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Playing Games

by HarveyMarcus 05/07/08

The game clock continued through Cassie's celebration and my fascination. A buzzer sounded behind her.


I decided that focusing on the game was better than staring at Cassie's pussy. Better? No, but safer. "Great job. Let me see if I can improve on your score."

I used all the tricks we'd learned, beating Cassie's time. I turned to examine the surroundings, just in time to see a coconut thrown at my head by a monkey in a tree. The same monkey? Stupid question, there's no logic in this game. "Damn!"

I worked quicker with what seemed like hours of practice under my belt. I reached the island, prepared to duck the monkey's one, two, three attempts to crack my skull. There was a fourth coconut, but I ducked that one too. Was the game adapting, getting harder? From the distance, I saw her, Barbey running towards me, arms out, and breasts bouncing. That got me harder under my belt. With just a few yards between us, Barbey took a step and sunk from sight. Her arm waved briefly above the sand, and then disappeared.


"Where did she go?" I asked.

"Quicksand, or something like it. The color and texture is different. See?" Cassie pointed.

She was right. I hadn't noticed or expected that hazard. But that's the kind of trick wacky game developers create. "How was I supposed to see that coming?" I didn't ask Cassie's permission to take another turn. I missed Sharky's mouth on my next try and had to go back. Was his movement different?

With concentration, I landed on the destination island on my next attempt. After the monkey departed, I tried to maneuver around the quicksand, but it stretched across the entire beach. This time, as soon as Barbey sunk, I was prepared and threw her a vine. She grabbed it, holding tight. I pulled her out, minus her top, sandy breasts jiggling.

The screen announced "ENTERING TWO PLAYER MODE."

"Oh God, I'm naked," said Cassie.

She was almost correct, and I didn't need to be reminded. My erection waved inside my boxers.

The game clock had been reset to fifteen seconds. Barbey planted a big kiss on Kenny.

Cassie came off the couch and stood between the screen and me. "A kiss for my hero." She went up on tippytoes and pressed her lips against mine. I bent forward, so she wouldn't feel my erection against her belly. Her naked belly. Her naked belly with cunt lips exposed just below. God, how was I going to get out of here without violating my relationship with Andy by violating his girlfriend?

The buzzer sounded.


"Well, that was a lot of work, just for a kiss." I dropped the controller.

"Oh, I don't know. Not if the kiss was really good." Cassie swayed, one knee in front of the other, a typical coy pose, and then came forward for a second unexpected sample. She let her lips linger. This time, I couldn't avoid below the waist contact. "You're really getting into the game, aren't you?"

"I guess so. I feel invested."

You're Kenny and I'm Barbey, right?" she asked.

"Sure." Minus two succulent breasts.

"What's fair is fair. After I save you, you'll need to thank me." Cassie swapped the game around, so it was Barbey saving Kenny. "Just watch."

Cassie used all of the tricks we developed to get from one island to the other quickly. The monkey decked her with his second coconut. On her next try, she picked up the first miss and threw it back, knocking the monkey from his tree perch. "That'll teach the little bastard."

I, that is Kenny, ran towards Barbey in a loincloth, with my package bouncing beneath. An eight-incher, by my specification. And Kenny fell into quicksand, as we both expected. Cassie pulled him out, sans loincloth. Also expected. On screen, in proportion to the character's body, it seemed more than eight inches, but it was erect and pointed. Cassie swallowed hard. I was hard too. I knew she'd noticed and even felt it against her, but hoped she wouldn't take advantage.

In two-player mode with a grant of fifteen seconds, there was time for a kiss or two. Cassie curled her finger, a "come hither" gesture. I took her face in my hands and kissed deeply. It felt less wrong the second time. After all, we deserved some reward for getting this far. I just had to remember my self-imposed limits. I was not going to have sex with Andy's girlfriend.

"I wonder what happens if we get there with more time?" she asked.

Good question, but whatever Barbey and Kenny did, we didn't have to mimic. Cassie and I became partners, dedicated to a single goal. We collaborated on a strategy to optimize our movements, before the game adapted and got too hard to beat. We optimized the raft construction by laying the vines first and having the trees fall on them. We chose fatter paddles for the raft, and sheer practice allowed us to toss the mouse, anticipating the shark's position, mouth open.

On my next turn, with Cassie cheering from the sofa, I beat my best time by about eight seconds, including extracting topless Barbey from the quicksand.

The screen reminded us "ENTERING TWO PLAYER MODE" with a grant was thirty seconds.

The kiss became an embrace, Kenny's hands on Barbey's bare breasts, squeezing them before the buzzer signaling "Game Over". We mirrored the on-screen reward, but I let my arms dangle at my sides, for two reasons. One, Cassie had no tits to fondle, and two, we were approaching a dangerous boundary. I hunched my back so my erection wouldn't rub against Cassie again. She grabbed my ass and pulled me close. I guess I should have considered my self lucky that she didn't push me onto my back and mount me, without permission.

"You're not going to let this game beat us, are you?" Cassie asked. We were still in our embrace, bodies close.

My dick twitched, looking for action I wouldn't allow. "No way." The idea of simulated sex on screen had become intriguing. I just had to remember not to do it in real life.

The game was exhausting for me. I hoped Cassie was getting tired, so that we'd poop out before she accidentally put out. We were both hot, from the physical demands of the game, the physical temperature, and bodies exposed except for a few remaining articles of clothing.

"I've got an idea," she said. "Go ahead, I'll tell you when."

I grabbed my controller and faced the monkey, the bird, the elephants, and the shark. As I replayed, Cassie plastered herself to my back as I paddled the raft, sweat on sweat. "What are you doing?"

"Cheering you on."

Her hand moved from around my waist to my groin. Her fingers diddled with my prick through my boxers.

'Stop it!" The distraction slowed me down, and I had to paddle harder to correct my course or suffer a thunderstorm and certain death. Well, Kenny's death.

When I landed our raft on the beach, Cassie cried, "Drag the paddles with you." As Barbey approached, Cassie shouted, "Lay the paddles across the quicksand."

Sure enough, the bridge worked. Barbey tiptoed across the hazard using the paddles as a bridge. One minute and one second left on the clock.


"Bonus game?" I asked.

We looked at each other. The background music changed from up-tempo to sensuous mood music. Barbey and Kenny faced each other, in profile, on the beach. These versions of the characters were not cartoon characters. The artwork was more realistic, more sophisticated. Barbey's tits and Kenny's prick stuck out. Oh yes, and that pesky bird sat in a tree as the audience.

I dared speculate on the objective of this bonus game. "Are we going to have sex?" I meant 'they.'

"It sure looks like it," replied Cassie.

The game clock showed three minutes.

"We can't have sex in three minutes!" Cassie exclaimed.

She and I weren't going to have sex at all, but I understood her point. Timed sex was a difficult concept to grasp. Even a quickie takes longer than what they gave us. Unless Barbey and Kenny fucked at an animated rate. After all, they were animated characters.

I removed Barbey's bikini. Kenny did, that is. Barbey's tits didn't sag an inch. Cassie, I mean Barbey, pulled off my loincloth. Kenny's, I mean. The screen showed two sets of health and emotion meters. Our health was good, but our emotion meters fluctuated near zero.

We stood, facing each other, and our on-screen counterparts did the same. We didn't know which way to position our controllers to put Barbey and Kenny in the correct position. Using a natural and logical motion, I moved the controller forward and back, and Kenny humped, thumping his dick against Barbey.

"You'll never penetrate standing up," said Cassie. "Let's lay down."

I presumed she meant the characters, not us. I tilted my controller forward from vertical and Kenny lay down. Barbey was still standing. Cassie tilted her controller and Barbey fell on her back, but her legs were closed. When Cassie rotated her controller, parallel with her belly, Barbey's legs spread.

That's when Cassie went horizontal on Andy's couch. The couch was his. So was Cassie. It was difficult to remember, with her moist pussy lips poking out from her soaked panties. But I promised myself I wouldn't take advantage. Our controllers, however, were distance sensitive, and so on-screen Kenny was laying four feet away from the object of his desire.

"Come here, I won't bite," Cassie said. I climbed between her legs, remaining on my knees. The on-screen twosome were now in missionary position. I didn't have to be poking Cassie with my prick to make Kenny do it with Barbey. I held my weight on one extended arm while making gestures with my left. Now, I'm a righty, so my left arm and hand aren't that coordinated. Kenny jerked and wobbled above his prone sex partner. The timer clicked down steadily, relentlessly.

"Put some body English into it," Cassie shouted. "God, don't you know how to fuck?"

I've never been insulted by a woman about my technique, except that one time in college. Ah, but that's another story. I held the controller steady and rocked my body. Kenny was doing better, plunging in and out of Barbey, who raised her voice, keeping the pecking bird at bay.

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