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Pool Boy Ch. 46

by BigZeke13 01/14/18

We dressed casually for dinner at one of the resort's Italian restaurants. There were candles on every table and I wanted to order a flashlight so I could read the menu. It was romantic and I held Alexis' hand across the table as we talked about how we didn't want to ever go home again. Every day there was a new influx of vacationers. They arrived all during the day and some were arriving just now.

Alexis nodded her head in a direction and I looked to see. Two gorgeous women were being seated opposite us. They were in their late twenties. They were dressed elegantly which is not the norm for traveling these days. They were both taller than average and slimmer than average. In their stilettos, they both stood well over six foot.

One was a brunette with long, wavy brown hair down over her breasts which were just right for her body; especially when considering her narrow shoulders and slim hips with a trim waist. Her legs seemed to go on forever. She was wearing an off the shoulder mid-thigh summer dress. She caught me staring and smiled as she sat down.

The other was a blonde with short straight hair. It was cut to a point just below her chin and then angled up to her neck line behind her head. Straight bangs above her eyebrows completed the look. They were both very attractive but the blonde was striking. Her breasts were very large for her trim figure. She was dressed in a 'cold-shoulder' dress that dropped below her knees. She looked over at Alexis and me when the first nodded toward us. She smiled and then their attention went to their waiter as he took their drink order. We didn't want to look like we were gawking so we checked out some of the other new arrivals.

We received our meal and it was very good. Alexis loved lasagna and she proclaimed that this was the best she'd ever had. I had Chicken Parmesan and it was perfect. As we ate and talked I noticed that the two new arrivals kept looking over at us. I ignored their glances. We would have time to meet them tomorrow.

We finished dinner a little early for the show so we opted to stroll around the compound. It was a gorgeous night. Lighting around the resort was at ground level so the stars were visible. Alexis and I walked hand in hand along the concrete path. The surf was up as evidenced by the sound of crashing waves. We headed for the beach.

Along the way we passed a Jacuzzi that was occupied by two couples. The guys were sitting on the underwater bench with the women fucking the guy's cocks as they faced each other kissing. The jets in the Jacuzzi were off and other than the loud moaning from the women as they rode their mounts, it was quiet enough to clearly hear Alexis' stiletto heels clicking on the concrete. The guys looked up as we passed and one invited us to join them. The women were oblivious to our presence as they were both approaching their orgasms. We declined the invitation and continued on our mission.

It was a moonless night but the stars were so bright that they illuminated a dark square right on the edge of the soft sand. The tide was in and the water approached this undefined spot with each surge of the tide. Curiosity pulled us closer and then we realized it was another couple on a blanket. They were fucking in the missionary position. As we got closer and could hear the moaning and groaning over the crashing surf, we realized it was Don and Martha.

We walked on by and never said a word. They gave no indication that they knew we were there. After we were a ways down the beach, Alexis giggled and said, "I hope we have as active a sex life as them when we're their age." I gripped Alexis' hand in a 1-4-3 code and we headed back up the beach toward the dark massage tent and then to the main pool. It was totally quiet. We found a couple chairs beside the pool and sat down to look up at the sky. The star constellations looked different at this latitude and I was having a hard time identifying them. Alexis pointed out a satellite quickly passing over.

I heard a gentle splash in the pool and looked to see what it was. On the other side of the pool a dark form sat on the edge with feet dangling in the water. I heard an unmistakable "MMUUMMPPHH MMUUMMPPH MMUMMPH" followed by a staccato, "AAWWKKK AAWWKK AWWKKK". A male sounding moan erupted from the dark form. Then came a loud groan, "Oh my God Babe. Here I come. Oh Jesus. Fuck."

Alexis giggled and said, "Now that sounds familiar."

An unseen form standing in the water started gagging on the guys cum. It was a feminine gag. I couldn't tell if she pulled off the guys cock and let him cum in the pool or her face. There was a whole lot of slurping and finally a feminine voice said, "Jesus Honey. That was a load." There was a short silence before the feminine voice said, "OK. It's my turn." I saw the form in the water pull herself up on the edge of the pool and the guy pushed himself into the water and buried his face between the woman's thighs. She immediately screeched as he had obviously gone right to her clitoris.

Alexis giggled as she stood up and said, "We had better get going so we can get some good seats for the show." I stood and took her hand and we exited the pool deck to the giggles of the couple across the pool who were now aware that we had been sitting there listening to them.

The show was entertaining. Given the nature of the resort, much of the show was related to adult sex games. One of them was a man and a woman selected at random from the crowd and placed behind a large white backlit sheet. The crowd could see only their silhouettes. Their task was to remove their clothes and then redress in the other's clothes. It was no big deal for the woman to dress in the guy's clothes but it was a riot to watch the guy's silhouette trying to put a bra and panties that were way too small for him. The crowd was roaring in laughter especially when all the clothes were removed and the guy's cock popped up in an erection. The crowd went wild when the woman's silhouette reached out and started jerking the guy's silhouette off. Then the woman's silhouette knelt behind the white sheet and pushed her lips onto the cock to the cheers of the crowd. We could all watch as the guy's head tilted back as the woman clutched her tits as her head bobbed on and off the guy's cock.

There was much too much noise from the crowd to hear the guy's silhouette groan as he prepared to launch his load. When he started cumming, the woman pulled her lips off and the crowd watched in delirium as the stream of cum, which was clearly visible in silhouette launch first into the woman's face and then over her head. The woman stuffed his cock back into her mouth and pushed her lips all the way down to his balls. The guy launched his hips forward to bury his cock in her mouth for a few moments before pulling it back out of her mouth.

No one in the crowd gave a damn if this couple completed their mission of dressing in the other's clothes but they did. The crowd went wild again when the guy struggled his way into her bra. He got her panties to up to his knees but that was it. When the screen was removed from the stage, the man and the woman bowed as the woman grabbed onto his softening cock and led him off stage. They didn't come back out for nearly an hour.

The next sex game was three teams of one man and one woman each. The teams were given directions to go out into the audience and collect whatever was instructed and bring it back on stage. The first item was for the teams to bring the largest bra up to the stage. The teams ran into the crowd and laughter erupted as the teams moved in different directions scanning the crowd for the largest set of tits they could find. The next issue was how to get the big titted woman to take her bra off and give it to the team. It took a while but all three teams brought back huge bras. The crowd gave voice votes on which were the largest. That team got a point.

The next item to collect was the biggest pair of 'tighty-whiteys'. The teams descended back into the crowd looking for the fattest guy they could find. The woman on each team had no difficulty getting the fat guys to give up their underwear. A different team got the point. The game turned toward collecting other people in the crowd and the direction was given to bring the most beautiful woman on stage.

There were many beautiful women in the crowd but, in my opinion, none came close to Alexis. At the signal to go, all three teams ran off the stage toward Alexis. Apparently, they felt the same as me. The team with no points so far grabbed Alexis' hand. She was embarrassed and went beet red. She resisted but the crowd was chanting for her to go. She relented. The other two teams spread out in the crowd and one came back with Julia who hugged and kissed Alexis when they were on stage. The crowd went nuts. The third team returned to the stage with a very attractive woman that we hadn't seen before. She obviously was of interest to Alexis and Julia as they kissed this new woman passionately on stage to the roar of the crowd.

The crowd selected Alexis as the most beautiful of the three but the MC had to ask for a show of hands for each. The MC asked Alexis and the others to stay on stage while the teams collected the next item which was the hunkiest guy. The teams fanned out over the crowd. I was watching one of the teams tugging on one guys arm. He didn't want to go and his bulging arms prompted the team to abandon him quickly. I was watching the second team pulling a guy out of the crowd and didn't immediately notice that the woman on the third team dropped herself into my lap and leaned in and kissed me passionately. I kissed her back as the crowd roared. She got up and pulled me up to follow her. I did but I wasn't fond of being on display and I turned as red as Alexis had earlier.

It was even more embarrassing to stand on the stage and get judged by the crowd. My two opponents were body-builders as evidenced by their biceps and pectorals in their tight knit short-sleeved shirts that stretched snuggly over their torsos. They were clearly in their elements as they flexed their muscles for the crowd. My embarrassment ramped up when the MC asked the three of us to strip down to our underpants. At this point it was clear that the MC's opinion of 'Hunky' was muscles and as ripped as I was, I couldn't compete with either of them.

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