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Party Surprise

by scorpio00155 01/20/01

My sister's husband may have been a bastard, but he knew how to throw a party. Sharon, my sister, was eight years older than me, but despite the age gap we had always got on well, I couldn't say the same of her husband, Mike, they had been married for two years and I still didn't like the bugger. Needless to say he returned my 'affections' and had it not been for Sharon I would not have been invited to the party on that fateful night. Though I was only eighteen I looked older and had passed myself off as being over twenty-one a number of times; that plus the fact that the party was a masked ball so to speak and Mike didn't even realise I was there.

When I had arrived early in the evening Sharon had met me at the door, she handed me a mask and warned me to steer clear of Mike until he'd had a few drinks, I was only too happy to oblige her. Safe in the anonymity of my mask I circulated among the guests, drank, chatted, joked and danced, I had my first snogging session within an hour of arriving and the evening promised more to come. By eleven everyone had drunk enough to feel relaxed and uninhibited, I was dancing with a rather dishy woman, kissing her while fondling her boobs when Mike called out that it was time for some fun. Reluctantly my partner and I parted and looked towards Mike, grinning he waved a handful of blindfolds, it seemed we were to play a giant game of blind man's bluff, the object of the game being to grope, fondle and otherwise enjoy the bodies of members of the opposite sex. I had no objection to this even though I quickly saw that if we were all blindfolded there would be a few awkward moments when male bumped into male, especially if they kissed first and groped later, nevertheless it sounded like fun. The blindfolds were handed out and soon there was a room full of twenty people standing around in the dark.

Within a few minutes of putting on my blindfold I felt a body bump into me, reaching out I had a quick feel to ascertain the gender and when I found that it was female I quickly drew her to me. The woman, whoever she was, was as eager as I was to get to grips, as we kissed our hands passed over each other, our fingers busily loosening buttons and opening zips as they passed. When we at last parted I had a hard on and my clothes were in total disarray, so much so that I lost my trousers, undaunted by this I went in search of another body to fondle. After rejecting a male body I found another female, by the time I had reached her she had already lost half of her clothing, by the time we eventually parted she had lost the rest, mind you all I had left on were my socks. So the game went on, at one point I was grabbed and kissed forcefully, a pair of hands wandered down my back then slide round to my groin and froze as they took hold of my hard cock. When the hands began to wank me I reached out to return the caress and it was my turn to freeze for instead of a pussy I found myself grasping a cock, the owner of which was happily wanking me while I came to grips with the situation. I surprised myself by finding that I was enjoying this man's touch and began to move my hand on his cock, for a while we stood kissing and wanking each other then he surprised me by dropping to his knees and taking my cock into his mouth. It was a shock to discover that I enjoyed him sucking me and I surrendered myself to his attentions, when at last he made me climax in his mouth he stood up, kissed me and moved away for which I was grateful for I was sure I could not have returned his favour. Despite having been sucked off my cock was still hard, the whole situation was such a turn on that it would have turned on a corpse let alone a randy bugger like me. A few moments later a warm, naked female body fell into my clutches and I lost no time in exploring her body, my hands probed her pussy while my lips closed around a nipple, her hands rubbed my cock and chest.

"Time to fuck the person you are with." Mike's voice sounded over the sighs and groans.

I was only too happy to comply with this command, gently I guided the woman I was with to the floor, kneeling between her legs I leant forward and found her pussy with my mouth, as my tongue lapped at her flowing juices the woman sighed happily. If there is one thing I like almost as much as fucking it's sucking pussy and I sucked this pussy until the woman had climaxed twice and then, as her body shook and trembled, I lay over her and pushed my cock at her wet hole. As my cock slid into her the woman gasped then thrust up to meet me, there was nothing delicate or tender about our love-making, within seconds we were humping as though the four minute warning had gone. With each thrust I made the woman's pussy would tighten around my cock and her voice would rise in small cries of delight, twice she shuddered in climax and as she began to orgasm a third time I felt the hot rush of my seed burst into her depths. As my hot juices filled her the woman groaned, her legs wrapping tight around my back as she thrust up on my cock, then we relaxed as our sated bodies came down from their high. A few moments later I got off her, reaching down I grasped her arm to help her to her feet, under my fingers I felt a distinctive scar and realised with a shock that the woman I had just fucked had been my sister Sharon.

"Christ!" I breathed.

"John?" Sharon breathed at the sound of my voice.

"Yes." I whispered back.

Before she could respond further a body parted us and I found myself holding another female form with my cock swiftly twitching back to attention. I barely had time to get in a decent grope at the woman's tits before she was dragging me to the floor, straddling my body and riding me like a Derby racehorse approaching the finishing line, not that I didn't enjoy it. Once again I felt the surge of my juices as they exploded deep inside a female body, seconds later she was gone and another body stumbled over mine, this time I never got the chance to find out the gender of the person until after they had sucked my cock half way to climax, I was relieved to finally feel my fingers sink into a female pussy. This time my seed erupted into a mouth, the owner of which continued to suck until I was hard again then she moved off to find a new victim. I was just getting my breath back when a hand touched my leg, it slid up to my cock and a mouth quickly closed around my hard flesh, but this time when I discovered that my partner was male. Barely had I got over this surprise when he twisted around to straddle my head, before I could even gather a protest his hard cock had forced it's way between my lips and I gagged on it as his mouth moved on my cock. After a while I thought 'what the heck' and began to match his movements on my tool, it wasn't so bad to my surprise, but I was sure it was not something I would like to do too often. When the cock in my mouth twitched then jerked the man pushed his body down and I was left with no choice but to swallow the salty sticky fluid that suddenly filled my mouth, even as I swallowed his seed my juices exploded into his mouth. A few moments later he moved away from me to seek out another victim, hurriedly I got to my feet and groped my way to a chair, but I had barely sank into the chair when a female body landed in my lap. Only a few seconds later my cock was hard again and it glided into the sopping depths of the woman as she wriggled on my lap, as I began to fuck her I heard the squelch of the seed already deposited in her pussy by other man, not that it put me off my stroke. Soon my seed joined that already in place, still trembling the woman climbed off my lap and I was left in peace to recover for a while, not for long though for another female body landed in my lap and we were soon hard at it.

Shortly after the woman landed in my lap I heard Mike's voice telling us all to take off the blindfolds, eager to see my partners body I whipped the blindfold from my eyes and blinked in the light of the room. Once my eyes had adjusted I looked at the woman I was fucking.

"Whoops," she laughed softly, "I've done it again haven't I."

She certainly had for it was none other than my sister, grinning I picked up the pace and savoured every moment of that second time with her. When we had both eventually climaxed Sharon stayed on my lap for a while whispering in my ear.

"For God's sake don't let anyone know you are my brother." she whispered.

"I'm not daft Sharon, of course I won't let on." I whispered back with my cock growing hard again inside her.

"Come over tomorrow, Mike will be out all day and we need to talk about this." she whispered, "Christ you're hard again!"

"And I'm going to use it on you." I breathed as I began to thrust.

When I finally left the party at two in the morning I was exhausted, but sated, when I at last crawled into bed I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

At ten in the morning I was knocking on my sister's door, she let me into the house with a smile then pointed me towards the living room. Most of the mess from the party had been cleared up and I sat myself on the couch as Sharon entered the room, I took one look at her and my cock was hard. Grinning at her I stood up, stripped off my clothes in front of her wide eyes, sat down on the couch and looked up at her.

"Let's talk." I said softly.

With barely a moment's hesitation Sharon stripped off her clothes and joined me on the couch where we 'talked' for the next three hours, this time our encounter was no accident. Nor were the 'encounters' we had regularly after that, which, as Mike was always out, was at least three times a week.

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