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Oh Man...Your Breath Smells

by pdkdpdk 10/09/08

Man it is hot. Monday morning in August, and I cannot even get dressed without having to jump right back into the shower. I grab a couple extra tee shirts, kiss the wife, kiss her belly (we are expecting our first child in 6 weeks), and head out the door.

I work for a national telephone company servicing residential and business telephone lines. 12 years on the job, beautiful wife, first kid on the way, nice home, nice car...just about right for the average white American male wouldn't you say? By lunch time on this fateful Monday everything would change.

Into my Van and off I go, my first job is at the community housing authority. Low rent units that helped out those less fortunate individuals. These particular units were recently built; large square structures with a common entry hall that led to 4 units per structure.

I came to unit 4b and with tools in tow knocked on the door that would forever change my life. Then I knocked again.

How many times in 12 years had I told myself not to knock that third time?...I should have split...but I knocked the third time.

As I turned to go the door opens and there she is.

Holding open the door for my entry she smiles, "Sorry, I was in the bathroom, but thanks for waiting, cause my parents would have strung me up if I missed letting you turn our phone on."

"Not a problem" is my customary reply as I enter.

It is then the smell hits my nose; these units have a bathroom which sits right off the living room, and she must have been in there, because the smell of poop was ripe in the air, and for some reason I couldn't stop taking deep breaths of it even though it was nasty. My mind was enjoying the fact that I had caught her in so compromising a position.

My wife, for instance, would have known her stench was in the air, and would have either had me wait for a moment outside, or not answered the door at all.

This young lady, however, did not appear in the least concerned to share her nasty stench with the world and continued with her apologies about the apartment

"Sorry about the air conditioning" she said "the housing authority is sending someone to service it later today, but the power is on so we can at least use fans."

That fan isn't strong enough to remove your stink is what my mind is chattering as I am still breathing with exaggerated breath's through my nose.

"That's ok" I reply, "I know how moving can be."

Wow. Wow. Wow. For the first time since entering I am face to face with her, and wow is all that keeps repeating in my brain. It will take every bit of my strength to keep my eyes on her face, because she has the largest nipples that I have ever seen.

She is wearing a simple wife beater Italian tee shirt which is such a nice contrast to her black skin, and my goodness, her nipples are like two thumbs trying to tear through the worn material.

Secondly she is sweating, and yes, it is hot, but once again I am just enthralled by the way she is unconcerned about her appearance; I am no goody two-shoes, but this is not seen around my house!!! Incredible!!

I have to take a look, I just cannot help it...the sweat stain forms from between her breast's, and travels down the front of the shirt, and she is wearing a pair of silk running shorts which incredibly have begun to show a spot as well...the sides of the shirt under her arms are showing sweat spots as well...I am taking all this in with short spurts of my eyes as I pretend to read the work order.

"So the work order sais you need to have all the outlets activated, could you show me where they are?" I ask with eyebrows raised as if this was my first week on the job.

I knew exactly where they were...I just asked her to show me because I wanted to confirm something, and sure enough, when she turned to walk into the bedroom the back of her shirt was the same as the front with a line of sweat all the way down her back and forming on the silk runners.

As for the rest of her body, it was the classic black athletic frame with about 20 pounds of extra weight, but she carried it as only a black woman can, and she needed it to support those big breasts; they just had that heavy look to them that is so very pleasant to the eyes.

Oh my goodness this lady is so nasty. She just does not care what she looks like, or how she smells or anything...or so I thought.

With that she left me to do what I had to do, which involved a lot of back and forth through the apartment stuff, you know, out to the van for this and that, and then you never remember everything.

Anyway I was using the opportunity to steal glances at her nipples, thinking I was smooth...I just could not help but try and see her nipples every chance I could knowing that I probably would never see anyone in this compromising a situation again.

My last outlet was in the kitchen, which required some special equipment...out to the truck again. As I headed into the living room, she was coming into the kitchen, and we just about collided with both of us ending up startled and within inches of one another...

"I am so sorry" she breathed out directly in my face.

It was her breath that did it. Nasty morning breath mixed with something else that I couldn't quite place, but it seemed familiar.

My reaction was to close my eyes and breath it in through my nose and before I could stop myself I said...

"Oh man" breathing in deeply and pronouncedly through my nostrils, "your breath smells."

Did I just say that? I open my eyes, and she is smiling, and my knees just turn to jelly as I begin to stutter an apology.

"Ma'am, I am so very sorry...I did not mean to..."

She cut me off saying "It's ok" quite breathily I might add.

"I think you like it" she spoke, and was just as pronouncedly breathing at me as I was breathing her in.

"No, I just meant...", closing my eyes again.

But she cut me off again with a "shhh" that was nothing more than blowing her hot smelly breath directly into my face...

I nearly swooned at that point from the assault of her nasty breath and whatever else was mixed in with it.

"I think you're a nasty white boy" she continued as I shook my head no, but my reaction to her steink was telling her different, and she told me as much.

"I might only be 18" she breathed, "but you men are pretty easy to figure out, and you have been staring at my sweaty tits for the last hour...don't you think I know that? You want to know what else nasty boy? I'll bet my cunt is sweaty and stinking too"

This last statement emitted a deep moan from me as I breathed in her stinky breath and my mind took in her nasty words.

She had actually used the word cunt, which I thought was universally accepted as a bad word around women.

She moved in for the kill hearing me moan.

"Mmmm", she moaned out breathily. "You like my nasty mouth? Doesn't your wife talk dirty to you at home?"

My eyes snap open being brought forth from my twisted reverie.

"I see the ring on your finger" she smiled.

With that she grabbed my hand and held my hand so I could see my wedding ring and I thought for sure the gig was up...I was busted, but she quickly brought me back into her incredibly smelly world of nastiness because she leaned even closer.

"You poor baby...doesn't she wake you up and tell you how much she would like to suck your dick deep into her throat?"

I am shaking my head no again as she continues.

"She doesn't wake you up with your big cock in her mouth and tell you to give her all your cum in the morning so she can rinse her mouth out?"

"She likes it clean", I manage to stammer out.

And she does. My wife and I have great sex, and a lot of it, I thought, but it was always clean. By that I mean we were showered and our teeth were brushed before we ever came together.

We would never think to talk to one another before brushing our teeth in the morning, and a kiss was absolutely not even thought of.

And she NEVER before spoke to me in such a manner as this young lady was I said our sex was clean.

She just softly blew her bad breath at me then, causing me to shut my eyes yet again and breathe deep with my nostrils flared openly enjoying her stench.

"So then miss Kendra comes along and shatters your nice clean world with the smell of a real woman".

Two things caused my eyes to fly open; one was hearing her name, but the second was the smell.

The underlying stink that I could not place was suddenly overpowering and as I opened my eyes I realised she had shifted and leaned against the door frame and raised her hand over her head, which placed her arm pit within inches of my nose.

Oh my goodness the stench was tremendous as I leaned in and pressed my nose right against her pit inhaling deeply. For some moments I just increased my pace of breaths as I just couldn't help but whimper with desire.

Kendra took a step back, and for a moment I thought I might have freaked her out with my worship of her pit, but when I looked in her eyes there was nothing but sheer lust peering back at me.

She was getting turned on as much as I was. Our eyes burned into one another's for a brief moment.

Then she reached up and with one hand pulled her tank down, and with the other hauled out her tremendous breast, and brought it up to her mouth, and without ever taking her eyes off mine snaked her tongue out and started to pleasure her nipple, exhaling aloud as she did.

My gaze dropped to her mouth, and I was stunned once again. Her nipple was just as magnificent as I had imagined, being equally the size of a thumb it protruded at least an inch from her massive orb which was all tit...there was no fat on this was the real deal.

But that is not what was so stunning, as incredible as that seems, what was so captivating was that her tongue must have been sticking out about 4 inches from her lips as it danced over her nip.

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