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Patty Used

by tonystokeswriter 01/13/18

Not Romance; Erotica for the Unrestrained

So, I am sitting in a studio apartment in Reykjavik, Iceland, for the moment bored out of my skull. Why I am here is not germane to this story and something I am not inclined to share. The stories I have decided to write are not really erotic fiction, but rather actual sexual encounters.

I am bored right now because the TV in the apartment I rented has exactly 8 channels, only three in English. I don't speak Icelandic which seems about as unusual as Albanian, another language I don't speak. The Reykjavik weather in December is sort of brutal, though not as cold as I had always imagined. It is mid to low 30s with occasional sleet and snow. But the friggin' wind is non-stop. The work I do calls for patience, so boredom is part of the gig. I would like to hit a gym if for no other reason than to admire the Icelandic women... maybe if I finish up a couple of days early. The only addictions I have are exercise and sex.

On the upside I am knocking down pretty good money in Iceland to supplement my pension as a retired police executive in South Florida. OK, back on track... this not a travelogue.

If you have read any of my previous stories (thanks, by the way) you know that I was a cop and have, through dumb luck, led a satisfying life professionally and enjoy a very uninhibited sex life. I know I am not alone in the experiences I have had because there were always others involved. But objectively, I have experienced just about every sexual encounter I could imagine or ask for. I enjoy retelling them without embellishment and from my very heterosexual male perspective.

I am divorced from Linda and the reasons for the divorce, like the nature of the work I do now, are not relevant to these stories. The demise of our marriage had nothing to do with lifestyle or infidelity. My ex and I neither needed, nor wanted, to "cheat." Because of our lifestyle, openness, and very similar sexual appetites, we got all the sex we could ask for.

Although we are no longer intimate, except maybe in sharing our recollections of our time together in these stories, we remain connected. Linda agreed to provide her perspective as well when I started documenting some of our experiences. That may be unusual, of course by most standards our fifteen year relationship was unusual. I hope her input into those events she was part of makes the stories a little more interesting than a simple fantasy written exclusively from the point of view of a man or a woman. OK, enough preamble.

I admit I am really turned on by women who cheat on or cuckold their boyfriends and especially their husbands. I guess it feeds my ego and is just plain exciting. I especially like with having sex with a woman while she was on the phone with a boyfriend, husband or family member.

For now I want to focus on one of the experiences Linda and I shared. In doing so I can get her perspective as well. Linda did cheat on her first husband with me. There were many times she went home with the scent of me, of us together, on her. More specifically she went home with the odor of me on her face and inside her after I had ejaculated. She was open about enjoying the sex, and cheating and it drove me crazy. But the absolute most erotic of these types of experiences were when Linda and I used women cheating on their husbands or cuckolding them.

This experience has a couple of elements that I found really exciting including, very bi women, submissiveness, cuckolding and the phone. There will be others in the future but this is one of my favorite sexual experiences.

My point of view on Patty...

Patty lived in Dade County with her husband and two kids. Her boyfriend, Jim, lived in neighboring Broward County. We met them through a well-known website for sexually adventurous singles and couples. Whenever we considered hooking up with a couple we had not met it was our practice that the women talk on the phone in an effort to be sure it was not an instance of a lone, creepy male just trying to have a sexual conversation or connection.

Linda and Patty talked and a week or so later we met for drinks. We had asked for a description so we would recognize them when we met and we described ourselves. Linda relayed to them that she was late 30s, 5-5, 120, lean, with long, dark curly hair. All an accurate description. She described me as mid-40s, 6', 190 and heavily muscled with salt-and-pepper hair.

In reply to our descriptions we received an email from Patty. The text of the message read that Jim was basically the same description as me except for blond hair. The text concluded, "I'll be wearing clothes." Attached was a photo of a blond woman, maybe 40, voluptuous, with large seemingly augmented breasts, tied to a bed naked, pussy shaved clean, and smiling at the camera. Linda and I were looking forward to meeting them.

The four of us met at a quiet bar pretty central to where we all lived. Patty and Jim matched their descriptions, including the fact Patty was dressed... in a tight pair of jeans and even tighter knit top. We chatted through the first round and by the time the second round arrived the talk had turned to sex.

Linda can alternate between aggressive and submissive in both demeanor and sexual desire. She was obviously feeling pretty aggressive. She looked Patty directly in the eye and said I really find you attractive and we loved your photo. I have to ask, do you have breast implants?

"I do, Patty replied, "but they feel real. My husband paid top dollar for them."

Linda smiled and continued, almost with a challenge in her tone, "Are you into chicks?"

Patty smiled back at Linda, "I have fantasized about being with a woman for a long time, even before I met Jim. I tried it once in college with a friend and I liked it but she broke out in giggles so I did also, trying to disguise the fact I was getting into it. That was the last experience I had with a girl."

Jim explained that he and Patty had been seeing each other for almost a year after meeting at a conference for real estate brokers. Linda reached across the table and held Patty's left hand, touching her wedding set. "Does your husband know you are playing around?"

"No," she replied. "Is that an issue for you guys?"

"Not at all," Linda replied for both of us. "I was married when I started fucking Tony." Linda continued matter-of-factly, still holding Patty's hand and looking her directly in the eye, rubbing her fingertips over Patty's wedding ring. "You've never even kissed a woman's breast?" she continued.

"Not since college. We did get that far." Patty replied, "And I am getting really turned on right now."

At that Linda leaned across the table. She had worn a scoop-necked blouse and no bra so her breasts were clearly visible to Patty and Jim. "Would you like to kiss mine? I won't giggle."

Patty explained her husband was out of town but expected home that following morning. We left the bar, drove to our place with them following. Within a few minutes we stripped down and sat in our hot tub. Patty broke the ice by holding Linda's foot and sucking her toes. Soon the girls were into some hot making out as Jim and I watched and drank beer. Breaking from a long, deep kiss Linda held Patty's face in her hands, "Goodness, you are a great kisser." Linda has small, firm breasts with very responsive nipples and it did not take Patty long to fondle and tease them with her hands, lips and tongue. She looked up at me with Linda's nipple between her teeth. Then she sucked nearly Linda's entire tit into her mouth. "You have a fantastic wife," she told me. They continued to kiss and explore each other almost frantically.

"Your tits are amazing," Linda told Patty gently squeezing one and flicking the erect nipple with her thumb. "I can't feel the implant at all."

Jim and I sat on the edge of the tub at opposite ends and enjoyed the show. The way Linda was responding I figured Patty had a finger or more inside her as well.

About the time Jim and I opened a second beer Patty looked at him and said, "You don't mind if I give Tony head do you?" "Of course not," he replied, "this is what we fantasized about."

Jim, Linda and I watched as she took me into her mouth and began a slow, passionate blowjob. Linda knew she certainly did not need to ask me, though sometimes when we played with others we both enjoyed having me direct her sexual activity. She dropped down and began to blow Jim. She glanced over at me and smiled with his cock in her mouth. The girls would take an occasional break to meet in the middle of the tub and kiss. After a few minutes we all went into the living room. Linda wasted no time going down on Patty, taking her to climax with her tongue and fingers. Then we all fucked, Jim and me enjoying both women, and them enjoying each other. At one point, while having Patty from behind, I felt a climax coming. Jim had already came once in Linda and she had moved over to kiss Patty while I fucked her. Knowing I could not hold out long, I pulled out and shot my load on Patty's lower back. Linda did not hesitate to crawl forward and placing her face on my semen loudly lick it up. Then she took me in her mouth and sucked my still sensitive cock a couple of times. The sex went on for at least an hour before Patty explained with reluctance that she needed to shower and have Jim drive her back to her car. She said needed to be home and in bed when her husband returned in the morning. She had explained earlier in the evening that her kids were at a sleep over. Patty had told us over drinks that she had two children in her early 30s and then had her tubes tied.

A couple of weeks later we made plans to get together on a weekday afternoon at Jim's condo. Jim and Patty, as real estate brokers for different firms, had a great deal of flexibility in setting their own schedules. Linda worked as a financial advisor and likewise could take an afternoon off pretty much whenever she wanted. I, being once retired and between overseas gigs, had the most flexibility of all.

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