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Please Drink Mommy's Milk Ch. 02

by MischievousKevin 09/21/13

Oh my God, my flaccid cock sprang forth and immediately pulled Aunt Amy onto my lap for some much-needed relief. Not to leave Mom out, I motioned her to sit on my face so I could lick and suck the shit out of her juicy slit. Aunt Amy's pussy felt sooo tight as she magically glided her beautiful body up-and-down my hard shaft. My head was literally spinning and could scarcely fathom that I was eating my own mother, after she vehemently objected for so long.

Mom and Aunt Amy took turns squeezing and suckling on each other's big boobs, as droplets of milk pelted me in the chest, face, and forehead. Without delay, my lips searched for Mom's erect clit as I sucked hard flicking my tongue back-and-forth across her engorged crux, sending her over the edge. Mom screamed loudly, "Oh fuck yes Bobby, lick mommy's pussy; suck my clit"!

Within minutes, Mom's body stiffened and shuddered uncontrollably with multiple orgasms, filling my greedy mouth with hot squirts of her sweet nectar. Mom shrilled so fucking loudly as she came, that I immediately worried if the neighbors had called 911!

Aunt Amy proudly cheered as she repeatedly gushed onto my cock and abdomen.

Aunt Amy then retorted, "Fuck sis, I've never heard anyone cum that loudly before!"

Mom apologized, "I'm sorry for being such a prude Bobby, and should have let you to eat me weeks ago!"

"Does that mean that you're going to let me to fuck you too?"

"Bobby, when you're hard again we're really going to give my little sister something to cheer about!!!"

"I love sooo much Mommy, and you too Aunt Amy."

"Mommy loves you too, and for all that my sweet baby does to me!"

Aunt Amy replied, "I love both of you also, and am really enjoying my visit!"

It didn't take too long for my sore cock to become rigid again, and orchestrated the most deviant chain of events. I got behind Mom and fucked her doggie-style, why she ate my recently deposited load from Aunt Amy's juicy cunt. The whole scene was fucking unreal, as I pounded Mom's tight cunt with a vengeance. I especially enjoyed watching my hard cock slide in-and-out of Mom's beautiful pear-shaped ass. Aunt Amy moaned loudly as Mom did her damndest to retrieve all of my sticky cum from her hairless recesses. I felt the mother of all loads fixing to blow, as Mom met my thrusts with perfect cadence. I groaned so loudly that both Mom and Aunt Amy abruptly stopped, as I spewed and spewed my creamy seed into my former birth canal!

"Holy fuuuuck Mom that was the best fuck of my entire life!!!"

"It was the best for me too my sweet baby boy!"

Mom then slyly remarked, Amy and I should call your "son of a bitch" father and tell him what a fucking stud you are!"

Aunt Amy mischievously replied, "I can't wait until you fuck me like that too Bobby!"

Mom authoritatively responded, "Until then; you can start by eating my son's cum from my dripping pussy lil sis!"

Aunt Amy was only too happy to oblige, as my sore cock and I leisurely watched from the sidelines.

We later moved our whole fucking show to Mom's king-sized bed for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

I was so dehydrated that I chugged bottle after bottle of water in the kitchen, as Mom lovingly draped over me with her naked body. I felt so calm and content, feeling my mom's heart beating against mine.

"Baby, did you enjoy fucking your mother and auntie today?"

"I sure did Mom, and forever pledge to protect and satisfy the ones I love!"

"You're the man of the house now, and the only man I want!"

I lowered my head and passionately kissed my mother's lips, as I carried her back to our love nest and Aunt Amy.

I comfortably nestled between my beautiful and sexy womenz, as each took turns passionately caressing and kissing me to sleep.

We shockingly awoke in the early-morning hours when I involuntarily squeezed one of Mom's big tits, drenching us and the sheets in mother's milk!

Mom laughed loudly, "I guess we got distracted with other things that I totally forgot to have you to drain them before bed."

I laughed too, "I'm sorry I let you down Mom, Aunt Amy and I won't slack on the job again!"

Aunt Amy boldly asked, "Jessica (Mom), would it be ok if Bobby gives me a beautiful baby?"

I was socked at Aunt Amy's request and even more shocked by Mom's response, "Maybe Bobby can get us both pregnant."

Mom further stated, "I bet Olivia would love having both a sibling and cousin close to her in age."

"I just pray that I never develop lactose intolerance, if you know what I mean!"

P.S. Aunt Amy just whispered the following, "You're mom is going to buy some K-Y jelly tomorrow, because we both want it in the ass doggie-style!

So long my horny friends, and will keep you apprised of my continuing and mischievous antics ;-).

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