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Naked Mother Ch. 09

by Zeenutt 11/14/08

The next evening, I was relaxing by the side of the pool in a bikini when Harry arrived with a set of papers. It was the modeling contract for his magazine. I looked at it and then showed it to my son with a naughty smile.

"Mom, don't you think it is way too hot--10 full page pictures of complete nudity with nothing to cover the body plus a half a dozen pictures in skimpy clothes including bikini."

"Honey, your mom doesn't pose naked for magazines everyday. " I reminded him. Harry handed me the pen and I signed the deal.

"You have the perfect bikini figure but sunbathing in bikinis can give you tan lines." Harry told me.

I lost no time in getting rid of my bikini bra and the g-string and handing them over to my son.

Harry could not help admiring my naked body. "Wow that is the pussy I want," he said with a wicked grin.

"That is one pussy you will not get. It belongs to my husband. You can look and admire." I replied back. I wanted to tease Harry. After all the forbidden fruit always looks so tempting. Off course, in my heart I knew that Harry would be fucking me soon.

After Harry had left, I moved over to my bathroom to take a shower. My son joined me in the shower. He sucked my tits, felt my ass with his hands and I masturbated him.

"Mom you look so sexy, wet and naked, in your shower. Can I make a video of you in the shower?"

"Just shut up."

"Please mom, just for my masturbatory pleasure."

"No way" I had actually liked the idea but I denied him just to see how he'd react. In fact, it gave me a few more exhibitionist fantasies.

The next day, I was ready for the photo shoot. I wore a skimpy sleeveless top and a matching mini skirt. I wanted Andy to come with me for the photo session.

"Mom, do you really want me to come along with you?" Andy asked me in an excited tone.

"Off course darling, your momma is a naughty exhibitionist gal."

My son drove me to the secluded beach where Harry had planned the photo shoot.

"Wow, that is a lovely mini and the top is sexy too, just the kind I had in mind for the first couple of pictures." I was delighted at Harry's compliment.

"Do you like it?" I asked Harry. I wanted Harry to talk more about me.

"Yeah, it shows cleavage just the way I wanted it. And your shoulder curves and armpits come out beautifully in this top."

After the first round of pictures, Harry reminded me that it was time for the bikini round.

"Before I wear a bikini, I want both of you to be naked." I ordered Harry and Andy.

The boys lost no time in removing their clothes. I saw their erect cocks dangling out.

Then turning to my son, I said, "Now Andy I want you to behave and talk like a stupid boy."

Soon I vanished into the van and came out wearing a sexy blue bikini.

My son asked me, "Mom why are you wearing this little dress." He spoke like a boy of half his intelligence.

"Honey, this little dress is called a bikini. And your momma is wearing it because she is a professional model. Big boys like to see beautiful women in bikinis, so momma is wearing a bikini."

"Mom, will they take naked pictures of you too." My son asked another dumb question.

"Yes darling, they will take naked pictures of momma." I answered my son.

"Mummy, why will they take naked pictures of you?" Andy asked another question.

"That is because big boys like to see beautiful women, like momma naked." I replied seductively.

"Mom, will you let them take naked pictures of you."

"Off course darling"

"Mom you are a bad girl." Andy was playing the role of an idiot to perfection.

"No honey, your momma is just a professional model doing her job."

I was enjoying my conversation with the boys. After a couple of pictures in bikini, Harry asked me to remove my bra.

As I untied my bikini bra and let it fall down, I asked Harry, "What about the panties darling, I just can't wait to pose naked."

"Just a few minutes more, after a couple of topless pictures."

Harry was clicking away while I asked Andy, pointing sensuously, at my bust line, "Do you like momma's tits?"

"Yes mom, but mummy you are shameless."

"Just shut up and let momma do her work. Your momma is a professional model."

"Wow your tits are absolutely gorgeous." Harry could not help gushing.

Harry walked up to me and began to feel my breasts with his hands as my son watched. He put his hands inside my panties and began to feel my ass. I did not resist him at all.

Moments later, I reminded Harry, "You are forgetting something darling. We are here for the pictures."

"Oh yes" said Harry.

"I guess it is time for me to get naked." I asked with another of my seductive smiles.

"Yeah it is." Harry replied as he adjusted his camera.

"Then come Harry, peel my panties down. Make me naked." I winked erotically at Harry.

Harry walked up to me and inch-by-inch began to slip my panties down.

"Mom, what is he doing with your panties?" Andy could not help protesting like the stupid boy I had asked him to play.

"Andy, nothing to worry about, he is simply taking off momma's panties for the naked pictures."

Soon Harry got rid of my panties and tossed them away. I was naked now. Harry picked up his camera and got busy clicking as I struck poses for him, smiling and laughing.

"Just turn a little and show your gorgeous ass. Look behind and smile seductively." Harry instructed me. I did as he told me. Harry took another set of pictures. Then I turned around and spread my legs out to give a full view of my pussy. Harry took some more pictures.

" it is time for some wet pictures of you bathing naked in the sea." Harry told me as he rubbed his cock against his thigh.

"Off course"

I went down on my knees, allowing the sea to caress my body. As I got completely wet, Harry took more pictures. Then I turned around to ask my son. "Andy, Do you like what momma is doing."

Andy grabbed his cock and winked.

"You know Andy; I can bet your mom will have offers from the porn industry after this photo shoot. I've yet to see a beautiful, sexy woman more comfortable naked. Just look at the way your mom is enjoying posing naked for the pictures. Your mom is the masturbation material America is going to fall in love with." Harry talked to my son as both the boys masturbated.

"When does the magazine come out with my pictures?" I asked Harry.

"Before this weekend" Harry told me as he came up to me, bent down and began to lick my wet ass. Then he stood up, turned around and took me in his arms. Soon he was sucking my breasts. I grabbed his cock and began to masturbate him. I played with his cock till he blasted his load out.

I went back to the van and put my clothes on. As Andy and me bid goodbye to Harry, I slipped a piece of paper in to Harry's hand. The paper had my mobile phone number and read--"This weekend darling."

A couple of days later, the magazine was out in the market. The cover page had a picture of me in skimpy bikini. The cover page screamed in bold print--CATCH THIS SEXY MOM NAKED INSIDE.

I bought one copy. Later in the evening, I gifted it to my son.


July 07


Oh my, this is incredible, I've seen mom naked before. But in the magazine she looks more naked than ever before and much sexier too. I have seen gorgeous, sexy women naked in magazines before. They too were moms or sisters to their sons and brothers. But this time it is my own mom. I was erect in no time. Each one of momma's pictures is an absolute beauty, real masturbation stuff. The way mom gifted this magazine to me was such a turn on. I masturbated all night to momma's pictures in the magazine. I've decided it now. I want a video of mom, wet and naked in the shower. I have put up a couple of cameras in momma's bathroom. Now I wait for mom's next shower.


I was delighted by what I`had read in the diary. The exhibitionist in me simply loved the idea. My juices began to flow just thinking about it. I whispered to myself, "Your momma does not mind cameras in her bathroom, honey make a video of momma naked in her shower."

I moved in to my bathroom. I knew I was on camera and my son would be watching it.

I removed my top and mini as I smiled sensuously. Then teasingly, I got rid of my bra and panties and began to shower myself naked. I began to play with my breasts. Soon I was masturbating as well.

The next evening, my husband called me up from Los Angeles. As I talked to my husband he showed me the magazine I had posed for, on the web camera.

"Is that you darling?" My husband, Greg, asked me in disbelief.

"Yes darling, that is me. Don't you like the pictures?"

"I do, they are incredibly hot. I feel like masturbating honey."

"Can I be of any help over the web camera?" I asked my husband as I removed my top to reveal my curves and cleavage through my bra.

"Take off everything honey."

I got rid of my bra, my skirt and my panties so that my husband could see me naked. My husband took his cock out of his underwear and began to masturbate.

The next day I called up Harry as my son had gone out to play golf. "You know the latest issue of our magazine has been a best seller." Harry told me over the phone. As the phone call got over, I sent a naughty SMS to Harry---"Just come over, my son is out playing golf. Don't forget to bring your condoms."

Harry replied back with another SMS---Here in 15 minutes.

Before Harry could come, I decided to read my son's diary.


July 08

----- looks hot in her video, bathing and showering all naked. This video is the best masturbation material I have. Now I have put in a few cameras in her bedroom too.


For a minute I was stunned. I did not really have any problems with my son making a video of me in the showers. But I just did not want any cameras in my bedroom. I had invited Harry over for a hot fucking session while my son was away. After all I had my sexual needs too while my husband was away. I was excitedly waiting for Harry to arrive and now my son's diary told me he had cameras in my bedroom. Just how could I let my son catch me naked in bed with his friend, fucking away like a slut? I asked myself.

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