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No 'IM' Ch. 02

by Lloyd2004 10/04/05

I slowly regained my senses, and my eyes slowly came into focus, I was in a smallish grey metal room lying on a soft mattress in a nook in the side of the wall, there was very subdued lighting and no pictures or any decorations at all on the walls.

There was no furniture or anything apart from the nook in which I was lying. There did not seem to be any doors, but obviously there is at least one as I was put in here somehow.

I gradually remembered my chat on the computer and began to question what had really happened to me, there seemed to be a soft humming noise in the room, and there definitely was a slight vibration.

I became aware that I was naked, not a stitch of my clothing was anywhere to be found at all, and there was a slight perfume wafting around the room, quite sweet perfume and not at all unpleasant.

I climbed out of the bunk and got to my feet, I was quite unsteady and my legs were trembling, I leaned quickly against the wall before I fell to the floor.

For a few minutes I just leaned against the wall.

Gradually I felt my balance return and I found that I could stand with out swaying about very much. Soon I found I could walk around quite easily. As I walked about in my confined space the light gradually brightened, I explored my confined space carefully but there were no features that I could find apart from the bunk.

I thought I might be able to get some attention from my capturers if I called out, so I fairly softly call out "Is any one here?" My voice echoed around the cabin and I had the impression that no one would hear anything on the other side of the walls.

I got no answer at all, I paced around the room and gradually tiring of it I sat back down on the bunk and the light began to dim again, obviously it was controlled by some sensor when you sat on the bunk, however at no time did it get really dark.

I must have lied down and I guess I must have dozed off again as I was suddenly awakened by a loud buzzing noise. There was a pinkish light emitting from the ceiling of the room, I sat up and a door in the wall opened.

There was a very bright light behind the door and I could only just discern an outline of a figure in the door way.

The figure walked into the room, I was quite frightened, as I knew I was out of my environment and there was nowhere for me to retreat to.

The door shut behind the figure and I could now see that it was a woman standing before me; she was obviously not from Earth, the colour of her skin was a dull mauve unlike anything I had seen before, she had quite long black hair, it shimmered in the subdued lighting.

Her hair was very similar to our human hair, her face was also very human-like, except for the colour of the skin you would not know she was not from Earth, she was wearing a fairly sheer white satin-like gown, she was rather short, maybe five feet tall, she had smallish breasts, but obviously very similar to Earth females. Her figure was quite nice to look at it was very obvious that she was totally naked under the gown, as it flowed around her body with out any distortion from underclothes.

She looked at my naked body; she smiled at me, licked her lips and beckoned me to stand up in front of her. I stood up and walked towards her, I was feeling much more confident by now as this was a one on one situation, and she did not appear to be carrying any weapon at all.

She raised her hand and undid a clasp on her gown and it slowly flowed to the floor revealing her naked body to me, her smallish breasts had rather long nipples and her aureole was a dark pink, her hips were quite wide for her height and her belly had a belly button just as we do, the colour of her skin did not change at all beneath her gown.

I looked down between her legs, she had them together and I could not see much of her sex organ at all, she sensed what I was looking at and parted her legs a little, her pussy looked just like that of an Earth woman, the hair around it seemed to glow in the subdued lighting (it was not trimmed at all) and I could see the delicate slit which all woman have.

I could smell a delightful smell, quite musky and very erotic. It had an immediate effect on me, my penis become erect , it felt very hard and I could feel it beginning to throb with anticipation, my mouth felt very moist, what ever this woman was doing with her body it had it had a great effect on me. I had no doubt the musky smell was coming from her pussy.

She walked around me and sat on the bunk, she smiled at me and pointed to the floor in front of her, obviously I was to kneel before her, I seemed to have little control of my self and did as she bid.

I knelt before her, she parted her legs and placed them over each of my shoulders, the musky odour coming from her was almost totally overpowering, I could do nothing other than pay attention to her pussy, she had me totally in her power.

I brought my lips up to her pussy and slowly placed my tongue against her labia, and gently licked upwards towards her clitoris, the folds of her pussy parted as I moved my tongue upwards towards the clitoris. The taste was extraordinary, magnificent; I had never tasted such wondrous nectar it tasted something like sweet honey.

Soon I found my self licking up and down her slit, I was in heaven: her taste and the smell were so magnificent, like nothing I had ever experienced before.

The juices from her pussy were very profuse and I soon found my self actually drinking them, they seemed to make my penis get even harder, longer and thicker, how these woman could get their men to fuck them only once a month totally eluded me.

Her very being oozed sex! The atmosphere was dominated by her smell and taste of utter sexuality and wanton desire.

As I drank from her spring as I placed my hand over her clitoris and gently pressed the palm of my hand against it.

I could feel her body trembling as I gently pushed against her and then released the pressure. It was obviously having the desired effect on: her hips started to press her cunt against my face, the nectar continued to flow and I continued to drink it, suddenly it ceased and the odour from her pussy changed.

It became stronger and some how it made me want to fuck her immediately, there was nothing else in my mind but to get my hard throbbing cock into her, and pound it into her like I had never done before in my life.

That she could control the actions of the male by the change in her body odour was amazing, how could a body could do that?!

I was powerless to do other than what her body directed me to do, I do not know if she had any control of what she was doing or if it was her natural response to the sexual needs of her body.

I stood up and pushed her down onto the bunk, she did not resist at all. I crawled on top of her positioning my cock above her open cunt and thrust into her sopping wet vagina.

My penis slid into her to her with some difficulty. She was very tight even though she was very well lubricated; she could not have had a cock as large as mine in her for a very long time, if ever, not that my cock is exceptionally long, being only seven inches long.

I continued to push into her but came to an abrupt halt. There was still about an inch of my cock out of her body. I gradually started gently thrusting in and out of her tight cavern, I was rewarded as my cock gradually was able to penetrate her deeper and deeper.

Soon I was right into her with my cock fully buried up to the hilt; she was moaning unintelligible sounds, as I continued to fuck her. Her body was beginning to respond to my thrusting, she was squeezing my cock as I thrust into her, I could see beads of sweat forming on her body as she pushed back at me while I thrust into her.

She gripped my body with her legs as I thrust into to her squeezing me very hard, her breathing was getting harder and faster with each thrust of my cock.

Her body shuddered and she gripped me with her legs so hard that I could barely breathe.

I could feel my body tense as my orgasm approached, my balls felt so tight, my cock was trembling as I thrust deeply into her, my semen shot into her as my whole body shuddered with sexual excitement , totally spent, I collapsed on her breasts and hugged her.

She hugged me back and we just lay there for what seemed like an eternity in each others arms, I guess I must have had my eyes closed as I have no recollection of what she looked like in the post orgasmic state.

She eventually pushed me over and got up from the bunk.

The door opened when she stood up, she picked up her gown and walked out of the cabin dragging the gown behind her. She made no attempt to put it back on, the door closed behind her and I was all alone imprisoned in the small metallic room.

At least I had had a good fuck!

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