkwardly as a silly thought crossed my mind. "You don't want me to wear a little black and white dress and stockings, do you?"

She smiled in recognition of my embarrassed remark. "No, but when they go, can you get some tissues and wipes and come in? I hate the feel of cum running down me if I stand up."

"Yeah, okay." I wasn't sure why she needed me. She could just as easily have taken them in with her.

The three students looked surprisingly nervous as they stripped off, Liz undressed already and lying on her bed waiting. I wondered for a moment if they had discerned my presence through the glass, but I was standing in darkness and so I doubted it.

It was apparently the turn of the tallest of the three this time, for he positioned himself at the end of the bed while the other two stood one to each side. From where I stood my mother seemed to be surrounded by this trio of erections, all pointing in her direction. I noticed too that none of them sported a condom.

It's strange to see another young man mount your mother, especially with two more watching him -- three, if you count me. He began in the conventional missionary style, but then soon moved so that he was kneeling upright with Liz drawn up the slope of his thighs and being pulled on and off of his cock by his hands on her hips. Either side of him the others wanked vigorously, their cocks pointing vaguely in the direction of her breasts. I could hear her encouraging them all and, frankly, I must admit to being fascinated.

They came one after the other in strict succession, the one to Liz's left getting there first and sending a shower of cum over her breasts and belly, followed at once by the boy opposite, who sprayed an even larger load over her, and then culminating in the one fucking her, who shot his load deep, shaking her body with his energetic lunges and making his friends' spunk run and mingle across her skin. It was an obscenely erotic sight, but not really one involving his mother that any young man should see. Never mind, it gave me an alarmingly powerful erection, so it couldn't have been too off putting.

The moment the three were out of the door I was in there with a box of tissues, a pack of wet-wipes and a couple of towels, eager to fulfil my promise but uneasy as to why I was so excited. But then, having got there, I just put them down and stood gazing down at my cum-covered mother and tried to figure out what to do next.

"Clean me up, Andy, please. I'm covered in the stuff."

My eyes widened with surprise, my heart raced and my mouth suddenly went dry. That was something I hadn't expected to be asked to do. I stammered my assent and then stood wondering where to start.

"C'mon Andy, don't just stand looking."

I picked up a couple of tissues and began dabbing ineffectually at the cum on my mother's stomach.

"No, Andy, get a handful and wipe it off properly."

I did as I was told, wadding up the tissues and then wiping across the flat of her abdomen. That did the trick and, for some reason, once I'd begun all reluctance disappeared and I set about cleaning the rest of her without embarrassment. I even managed to use my other hand to hold the soft flesh of her breasts still while I wiped them clean, getting something of a thrill from touching her hard little dark nipples. I assumed they were still hard from the sex she'd been involved in, but my cock was hard from what I was doing at that moment, and I was very conscious that it shouldn't be.

I think Liz was aware of my arousal, because she indulged herself in a little light-hearted teasing at my expense, making me go over her breasts several times, saying I'd missed a bit and then telling me that I was doing a good job for her. I wasn't quite sure what to make of that, but I was enjoying myself anyway.

I was now quite happy to touch my mother's flesh, and after the tissues I used the wet-wipes and then a towel, briefly stroking her skin afterwards to be sure it was dry. It was a little bit sexy and a little bit naughty, but it didn't seem wrong at all. After all, it was all part of her day-job and I was just helping out. I did her stomach, her breasts, her neck and the top of one arm where a large glob had landed, and then I stepped back to be sure I hadn't missed any.

"You've missed somewhere."

I looked her up and down, but I couldn't see where - until she opened her legs and pointed at her leaking pussy.

"I can't do that Liz!" I protested in genuine alarm.

"Yes you can. It's only skin like everywhere else."

I suppose that technically she was right, but it wasn't the sort of skin I'd expected to be touching and I was getting a bit worried about her motives. I hung back a moment or two, but she was looking up at me expectantly and so I shrugged my mental shoulders and picked up another wad of tissues.

She opened her legs wider for me and I set to work. The young customer's spunk had leaked from her pussy and run down her crack, so I besides swabbing her clit and around there, I also had to reach down and clean the cum that had trickled down to her anus, not a task I relished, but Liz obviously didn't mind as she folded her legs back to give me better access.

I was probably a bit red-faced by the time I'd done it, and feeling very confused. I'd enjoyed what I was doing, the soft, squishy feel of a woman's pussy was just as nice even if it was my own mother's and I was cleaning another man's spunk from it. But at the same time I was very aware both of feeling turned on and of the fact that I shouldn't be doing it in the first place, especially when she told me how nice my fingers felt touching her pussy through the tissue.

"I'm sorry, Andy." She added, when I looked troubled. "But they finished too quickly and they've left me high and dry -- well, perhaps not dry!"

She smiled at her own joke and I used a wet wipe on her, feeling her hard little button through the flimsy fabric.

"But that does feel nice, whatever you say." She confirmed. "I can't help liking it, because I really am randy."

She wasn't the only one.

I rubbed her down with the towel and stood back again, convinced that this time I was finished, and thinking of retreating to my room.

"Look." She said, lowering her legs back down. "I need to cum. I know you can't do it, so I'm going to have to finish myself off. You don't mind, do you?"

I shook my head mutely, torn between watching and running like hell.

"Just reach in that cupboard then, and pass me my vibe, there's a good boy."

I reached into the cupboard and found that there were actually two vibrators in there, the big black one that I'd seen before and a small silver one about half its size, along with one or two other gizmos. I took out both vibrators and laid them on the bed beside her.

"Ah, thanks." She smiled and picked up the small one. "This one will do, I think."

The turned in on full and placed the tip against her clitoris, sighing with pleasure as she did so, while I stood and openly stared at her. The taboo nature and the downright kinkiness of the situation seemed not to have occurred to either of us, certainly it didn't cross my mind and if it crossed hers then she either didn't care or she took even more pleasure from the fact. Whichever it was, there I stood holding eye contact with my mother while she masturbated in front of me with a vibrator. Perhaps the bewilderment I felt showed on my face for she asked me again if I minded.

"No." I gasped, my eyes dropping to her pussy. "I don't mind. Do whatever you need to do."

For several minutes we stayed like that without speaking further, me staring alternately at her face and her pussy, and Liz giving tiny gasps and sighs as she gyrated her hips, moving the vibe around and around her clit. I'm not quite sure who was getting the biggest kick, but I'm pretty sure that at one point she actually came, although if she did her orgasm was much muted. She just gave a little groan and went rigid for a second or two, holding the vibe hard up against her, before she carried on stroking it over and around her clit. Obviously that little one was not quite enough.

Perhaps that mini-orgasm had taken the edge away, because she looked now to be trying unsuccessfully to regain her arousal, and in the end the picked up the second, larger, vibe and used that instead, running it down her slit all the way from her clit until she could push it up herself before retracing her steps back to her clit. But maybe even this was not quite enough, because she picked up the silver one again in her left hand, looked thoughtfully at the black one, and then looked up at me.

"Andy, can you fuck me with this." She offered the black vibrator to me. "And I'll use the other one."

I don't know what came over me. I just took the black vibrator, and as if it were the most natural thing in the world, I turned it up full and leaned over and pushed it deep into my own mother's passage. I can even remember thinking that this was the same route through which I'd made my entrance into the world. She gasped with pleasure as I started to plunge it in and out, and then she put the small one back against her clit and smiled happily.

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