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Painful Love

by phaeder 10/02/04

I walk in and see her sitting there, watching TV. Nothing unusual for her, but today, after the day I have had, it set me off. I went to the TV set and looked down at the screen, then reached behind and unplugged it. As she stood to protest, I slapped her and the force made her sit again. She looked at me in a mixture of fear and anger. One glare and her anger went away. She had never seen me like this before. I was in the mood to hurt someone. To punish someone. I was in the mood to see the pain in her eyes, hear it in her voice, and feel it in her skin.

I had always taken care of her. She got her way most of the time, but not today. Today was MY day to do what I wanted to do. I pointed to the basement door, and though she hesitated, she stood and walked downstairs. I had it soundproofed because I liked to go down there and turn up the stereo real loud.

She walks down the stairs and I follow her. I shut and lock the door behind me and lock us in the room together. I look at her sternly. "I love you. I always will. That is the most important thing you will hear me say. Remember it well, it will help you as the night goes on. This is something I feel I have to do. If you wish to leave me after I am done, I understand and I will not stop you. Do you understand what I am telling you?" She nods her head but remains silent. I can see a tear roll down her cheek, and though I feel a little remorse for what I was about to do, my anger was in control.

I pointed to the middle of the room. I removed her shirt and bra, then I tied her hands above her head to the main rafter, pulling her to her tiptoes. I removed her shoes, socks, and pants. I rubbed some lotion on her entire body and gave her some water I had in the fridge. "Your safe word will be a word you only mutter once tonight. It will be something you do not use often, but will be easy for you to say." She nods, fear still in her eyes as she gives me complete control over her body without a fight. "You word will be sandwich." She nods again and I walk around her hanging nude form.

I looked around for something I could whip her with. An extension cord, a piece of rope, something. The only thing I could find was a belt she had bought me for a club we went to a year or so ago. It had metal studs on it. They weren't sharp, but they were raised. As I was behind her, she didn't see me pick it up. I swung hard and connected with her bare skin just at the top of her legs. She drew in a deep breath in surprise as the redness increased and her skin swelled from the hit. She turned and saw the weapon of choice. The tears started to flow, but she said nothing. She accepted my dominance of her without question. I grabbed her waist with one hand as I drew the belt back. I made her face away from me so she wouldn't actually see it on its journey to cause her pain. It hit her directly on her ass and she screamed in agony. Her voice quivered underneath its strain and it was music to my ears. I struck her again and again, bringing a cry from her each time.

The redness grew as did the swelling. Her tears falling freely as her voice got weaker with each painful blow to her back, ass, and thighs. There were a few small spots that were bleeding a drop, but no major damage. I could tell she would have bruises when the swelling went down. I must have beat her for about ten minutes straight before I stopped and looked at her. Her voice was weak and her face stained. Sweat was on her forehead. I wiped her down and gave her more water. I still wasn't over my anger and I wondered where else I could go. Being pissed, but not demonic, I looked to the front of her thighs. A slight smile spread across my face and she seemed to be aware of what I was thinking. She shook her head and quietly whispered no, but had yet to use her safe word.

I stepped to her and kissed her gently on her lips, which she seemed to crave. She whimpered as I pulled away and stepped back in my position. I readied the belt and nodded. She also nodded and then closed her eyes. I struck her left thigh and her eyes flew open. I struck her right one and she bit down on her lip. She could not remain silent as the belt attacked her thighs. As my arm grew tired and I began to lose the anger, I stopped. She had taken the punishment and all of my held in anger and willingly allowed me to do as I chose to with her. I untied her hands and allowed her to stand on her feet while I held her up. Her legs were weak from the beatings they had endured. I kissed her forehead. I sat her down carefully so as to not agitate the whelps on her backside.

Once again, I rubbed down her skin with lotion and gave her more water. I looked at her in her eyes. I no longer saw the fear that she had, nor the pain I thought would be there, but compassion and trust. "Sandwich," I said. She reached up and embraced me. I could feel the heat from her thighs against mine as she stood up and held herself close to me. Through all this time, she had not uttered her safeword. She said nothing. Her cries of pain were all I heard from her as I stood with her in my arms and thought about it. How far would she have gone? What would she have endured to make me feel better? What was she willing to do for me? I wanted to ask all these questions but only one came out. "Why?"

"You needed to." I needed to? I needed to beat my wife? I needed to hurt the one thing I truly loved in this world? I needed to risk losing the only thing I cared about just to please myself? I needed to destroy the only person that understood me? I violated the trust of my darling wife just because I had a rough day at work? "I needed to?" It was her turn to take control. "Yes, you needed to, love. I love you, and everything is OK. Let us go to bed." With that, she led us both upstairs and she unlocked the door. She walked with me to the bedroom where she removed my shoes and socks, and continued to undress me. She laid me down and put the covers over me before laying on her side of the bed. She got close to me and put her leg and arm over me. I could feel her heartbeat at my arm as she was so close. I could smell the faint smell of blood and sweat mixed. I could feel the warmth from her thighs as she planted small kisses on my cheek and neck. As I drifted off to sleep, I knew she would always be with me, and that I had truly found my soulmate.

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