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No Limits Ch. 02

by StrictDom 03/24/10

This story is full of degrading and humiliating fantasies. Unless you enjoy a seriously degrading and disgusting theme, I strongly suggest that you do not read this story.




The next morning, I awoke at about 9am. I had booked the week off, just to spend with the slut I now have tied over the chair. Her dream is to be treated like a toy, nothing more than a piece of meat to be used, abused, tortured and degraded just for my pleasure and amusement. She wanted no limits, and got it. I had tied her, bent over a chair, wrists and ankles tied to the legs, a spreader bar between her knees, ass in the air, and left her there all night, gagged. I look over at her, and it's obvious she had a rough night. I got up, and spanked her ass, hard, as I walked past to have a shower. When I got back, I sank three fingers into her pussy, making her try and thrust against them. I let her for a few minutes, then pulled them out, making her squirm and moan.

I untied her, made her kneel in front of me, and removed the spreader bar and gag. I told her to get into the bath tub, then pissed all over her. She then dried herself off, washed her hands, and went to make my breakfast of weetabix followed by bacon and eggs. She brought it to the living room, and knelt down to be used as my footrest. After I had finished, I allowed her to lick the bowl and plate clean, wash up, and get two dog bowls from the cupboard. In one, she put dog food, and I filled the other with leftover bacon and eggs. She ate the food, using just her mouth, which looked awkward, and then took the dog food down to the cellar where I have a slave tied to the floor. I have her collared, with a chain padlocked onto it. The other end of the chain is padlocked to a ring, bolted to the floor. The chain is about a metre long, just short enough to stop it standing up. Its' hands are cuffed behind its back, but otherwise it is totally free. This one wanted a really extreme, no limits, no rights, way of life, one totally controlled by me. That one has been chained in my cellar for five years, never come, never been let out, never dressed, and hasn't been spoken to in four and a half years. Literally just kept there and used whenever I want to torture or fuck. I even branded it with 'SLUT' over its' tits, and tattooed 'fuck this' over its' mouth. I feed it dog food and my shit, make it drink my piss, and once a week allow it a real meal. the cellar is specially modified with a drain, and each day I spray the bitch with a hosepipe to clean it! I'm kind of hoping that this new one wants a similar life!

After breakfast, I tied a dog lead to the ring through the sluts clit, and sat her on my lap. I stroked her pussy, gently using just the tip of my finger. I asked if she was enjoying herself so far, and she grinned and said yes. I began sucking her nipples at the same time and let her moan before sliding just one finger into her cunt. I fucked her hard and fast, then pulled the leash to make her scream, and dragged her to the kitchen table. I tied her, back down, on the table, and tied the spreader bar between her knees again. This opens her up so I have complete access to her pussy, and she cant stop me.

I begin by spanking her pussy, as hard as I can. Twenty spanks later, I stop and go through the bag I told her to bring with her. In it, I found her schoolgirl outfit, a pink nurse outfit, and a maids costume, stockings, corsets, black and pink underwear. Also, I found two vibrators, ten inches each in length and at a guess, about two inches around! I have seen her take both, easily, in her mouth, cunt and ass. I found nipple, pussy lip, and clit clamps, and thirty ounces of weights, along with a blindfold, strap-on, rubber whip, a cane, collar, and her chastity belt.

I took the whip, nipple clamps and ten ounces of weights back to the kitchen. I clamped her nipples, and added five ounces to each clamp. She began begging me to take them off, but I ignored her. She had said she was desperate to be used as hard and as cruelly as I wish, and I was damn sure going to! I picked up the whip, and gently let it slide over her body. I grinned at her, and saw her eyes go wide with fear. Her begs got stronger, and I began by whipping her chest, just above her tits, and in-between them. Her tits were spread to the side where the weights pulled them. I gave her thirty lashes, then began whipping her nipples and, at the same time, began stroking her pussy. The weights swung, and she screamed.

'Shut up and take it, you pathetic little slut.'

'PLEASE Sir, please stop! I cant take anymore, I need to come!'

'Aww, but honey, you begged me not to stop! You pleaded with me to ignore all your demands, and constantly nagged me to do exactly this, and more to you! Do you really want to stop so early, when I can cause you sooo much more pain and frustration?'

'No Sir! I cant take anymore, but I need you to be cruel and heartless. A whore like me shouldn't have any wished or hopes except to please their Owner!'

I whipped her nipples until the clamps were pulled off. It took about forty lashes each, which was a shame as I was hoping for more, so I whipped her cunt thirty times. Once I had don't that, my arm ached, so I stopped. I lifted the table up, so it was standing on two legs, and she was stood upright, still tied to the table. I pushed it against the wall, so it wouldn't fall over, and slid my hard, throbbing, aching cock into her cunt.

I knew she was clean, STI wise, as she gave me a doctors letter to prove it, and that she had an implant. I fucked her nice and slow, and shot my huge load deep inside her. When I pulled out, I reattached the nipple clamps, and added the clit clamps. This time, I hung ten ounces to each clamp, stood back and looked at them hanging there nicely. Just to add to her torment, I used some more IcyHot on a vibrator and shoved it into her pussy. I tied it in, and walked away, leaving my little bitch to suffer, and dreaming about how to make it worse!

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