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Nathalie (Or Sex, Love, & Training Wheels)

by Lolita526 05/21/01

"None of that," she said. "Just hurry up." I was a bit disappointed; oral sex with her had been one of my fantasies for quite a while now. I considered going the other way and teaching her how to suck a man's cock, but I decided against it. Nathalie knew her own body and her own desires well enough, but she was still a nervous virgin, and there was no sense in forcing fellatio on her.

"Okay," I finally answered, and pressed my mouth to hers. While she was occupied with the kiss, I slipped a finger inside of her, to see how wet she was. I didn't want to hurt her, after all. She looked at me curiously, but said nothing. "Touch yourself while I get undressed," I told her, and took off my clothes quickly. It was more for her benefit than mine: I wanted to make sure she was well lubricated and not too tight, so the experience would be fairly painless. But when I looked down to see her middle finger disappearing into her pussy, the opening puckering around it as if in a kiss, my cock stiffened fully.

"You can stop that now," I told her, now nude. I cleared my desk and brought her to it, then laid her down. Her legs were spread, leaving her pussy wide open for me. Her clit was swollen out of its protective hood and I touched it softly, watching how she jumped in response. I bent down, blowing on her vaginal opening, and its rim quivered charmingly.

"God, hurry," she pleaded, "don't do that." I leaned forward and kissed her forehead, then positioned myself over her, the head of my cock ready for penetration.

"Are you ready?" I asked her quietly, making it clear that she could still turn back.

"I'm ready," she answered with a glance up at me. I remembered my condoms just then and fumbled for my wallet in my pants pocket; finding it, I slipped the condom on, giving myself a stroke and positioning my newly sheathed head just inside her pussy. I rocked myself in gently, giving her time to adjust to my length and girth, a fullness I assumed that she, as a virgin, was not accustomed to. I was prepared to break through her hymen with one strong thrust, but I never met any resistance. Finally I had my whole length inside of her. She wet, hot, and tight around me, just as I had always dreamed. I stroked her hair. "That's it? You're all the way in?" she asked. "It didn't hurt."

"Your hymen was already ruptured, probably during exercise," I said. "You're lucky." She grinned up at me and rocked her hips, reminding me that this was not a biology lesson. Just the feel of her tight heat enveloping me would bring me to orgasm if I didn't do something quickly. I pulled out a bit, then pushed back in, still going slowly and careful not to rush her.

She closed her eyes, arching her back beneath me. It was a beautiful sight, that lithe little body reacting with lazy pleasure. "I want us to reach orgasm at the same time, if that's possible," she said, almost in a yawn. I told her it was difficult, that one of us would have to hold back, and she said she'd try.

So I went on, rocking in and out of her gently for a few minutes, adjusting her pussy to my shape, building my own pleasure. Her muscles were holding onto my shaft, pulling back in like undertow each time I made an outward stroke, trying to keep me in. I close my eyes and lost myself in those long, slow strokes, her pussy sucking me like a mouth. "Faster," I heard her whisper, her hands on my waist, and I woke from my ecstasy. I pumped in and out of her more quickly, a jolt of pleasure coming with each stroke, increasing in intensity. She let out a growling moan. I flicked her nipples as I had before, and her hips bucked again, this time the feeling increased twofold, my pumping cock adding to the pleasure. "Hurry," she whimpered, out of breath. Her pussy had been tightening and loosening alternately around my shaft, but now there was no loosening, only an increasing pressure that hugged me hard. My cock throbbed and I pounded in and out of her more, her hips moving with mine to double the force, jumping each time I jammed in to the hilt. God, it was amazing. Her pussy continued to tighten around me, to squeeze and try to hold me in, offering sweeter resistance with each stroke. Finally she reached her limit, her tightest point, and it was just as I imagined. "I'm going to cum, hurry..." she pleaded. Her walls trembled as she fought to hold back her orgasm.

I slowed a bit, trying to spur myself on without making it too difficult for her. She squeezed her thighs around me, then opened them, trying to relieve some of her own tension without a true release. Just like in all of my fantasies, her inner muscles gave tiny tremors, fighting the orgasm that demanded to be released, a sweetly aching agony as remained on the edge, trying desparately to hold back, to hold on. I slowed some more, her pussy so tight it was molding around me, begging my cock not to go. "No, not slower! Hurry, I don't know if I can hold on. Please." Even now she was steady, calm, no shouting from my Nathalie. I began to thrust into her harder, in and out with long strokes, and she whimpered in frustration. She slipped, her pussy convulsing around me just once, telling me she could wait no longer. Then finally, finally, I felt my balls squeeze, the semen rushing from my testicles and through my dick, shooting out just as I thrust in.

"Now," I told her, and she gripped the sides of the desk, barely able to wait the millisecond until I came. Finally her aching hot pussy exploded with one strong contraction around me, gripping my shaft and milking it with successive convulsions that went on forever, making her body rigid with each wave of pleasure. I kept driving into her and there was bit of a pause before she came again, her pussy contracting on me once more.

Finally we were finished. I pulled myself from her and she lay still, her legs still open. I saw her vaginal opening tensing with tiny aftershocks of our pleasure. We stayed that way for a few minutes, then each began to dress, slowly.

"Thank you," she said. I smiled, shaking my head.

"I guess you won't be needing me anymore, then?" I asked, looking a bit sadly at the legs I would never caress again, the breasts I would never tease.

But she turned just before leaving the room and, with a wink, replied, "You never know."

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