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Picture Perfect

by Elle C 12/03/01

My wife is an amateur photographer, mostly doing pictures of family, friends, nature scenes and animals. She started years ago with just a small 35 mm camera, then a 35 mm with all the lenses, attachments and apparatuses, and now has gotten into digital photography as well. She really gets into it and enjoys playing the part of the photographer, however she would make a great model on the other side of the camera. Jeannie is 5'7" with long shapely legs, nice perky 36C breasts, silky long black hair with dark eyes. She is truly a beauty to behold.

As I was saying, most of her subject matter up to this time had been uneventful for the most part. Sure, she had won contests with some photos of sunsets, horses, and children. But the photo shoot that I am about to tell you about is award winning in my book.

Susannah is Jeannie's best friend. They were best friends in high school and remained close throughout college and beyond. They do almost everything together. Susannah is a little more on the wild side than Jeannie. J (my nickname for her) tends to be on the reserved side in the public eye. She does have her moments alone with me when she loses some of her inhibitions, though.

One day, J came home after stopping by Susannah's house after work and said that Susannah had asked her to do a favor for her and wanted to know what I thought of it. It seems that Susannah's boyfriend had a birthday coming up, and she wanted to surprise him with some boudoirs photos of herself in somewhat compromising positions and wanted J to be her photographer. I jokingly told J that if she didn't want to volunteer that I was available. Susannah is a hottie. She has long flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, and a body that would put any Baywatch babe to shame. She is very sexy! J just gave me a "You're such a bad boy" look when I told her that I would be happy to take the pictures. She quickly informed me that I had no photography experience whatsoever and doubted that I would even be able to hold the camera still while Susannah posed. We laughed about it knowing that we were both joking about the situation, but I told Jeannie that she should go ahead and do the photos for Susannah. At least she could be trusted with them. So it was set, J would do the pictures for Susannah.

They planned all that week on the photo shoot for Friday evening. They shopped for lingerie, bought some props, and had a lot of fun preparing for the evening. I asked what I was supposed to be doing while this grand event was going on and J told me I should have a night out with the guys since it would probably take awhile to get the photos shot and processed. With a pout on my face, I said okay even though I really wanted to be in on the fun. Unknowingly at that point, I would get in on the fun and lots of it!

I got ready to go out with the guys and have a few beers and watch some basketball down at the local sports bar. I left my wallet lying on the nightstand next to our bed in case I needed a reason to return to the house early. I knew the girls were doing their shoot in our bed room, so returning to get the wallet would be a good excuse to sneak back in the house and hopefully catch of glimpse of the model in action.

Susannah arrived looking as lovely as I've ever seen her. The anticipation of the photo session was definitely an asset to her already beautiful face. I said my goodbyes to the girls and told them to have a good time. I drove around for about half an hour thinking that should give them time to get ready and started with the pictures. I drove back in and parked along the street, so I didn't have to use the garage door. As quietly, as I could, I turned the key in the front door unlocking it and slowly opening it. The coast was clear. The girls must be upstairs already. I could hear music playing from the stereo upstairs, so I knew they would probably not hear me. I snuck up the stairs and saw the door to our bedroom was open. I walked down the hallway just to the door and peered in.

What fortune! Susannah was on our king size bed where I could see her, but I was not in her line of view and Jeannie was too busy taking pictures to look in my direction and with the music playing, they did not hear me plus I had the excuse that I forgot my wallet if I did get caught. My eyes feasted upon the beauty on our bed. Susannah was dressed in a red negligee and g-string that fully accentuated her beautiful body. She had her red lips situated in a sexy puckered pout while J snapped photos of her. She then slipped the strap of her negligee down revealing those stunning tits. Her nipples were pink and protruding out revealing that she was obviously turned on by what was happening. J took a few more shots in that position and then Susannah turned around on all fours with her ass toward the camera. She reached around and rubbed the cheeks of her ass even giving a few smacks to herself on occasion. I could stand very little more. My cock was already rock hard pushing itself against the fabric of my pants. I was going to need some relief soon. I started stroking myself through my pants enjoying the show that Susannah was giving.

Then something happened that I did not think I would witness, but am I glad I did. Susannah turned around toward the camera again and asked Jeannie if she had a remote control for the camera. Jeannie told her she did, and Susannah told her to bring it over to the bed because she had an idea. Little did I know, but Susannah had seen me and was about to make a fantasy come true. Jeannie walked over to the bed with remote in hand, and Susannah began to touch her body, first her face and hair, then down her arms, and then her tits. She massaged J's breasts, and I could tell that both the girls were enjoying it. I had to wonder if they had done this before, and I just didn't know about it. I watched as my wife was being kissed and fondled by her best friend and obviously was enjoying it.

Susannah started unbuttoning J's shirt, opening it to reveal her lace bra underneath. Her nipples were hard and visible through the thin material. I was about to cum right then and there. Jeannie had her head back as Susannah worked at her nipples through the bra kissing, tugging and licking. J snapped a few photos of the two of them with the remote. Susannah rolled J down to the bed and slid her pants down off her ass revealing her shaved pussy. She leaned down and licked her way from her neck down to her mound. J let out a scream when she started lapping away at her cunt. I can tell you from experience that she was enjoying the feel of her friend's tongue in her hole and on her clit. Susannah began to slide a finger in J's tight hole fingering her and licking her love button until Jeannie came so hard that she was writhing on the bed. Susannah slowed the tempo down and said to Jeannie once she had come back to her senses that she would love to have a picture with another man for her album. I was just about to volunteer when she turned my way and said, "Would you be interested in the job, Mark?"

Well, she didn't have to ask twice. I entered the bedroom and stood by the bed between both beautiful women. I kissed my wife and told her what a lucky man I was. Then I turned to Susannah and deeply kissed her mouth tasting my wife's juices still smeared on her face. She tasted so sweet. While kissing her, J was busily unbuttoning my pants allowing my cock to finally be free. My hands grabbed Susannah's lovely tits and began massaging them and rubbing her already hardened nipples. Jeannie began to suck on my cock while I kissed Susannah.

Susannah then leaned down to J and began kissing and licking my cock taking turns with J sucking on it. I could feel my orgasm building, but I knew that I wanted this to last for a while. I pulled J and Susannah up to me, and I laid down on the bed. The girls looked back and forth at each other with sly grins on their gorgeous faces. I then asked if one of them would like a ride. Susannah looked at J, and J nodded her head as if to say Go for it, girlfriend. Susannah straddled my rigid cock and guided it into her dripping wet pussy. When she sat down and took all of my cock into her deep hole, I thought I would explode right then. Jeannie came over and took turns kissing me and then Susannah. She would play with my balls and then my nipples and then take a turn with Susannah's breasts and then started rubbing Susannah's clit as she rode my cock. Susannah began to cum with just a little help from J's fingering, and I could feel her muscles tense around my cock as her pussy just kept cumming.

I rolled her over to her all fours just like she had been in the picture pose earlier and rammed my cock into her pussy faster and faster. I drew back my hand and spanked her ass so hard that it left a pink handprint on her cheek. She was loving every minute of it. Jeannie slid underneath her and kissed her mouth and nipples while I fucked her from behind. After a minute of furiously fucking her pussy, my body began to tense. I knew that this was about to end for a while. I came with a loud series of grunts as I emptied my cum into Susannah's beautiful pussy. We all just collapsed on the bed in a heap breathless. I looked over at J and asked her if she happened to get that on film. Needless to say, she was too busy to be thinking the part of the photographer at that point. She did get some very lovely shots of Susannah beforehand, though, but I'm not sure that her boyfriend ever got his birthday present, however I did receive a glossy 8 x 10 as a keepsake, and this was just the beginning of an even more beautiful friendship.

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