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Nice and Warm

by MRNiceGuy2581 05/09/07

In spring of 2006, I visited my girlfriend, Moni, in Scotland. We went on a backpacking trip into the highlands. We got to know a young guy about 25, Michael, who travelled with us for some days. One night, the next hostel being miles away, we had no other option than to spend the night in our small tent, although it was very cold and nasty weather. As my girlfriend even freezes in her warm bed, we had to keep her warm in the night using our bodies with her lying between us.

Of course I got jealous. Moni snuggled up to his chest to become warmer. She lay with her face turned to mine, but I knew Michael couldn't help but have his dick somewhere near the pretty ass of my lover. Also, he had his arms around her like I always did in bed at home, trying to give her as much shelter from the cold as possible. So did I, holding her around her waist, covering her legs with mine. There we were, two guys with our arms around her, our bodies pressed against her back, her breasts, her legs, her belly - and her pussy and ass.

After some time had passed, he seemed to be asleep and I asked her sheepishly into the silence if she hadn't made a good deal, switching a warm night in a hostel for a close, nice hug from two guys at once. She answered by giving me a deep tongue kiss, stroking my cheek with her hand. Then she whispered: "I can feel his cock. He is right between my ass cheeks and it is pretty hard."

I couldn't believe it. My jealousy rose. But I didn't want to let her know for some reason: "How does it feel?" I asked, pretending to be joking.

"Nice", she simply said - And I felt that she wasn't joking. There was a strange kind of feeling somewhere near my stomach that made me hiss excitedly:

"And so you would probably like to play with it?"

"Well, I'd love to play with some hot cock, especially yours."

"Thanks. But that's not exactly a 'No' to the cock behind you."

"As I said, it is nice and warm."

"Come on, stop it. Or prove me you're not joking."

As soon as I had said this, I felt her hand leave my face and reach behind her, starting to move in that just too familiar kind of way. No, she wasn't joking: She was obviously stroking and playing with Michael's hard cock. Then I felt her hips start to grind as she rotated her ass on his lap. While doing this, she kissed me again, as if she wanted to say "I love you. But I'd like to screw him nevertheless". I was almost beyond jealousy when, all of a sudden, I felt his arms gripping her breasts in front of me and stroking her pussy inside her trousers. Both of them started to squirm and grind their bodies into each other, silently moaning. As I heard soft slurping and smacking sounds, I knew she was kissing him.

No, I wouldn't leave her to him that easily. I didn't care anymore when I simply started to kiss her as well. We fought for her tongue, all three tongues licking on each other, our faces close to one another. Our hands struggled for the best caress of the most intimate parts of her body and we shoved and grinded our cocks into her lap and her ass from both sides, our balls and cocks rubbing on each other. But she wasn't there to give preference to one of us - My pretty little girlfriend wanted it all. She gasped and moaned under our combined efforts, kissing both of us at the same time, gyrating her hips on one guy's cock after the other. And she loved it. She was in a sexual trance and experienced never-before-seen lust between two men. And so did I as I started to stroke my dick while she stripped off her panties and her shirt.

She started to move her hips back and forth. I reached down between her legs to feel the head of Michael's cock nestled between Moni's cunt lips, moving forth and back between her asshole and her clit. I took the underside of his dick in my hand and rubbed it against her labia. The two were clinging against each other, moving, while I got down between Moni's legs. She opened them to give me better access to her pussy. I started to lick and suck on her clit, letting my tongue move between her crotch and the tip of his dick, lightly sucking him. "Oh my god!" she hissed as I stuck my tongue deep inside her soaking hole while she continued to rub his hard cock between her ass cheeks, pulling my mouth closer with one hand. She was unbelievably wet.

I got up again and kissed her once more. "More!" she squealed. Not knowing whom of us she meant, I reached down between her legs where Michael's dick was nestled between her cunt lips again. In the twilight I could her staring at me, full of lust. Again, she kissed me and drove her tongue deeply into my mouth, then anxiously looked at me. It was as if she was asking me "Please, would you allow me to fuck him?" And I would. Her breathing got harder as I got hold of his cock once more and pointed it at her entrance. With me inserting her second lover's pulsating hard cock into her dripping pussy, both of them started to move their hips into each other. Slowly, I felt his huge, thick length disappear between Moni's wet lips inside her beautiful little body.

After half of his size had slid into my girlfriend's snatch, I let go of his dick and grabbed his ass, pulling him towards me and Moni, who cried out as she felt Michael fill her up entirely. Starting to slowly move on his cock, she began breathing really hard, moaning into my ear "Fuck, it feels so good. Please, suck my clit." So I moved down again until I could make out the sight of his cock moving between Moni's swollen cunt lips. I started to lick and suck on her clit, making her squeal with lust. Michael started to fuck her faster, moaning "Wow, you are so tight! I've never fucked a girl with such a perfect pussy. You like that?"

"Yes! Yes, I love it..." she moaned, and then I heard her kissing him again.

I wanted to feel her tongue and mouth too, so I moved around so that my cock was at her face while I could still eat her pussy. But Moni had her own idea of a good position. She got up on all fours and into a 69 with me on my back. Soon I felt her lips wrapping themselves around my cock, her tongue playing with the head. I took the opportunity and pushed my tongue once more deeply into her cunt, tasting Michael's pre-come in my girlfriend's pussy. Then he got behind her and slowly squeezed his dick back into her wet pussy. What a sight! I had a perfect view of Moni's cunt lips being stretched apart by Michael's huge cock head pushing inside her body. Then I could see the full length of his massive member slide inside her. She was so tiny in comparison to Michael, who stretched her cunt lips widely apart and pushed deeper and deeper inside Moni with each stroke of his cock. Then he grabbed her ass and started to pound her.

Now all of us were moaning, squirming and enjoying unknown ecstasy. Michael soon began to fuck Moni with long, powerful strokes. She gasped over my cock in her mouth "Yes! Ohhh... Give it to me!"

I turned around beneath her, rubbing the shaft of my cock against Michael's while he moved inside Moni, his balls slapping against mine every time he pushed himself against her lap. I took my chance as he slipped out of her for a second and replaced him inside Moni's wet cunt. I placed my hands on her hips next to Michael's and fucked her with short, fast strokes, making her shiver. While doing this I could feel Michael grinding his cock on her asshole. Moving frantically, I vaguely noticed something wet on my balls. Michael had actually started to lick my balls, watching me fuck her from behind. He was fair, I had to admit that. Suddenly I saw Moni open her eyes, apparently just realizing something had changed, starting to moan deeply. Her new lover was licking her asshole, probably even sticking his tongue inside it - and she loved it.

Then he got behind her again, rubbing the head of his cock against my shaft and her entrance. As I moved out until only the tip of my penis remained inside her, Michael managed to drive his cock next to mine and we started to take turns in fucking her, delicately playing with both cock heads stuffed at once in her little opening from time to time. Every now and then we pushed inside Moni together and every time we got a little deeper in. That made her moan loudly and deeply, rotating her hips to give us better access. It felt gorgeous to fell Michael's cock twitching next to mine, Moni's cunt stretched around our hard cocks. "Wow!" my girlfriend moaned, "You guys are too much for me. Although it feels brilliant." Michael withdrew his member and suddenly started to rub his cock on her asshole. I'll never forget the expression on Moni's face when he squeezed the tip of his rock hard dick into her virgin asshole. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock while he slid his shaft into her. When he slowly started moving inside her, I picked up their pace, entering her while he pulled his massive tool out of her tight hole. Moni started to breathe really heavy, her nipples hard. I got close to another orgasm as I felt his cock moving inside her through her thin membrane.

Feeling Michael's tender movements inside my girlfriend's virgin ass, his thick member filling her up, was exquisite. I almost felt his shaft rubbing against mine, making Moni squeal with desire from being penetrated by two horny guys' dicks. Faster and faster I fucked her, her wetness surrounding me tightly, my shaft stretching the walls of her succulent pussy. "Oh my god", she hissed, "fuck! I love this feeling! I never thought being fucked in the ass could possibly feel so damn good - but with two dicks at once... Oh, yesss! Don't stop, it feels so good! Wow, I'm so filled up! Please come, I want to feel your hot milk inside me now!" And with that, she turned her head back as far as she could and kissed Michael, her tongue swirling around his lips, darting in his mouth, her girlish tits dancing inches before my face. The sight was more than I could take. "Oh yeah, yess!" I cried and started to piston my dick in and out of her, sucking on her hard nipples. In that moment, she turned to me and looked me in the eyes. I felt Michael twitch and burst inside her small backdoor. With Moni finally kissing me, I emptied my balls inside my girlfriend's cunt while I could feel Michael pumping her ass full of cum.

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