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Neighborly Blackmail Ch. 02

by XplrgMDCpl94 03/26/19

Author's Note: If you haven't read part one, you probably should so you can understand what's going on between this wife (Bev) and her husband (Dave)... and the neighbor (John) that blackmailed her previously. If shared wives or swinger sex is something you don't enjoy or approve of, you probably should move on and not waste your time with this story series.


When Dave got home from work, Bev was waiting for him wearing only her short house robe. His entrance and their greeting was typical of many long-time happily married couples. There was the quick hug, the peck on the lips and Dave playfully grabbing a handful of Bev's sexy butt before going to the kitchen refrigerator to grab a beer. He typically worked about a nine hour day and while his job wasn't too strenuous physically, he managed several high stress and time sensitive projects, so his work day often left him feeling mentally worn out.

With his beer opened and the first swig swallowed, he sat down at the kitchen table to unwind a bit and let some of the day's stress ease out of him. Bev already had a glass of wine - her preferred adult beverage - and joined him at the table. "So," he said after another swallow of beer, "you sent a text about an interesting morning and a video to show me?"

Bev smiled, sipped her wine and then replied. "Oh, yeah I did. I think you'll like the video."

"I didn't know you had a playdate set up for today," said Dave. "You get an unexpected call from one of your regulars or something?"

Bev and Dave were what was usually referred to as a swinger couple, although more contemporary terminology would have identified them as a Vixen Hotwife and Stag couple... most of the time anyway. They had been married for a long time and had begun swinging some years before. As they learned what they liked and preferred in the lifestyle, they found out that Bev enjoyed having more than one man at a time and really enjoyed having several men available on any given day to come over and play with her. Dave got off on her being so wanton and "slutty" and enjoyed seeing her so sexually open. Often he would join in and be one of the men pleasuring / using Bev, but sometimes he was playing with the other man's wife, depending on circumstances.

So when Dave mentioned "one of your regulars" to Bev, he was referring to any one of the several men Bev would call, or who would call her, to get together for some fun casual sex. Normally Dave knew about such arrangements ahead of time and if something unexpected happened while he was at work, Bev would usually call or text him to let him know she had a play session set up. That she hadn't given Dave such notice that morning let him know that something out of the ordinary had happened.

"So, you remember last week when Billy came over?" Bev asked. She was referring to one of her "regulars" who had visited the previous week for a play session. Dave didn't verbally answer but nodded his head to indicate that he did. "Well," said Bev carefully, "as it turns out, John saw Billy coming in and snuck over to watch us through the window."

That bit of information almost caused Dave to spit his mouthful of beer out in surprise. "John, our next door neighbor John?!" Bev nodded her positive response. "Oh, shit," said Dave. The challenge he was having mentally was that their neighbors, John and his wife Janet, weren't aware that Dave and Bev were in the swinger lifestyle. Lacking that bit of information, John may have been quite surprised and taken aback by the reality of seeing Bev fucking another guy.

"Oh, shit," is right, replied Bev. "But the surprise is even bigger than that. He didn't just watch us for a few minutes through the window, but he used his cell phone to capture a few minutes of video." Dave's eyebrows went up indicating even more surprise but he didn't say anything as he waited for Bev to finish filling him in. After taking another sip of her wine she looked at her husband and finished. "And this morning he brought that video clip over to show me and used it to blackmail me into having sex with him."

Dave chuckled at that thought. "Sure," he said with a grin, "he 'blackmailed' you. You've mentioned before how much you'd enjoy a good roll with him. I can't imagine he'd have had to blackmail you very hard."

"Oh, he wouldn't have," Bev reassured him with a smile, "but he didn't know that and his entire approach was kind of shitty. He didn't ask what was going on or ask what we could work out or any of that. He showed me the video and then implied that he'd keep the secret from you if I'd have sex with him."

"That's a fucked up thing to do," said Dave, now starting to sound a little pissed off.

"That's what I told him," agreed Bev, "but it didn't slow him down from going through with his blackmail scheme."

"So the video you mentioned is him, what... you letting him fuck you so he'd keep his mouth shut and not tell me?"

"Kind of," Bev replied. "It's more like me sucking and fucking him. I kept control but I think you'll enjoy the video."

Dave had almost finished his beer and Bev's wine glass was one swallow from empty. "I'm sure I will," he said, standing up and throwing away his empty can. "Let me get a quick shower and then we can go watch it."

Bev finished her last drink of wine and said, "Cool. See you in the guest room."

Ten minutes later Dave was freshened up and walking into their guest room naked, his cock at half-staff. Bev was waiting for him, leaning back against the stack of propped up pillows, letting her fingers lazily trail back and forth up her wet slit. She had the television on and the video queued up but paused as she waited for Dave to come in. Dave joined her on the bed, positioning himself against the pillows much as she was and relaxing back to watch the television. Bev pushed the button on the remote and then repositioned herself as the video started. Dave leaned back and enjoyed the show while he also enjoyed Bev's talented mouth engulfing his quickly growing cock.

On the screen Dave could see Bev on the same bed he was laying on to watch, naked and spread, her fingers toying with her pussy and clit. Her on-screen presence looked directly at the camera and said, "Hi, honey. Our neighbor John is going to be in here any minute. He's blackmailing me for sex to keep his mouth shut since he got some video of me with a playmate last week. I'm going to make sure he's happy with his payment. Enjoy the show!" With that, she blew a kiss at the camera and just a few moments later was joined by John on the bed.

For the next several minutes, Dave watched the video of his wife first sucking John's respectably sized cock and then mounting it, reverse cowgirl, to ride him. While he was watching his wife on the video, Bev was actually sucking his cock in reality and when the video showed her mounting John's cock, in real life she laid down with her feet toward the head of the bed, and her head pointed at the TV. "Fuck me," she said to Dave. "Fuck me while you watch me fuck him," she finished. Dave wasn't one to argue and moved to get between his wife's wide spread legs. As he slid his dick into her wetness in real life, he watched on the screen as she slid her pussy down onto John's cock.

Dave was in no hurry to get his orgasm and knew that if he moved right on top of Bev he'd make her cum well before he ever got close. In fact, as he stroked in and out of her, watching her riding John's cock on TV the whole time, he brought her through two orgasms that her moans indicated were quite good. He finally felt his own orgasm building as he listened to his wife, on the television, telling John to cum in her as a way of collecting his complete blackmail payment. When John had and the Bev on TV slid her pussy up off his cock, letting globs of his cum stream out of her pussy, Dave felt his orgasm seize him and buried his length as deep into his wife as he could, reveling in that delicious pulsing sensation that spit hot ropes of his sticky cum into Bev's pussy; the second load she'd gotten that day.

When Dave's orgasm had passed, instead of pulling out of his wife, he gently laid on top of her, nuzzling her neck and caressing her with either hand in turn; telling her how much he loved her and loved it when she acted to sexy.

"That's a good thing," she whispered back, enjoying the feeling of her husband's cock slowly shrinking inside of her. "Because I really love being your naughty sexy wife. It makes me hot to have sex with different men in the same day and I love the fact that you get off on it."

Dave's cock had finally wilted to the point that it was all but sliding the last bit out of Bev's pussy, so he pulled out and laid down beside her, his hand still reaching for her; his fingers still trailing on her skin. "I do indeed," he said.

"And I really like being naughty while you're stuck at work. It gets me hornier when I can send you a message to tell you I'm about to get laid, knowing that thought is going to distract you and that the knowledge will make you horny all day. I love it when you come home so hungry to reclaim me."

Dave chuckled in response. "They say reclaim sex is the best sex," said Dave. "I haven't seen much to argue against that."

Bev let loose a chuckle of her own. "Actually, as good as reclaim sex is," she said, "I kinda like having two men at the same time a bit more."

"There's a surprise," joked Dave. "Come on," he said, getting up and offering his wife a hand, "let's go get cleaned up and get some dinner. We can figure out what we're going to do about John and this fucked up blackmail approach of his." Bev reached out and took his hand, swinging her legs over and standing up with him.

Together they showered, lathered, rinsed, teased and played. There was no more talk of John until they sat down for dinner and even then it was more about how to get even with him for the blackmail attempt than anything else. They called it an "attempt" because, although he got what he wanted - to fuck Bev - he didn't have to blackmail her for that. His approach aggravated them; not the reality of Bev having fucked him. By the time they went to bed that evening they had a plan for what they were going to do with regard to John, and they were hopeful that their plan would result in drawing Janet into the sexual circle as well. Only time would tell.

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