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Our Delicious Daughters Ch. 1

by Reg 06/28/01

Those of you who have read my previous stories know that I believe any story, erotica included, should have a decent plot and good character development. I have treated "Our Delicious Daughters" with the same respect. If you are interested solely in the sexual activity, then go directly to Chapter Two. You will however, in my opinion, miss an important part of the story. I have never had an incestuous experience, nor have I desired one, but I am interested in the situations that develop that lead to these relationships. I have tried to develop such a scenario, one where I can perhaps understand how incestuous sex could occur. If that interest you, the reader, then don't skip Chapter One.

* * * * *

My name is Ed. Ed Mancuso. Yeah, I am a wop. Got the nose to prove it. My best friend is Jimmy Ryan. A mick through and through. We have been best friends since the first grade. We are now in our early forties. A long time to be friends these days.

Jimmy and I kid each other about how some big Irish New York copper in his family probably tried to hang one on some gumba from mine who was just trying to make a living on the streets. I always told him there weren't enough fucking brains in his family tree to catch the dumbest fuck in mine. That generally led to some punches, some laughs and, starting in our mid- teens, a couple of beers.

Anyway, you get the picture. Jimmy and me are close. About the only thing we haven't done together is suck each other's cock. One shit head said we had and that poor fuck couldn't breath out of his fuckin' nose for a month. That is beside the new teeth his old man had to spring for.

Somewhere along the line we must have done something right. After high school, at Our Lady of Perpetual Patience, we went on to college. Jimmy got a degree in architecture and I got one in engineering. We roomed together those five years and nailed a lot of cooze.

We always figured it was easier for two guys to pick up one broad than it was two. Most of the time we were right. This led to many gigs were we took some coed, who had had a wee to much to drink, back to our apartment. There we took turns fucking her. My dick is good size but that fucking Jimmy has a real horse cock. I loved to watch a broad's eyes when she saw it for the first time. I always tried to fuck them first cause after Jimmy fucked them, they were either in love or so stretched it was like fucking the Holland Tunnel.

Anyway, we stayed roommates after we got jobs in our respective fields. We still liked to double on a babe and that is how we met our wives. We were in The Cellar, one of our favorite watering holes, when we met a real classy babe named Caryn. We had seen her in before but usually after work and with a bunch of other people. I found out she worked at an ad agency near The Cellar and made the big bucks.

One Friday night she stuck around after her friends left. Jimmy and me, looking way too cool in our Brooks Brothers shit, moved in. She was good company, matching us beer for beer. Jimmy and me had developed a plan for picking up a woman for a little tag team humpy-rumpy. After we determined which of us the target was most interested in, we would make our move. The favorite stud would make the deal, being sure it was understood she would be fucking both of us. Sure we lost some, but we nailed many more. Ah sweet success!

It was pretty obvious that Caryn liked Jimmy more than me. I watched as he moved in for the pitch. He whispered in her ear as one of his hands rested on her knee. She listened intently. When he was done, she drew back slowly and then broke out in laughter. Jimmy was stunned. You would have thought she had yanked his nuts. Not knowing exactly what Jimmy had said, I had no choice but to play dumb and hope he wouldn't haul off and fucking hit her.

Seeing Jimmy's confusion turning to anger, Caryn took his face in both hands and gave him a number ten kiss smack dab on his kisser. She then drew back, still holding his head in her hands. With the sweetest smile, and a wink at me, she said, "You are so cute! But what makes you think I would fuck you, let alone both you and the Godfather here?"

Jimmy set there like he had been poll axed. Me, I was speechless.

"Look guys", she said. I didn't hang around this dive to get laid. I stayed because I am meeting my twin sister. She should be here in the next fifteen minutes. She is a nurse and gets off duty at ten. You two have been very entertaining, but sport fucking is not my scene. I really like you Jimmy and I hope you two will stick with me for a few more minutes. I want to introduce Chrissy to Ed. Maybe, if you aren't too pissed, we can all go have something to eat. I am starved and I know Chrissy will be. Hell, I'll even buy! What do you say?"

That was twenty years ago and as you may have guessed, Jimmy ended up marrying Caryn and I married Chrissy. Double ring ceremony and a double honeymoon on St. Johns. Two years later, before our anniversary, the girls announced they wanted to celebrate in Hawaii and they wanted to get preggers on that trip. They stated that we were their first choice as studs, but if we wanted to pass they were pretty sure they could get surrogates! We went to Hawaii and nine months later each couple produced a beautiful daughter.

For one reason or another, neither family has pursued increasing our family. Sure a boy would be nice, but raising one child these days is a big job. The two girls, Janie (Jimmy's) and Maria (mine) are spitting images of one another. They are also spitting images of their mothers, both still knockouts at forty.

Janie and Maria are both fairly tall, about five feet six inches. That makes them a couple of inches taller than their mothers. Both girls have natural blond hair, just like their mothers. Maria's complexion is slightly darker, thanks to my wop genes. They have gorgeous bodies that have turned a golden brown since we all moved to California several years ago. The girls are definitely California beach bunnies. We live a few blocks apart in Newport Beach. Each of our homes has a swimming pool. When the cousins aren't at the beach they can be found sunbathing at one of the pools.

That pretty much brings you up to date. Now I am going to lay some pretty heavy shit on you that you may not approve of. Hell, it has been several weeks now and I am not sure how I feel about what happened.

It all started one Saturday afternoon at my place. Caryn and Chrissy had gone over to South Coast Plaza to check out the new shops. Janie and Maria had gone to the beach, leaving Jimmy and me sipping some cold ones poolside. Although we had slid past forty, we were both pretty fit. We had memberships at Gold's Gym and we ran a couple of miles together three or four times a week.

"Eddy", Jimmy said out of the clear blue sky, "Do you think Janie and Maria are still virgins?"

His question took me by surprise. While I was thinking about what he asked, he continued.

"You know Eddy, me and you were nailing girls their age way back. You know things have loosened up since then. What do you think?"

I could tell Jimmy was serious and would get unbelievably pissed if I came back with some bullshit, flippant answer. " I don't know Jimmy", I said, I haven't really thought about it. What do you think? Something must be bothering you. What's up?"

Jimmy was silent and then he said, "Before I answer that question, I have another one for you. Have you ever fantasized about fucking my daughter, Janie?"

Now I was really stunned. For the first time, I told my friend a lie. "NO! What the fuck has gotten into you? I have not thought about fucking Janie. What kind of a fucking question is that to ask me?" I paused, as the reason for his question became obvious.

"Have you been fantasizing about fucking Maria?" I asked my best friend.

Jimmy turned to me and simply said, "Yes."

I knew we were at a critical point in our friendship. As I set and looked in Jimmy's eyes, I saw a variety of emotions pass through his mind. There was fear, defiance, hope for understanding and probably most important, an appeal for complete honesty from me.

Finally, as his eyes continued to hold mine, I said, "Jimmy, I am not mad that you want to fuck Maria. And yes, I lied. I have fantasized about fucking Janie. For quite some time, I might add. I guess I am most of all surprised that you brought up the subject. That took real courage, pal. Now maybe I can come up with a little courage myself."

In the back of my mind I was thinking, "What the fuck am I doing? This isn't my Priest, for Christsake! This is my best friend."

"Ok, here goes. Since I guess we have both decided to talk about this, I am not going to pull any punches. I have thought of Janie in a sexual way. She is so very beautiful and mature. I don't see how any man with a swinging dick could not be attracted to her. Recently, however, I have found out one of the reasons I have been sexually attracted to Janie."

"Because I have been disturbed about my feelings toward Janie, I have been seeing a shrink for the past couple of months. What I have discovered is even more unsettling. The shrink says that my fantasies about Janie are really transference. He says that although I am attracted to Janie, it is really Maria, my own daughter, that I want to fuck! He says that because I have no blood relationship to Janie, it is more psychologically acceptable to want to fuck her than Maria."

"He says my feelings are not uncommon. Maria is a much younger version of Chrissy. He claims it is natural for men, as they age, to be attracted to younger women. If a man has enjoyed a great sex life with his wife and he has a daughter that mirrors the mother, the guy is sooner or later going to get a boner for his daughter. What he does about it is the issue."

"Jimmy, don't fucking hit me, but my favorite fantasy is fucking Maria while you are fucking Janie! How is that for weird shit? Jesus, how the hell did we get into this conversation?"

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