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On His Mind

by nbaren 03/20/10

Bethany sat alone on her bed, smirking to herself. She had thought of William each night before she let herself fall asleep. Each night for the last three weeks.

Had it been that long since... since he had made the MISTAKE of leaving her? No matter. He was thinking of her a lot these days. She'd made sure of it.

She had never been anything but PERFECT for him! (His complaints of her not listening, excluded.) After all, hadn't they had a perfectly wonderful spring break together? Hadn't romance seemed to just bud like wildflowers and all that shit? Hadn't it been bliss for the ENTIRE two weeks they had been together?

He was so perfect, and then perfectly rotten to her... How could it be UNFAIR to ask him to quit school to stay with her?! Besides- as she had told him- he wasn't all that bright, and school wouldn't fix that! He hadn't seemed overly pleased with that assessment.

Her nimble fingers popped the tiny clasp, and tension slacked from black straps over her shoulders...such a relief! Her breasts bobbled out of her bra, heavy on her chest. She cradled them, squeezed them together, massaged them, then lay back on her bead spread. Her fingers found a brass zipper, and her smooth legs struggled free of tight blue jeans.

Jeans, she mused to herself... HE had peeled her out of her jeans only three weeks ago! (GaWD! Why couldn't she stop thinking of him?! Why had he been so NICE? Why had his sex been so unencumbered... so PURE?) Why the FUCK did he say that SHE was immature, and then disappear back to college?

"Oh well!" Bethany thought again, smiling and regaining composure. "He's getting the picture. He'll come back."

Bethany closed her eyes, letting her mind focus. Tune. Dial in. Her thoughts reached out across space.... out of her room... out over the rooftops... across a great desert... then down.. down... down into the fourth floor of a coed apartment on the campus of Arizona State University...

She first found him using her telepathy two weeks ago... it took her a full week of trying... more time than she would have liked, but determination wins in the end! Her searching mind discovered him, much to her dismay, in his bed with some chick with fat tits and bobbed red hair. Her first moments of psychic realization were those of watching William give this girl an orgasm... she watched in her mind's eye as he held the girl's hips close to his from behind and fucked her like the little college bitch she was. Bethany remembered the lucid pangs of lust... lust and jealousy?

No. She wouldn't allow herself that... Jealousy was for the weak... LUST was what she felt, listening to this redheaded girl squeal, and then finally hearing William's ecstatic cry echo through her mind!

Was THIS BITCH the reason he had left HER?

"Is SHE so much better than I?" she had wondered bitterly.

Bethany sighed to herself, and stretched out luxuriously. She knew he was coming around. It was only a matter of time!

"Amazing..." she thought to herself, "...the persuasive power of the orgasm!"

Bethany had learned many tricks since she discovered her telepathic powers back in high school. She had made many embarrassing blunders, but in the end, had learned to understand the workings of the male mind... at least the parts she was interested in... the sexual parts!


A memory of Mr. B's history class flashed through her mind. Bethany sitting in the front row, gazing at her teacher with unblinking eyes... her deadly serious continence growing slowly to a grin; hearing Mr. B stammer and turn toward the chalkboard... his eyes had connected with hers for a split second, and in that moment, she'd given him the most lucid vision of Kylie (Trenton High's head cheerleader) oiled-up and topless, licking his nuts! How amusing!

She'd thought up that image after she'd seen Mr. B glance at Kylie in the hallway on Monday. Kylie was tall and blond, and had what the guys in her grade constantly referred to as a 'perfect rack!' She had felt a pang of jealousy to realize that even someone as educated and kind and fair as Mr. B. was influenced by something so base as Kylie's rack.

"FINE!" She decided, "If Mr. B likes Kylie, then he can spend the whole class-period thinking of her!"

In her mind's eye, her little fantasy for him was crystal clear; Bethany had gazed for a moment at Kylie in the women's showers that morning after PE... just to get the 'details' right.

The rest of the details... the length of Kylie's tongue, and her doe-eyed expression with cum shooting across her face... Bethany made those up!

When class ended Bethany recalls how Mr. B. made for the door... slacks visibly tented!



And then there was Andy Wojneski. He was a boy in her grade and happened to live next door on maple street. They were in a couple classes together, but they had never really talked or anything. She set her sights on him one saturday afternoon. She watched him cleaning his car in the drive way... spied on him through her bedroom window.

"A perfect experiment..." she thought to herself, " lust!"

"What could he be thinking right now?" she thought, watching him rinse foamy soap from the car's windshield. Andy's innocent mind filled with the thought of Bethany. Just a teaser of an image... Bethany sitting on his car in her white bikini... Bethany dancing for him, suds rolling down her chest...

She had watched him glance at her house for a moment, and then adjust his trousers... Bethany crawling up the hood of his car, arching her back, looking back at him with her naughty smirk...

Oh the fun she had projecting vivid fantasies into his sleep! He was such a shy boy... he never actually called her! Poor thing! Bethany loved the fact that she had him jerking-off to HER on an almost nightly basis. She knew because she usually supplied the imagery! One night, 'she' was straddling him in his bed, bouncing on his dick for the fifth time that day... She gasped when she released she could actually FEEL through his body... she realized that the insatiable tightness was how it felt to be a man!

"HOLY SHIT!" She gasped to herself one night, after Andy had had a particularly satisfying orgasm alone in his bedroom. "No WONDER guys are chasing after sex so much!" Bethany swallowed and cleared her mind. "It is just a ridiculous amount of pleasure for a guy to deal with! It's amazing they're not all insane with it the thought of it ...maybe they are!"

Making Andy cum with her mind became her most pleasurable hobby toward the end of senior year... Andy didn't get much sleep the last month of High School! Particularly when he FINALLY realized that Bethany had been leaving her back bedroom door unlocked at night! She was glad for the fact that she did her own laundry; he managed to get cum literally EVERYWHERE!


And now there was William. Of anyone, she LOVED William. How could he NOT love her in return? Regardless, he WOULD- she had decided.

Her plan had hatched the very first night when she found him in bed with his 'mistress.' When she saw how his muscles clenched, how his sexy body convulsed in her arms, and watched the private repulsive moment he shared with her... that's when she knew how she would have him back! William, she thought to herself slyly, only loved this girl for the orgasms he felt inside her! She'd put a stop to THAT pronto.

Bethany closed her eyes, sensed that William was alone tonight, and smiled. A cleaver trick- for she had, in a matter of two weeks, driven HER away! (No girl appreciates a man who comes instantly on touch!) Over the past two weeks, Bethany had slipped herself into William's mind in the evenings.. she slipped in an hour or so before his mistress arrived, and spent the time tickling his fantasies... she projected only her most delightfully erotic images into his mind while he waited for his little bitch to arrive...

It's hard for a man to wait patiently, however, when he can't quite stop picturing how a glassy eyed blond of 19 had taken his dick out in her room... William had clearly tried to focus on his little redhead bitch, but...

...but her tickling was incessant. She'd sat on his lap, letting him feel her tight little cunt surrounding him, and stared into his eyes... She let him live out the fact that his dick had slipped in and out between her legs FOREVER, only to do it AGAIN! In his mind, she'd bounced on him until he lost all grip on his senses and... and...

...and Bethany had held him in a panicked state of imminent orgasm until his bitch came over... Each night, Bethany relished the sweet, harsh justice of it all: At the moment that this other girl would touch him, Bethany would give him RELEASE! Just utter, sudden, baffling release! And the truly wonderful thing was that she could tell he LIKED it! The mistress was loosing interest each time his eyes rolled back in uncontrollable spasm...and William only seemed to smile for the fact that his withheld pleasure had paid him with interest!

This week's moment of triumph had occurred just the night before... The other girl had clearly become frustrated, and was making a last-ditch attempt to rekindle their earlier love-life... she'd been waiting for him when he came home... waiting in a black satin thong and a bra so small she was pouring out of it...

That bitch, however, had no way of knowing that William had just spent the last two hours receiving exquisite fellatio... incessant suckling that he could feel from the tip to the base of his cock... Tingling swirling round and round his balls! This, Bethany had given him, combined with the fact that -try as he might- he couldn't make himself cum!

(That was the real trick! The balance of holding a man's passions on the edge, but no further! Bethany HAD him!)

When that bitch had leaned in to kiss William, his mind had flooded with the most gratuitous slow-motion image of his own cock PUMPING an ERUPTION of cum up Bethany's arched back... down her slender neck... over her hard nipples...

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