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PTA Diaries - Mindy’s Breast Milk

by HeyAll 12/09/18

I first met Mindy two years ago when she was hired to be the new English teacher. As I should have expected, her wonderful breasts would lead her to a sexually charged relationship with our most notorious power-hungry PTA mom.

It was mid-December at the time. Most people think that schools close down completely during the winter break, but that's not true. There are plenty of important tasks to be done to ensure that the train runs smoothly come January.

Most teachers flee the school grounds like bats out of hell when a long break comes around. Not Mindy. She had just gone through a divorce and her job had become therapeutic for her. It was her way of keeping her mind busy to deal with the emotional stress. Her ex-husband had custody for the next few days, which left her with a long stretch of alone time.

To paraphrase something she once told me, "He cheated. I was broken. He was sexually charged with having a mistress. Not a wife. I realized that... is there really love? Or just someone's inner kinks?"

Anyway, she showed up on campus early one Thursday morning. Only a few of the usual staff members were around. Whenever she arrived she'd exchange the usual 'hellos' and 'good mornings' with them, and take part in whatever light-hearted banter that was going on.

Principal Ashley Myers was in her office with the door closed, tending to one phone call after another. Being the Principal of this school was a highly demanding job.

Later, Mindy sat alone in her classroom. With no students around, she settled in a vacant desks. She sometimes helped with administrative work. State testing was in the Spring, so that day she was preparing lessons for January.

While in a state of deep thought, she heard the sound of heels clicking on the hallway floor. She had become accustomed to the sound of the latest edition Jimmy Choo heels which clicked through the halls every once in a while.

"Morning," Dolores called, knocking twice on the side of the door. She was holding a small box in her other hand.

It was always a pleasure seeing Dolores Chavez. She was a PTA power mom extraordinaire and always managed to be at the center of everything. In fact, she had recently been named President of the Parent-Teacher Association. Some parents called her "Dolores, the PTA Queen" behind her back.

"Here, have one," Dolores said, placing a cupcake on Mindy's desk. "I made it this morning. It tastes rich but with none of the excess calories."

Mindy could smell Dolores's perfume. The cupcake smelled delicious too.

"Yum. I'll enjoy it with another round of coffee later. Thanks!"

"You're working hard," Dolores said.

"It's my job."

Dolores gave a sympathetic nod. "I know it's not my place, and really none of my business, but Ashley told me everything. I'm so sorry. I can only imagine how tough it must be."

Her personal situation swirled into her head once again, but Mindy appreciated the kind gesture nonetheless. Having friends who cared was important.

But still, she had assumed that Ashley would have kept her private affairs to herself. She hadn't expected it to be shared, least of all with the PTA boss! Be that as it may, Mindy was pleased to have her circle of friends grow. She smiled up at Dolores.

"You're very sweet," Mindy said. "You truly are."

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

"I'm fine," Mindy smiled. "My work is my therapy. And it's always nice being around you and everyone else here. You have all been so welcoming."

Dolores rubbed her shoulder as she turned towards the door. "We'll talk more later. I have a 10 am appointment with Ashley. You know how tight the Principal's schedule is, even at this time of year."

"I know, right? She's a workaholic."

"Which is why she needs some relief," Dolores said suggestively, then pointing to her box of cupcakes.

Their little morning banter ended and Mindy found herself doing something surprising, almost shocking. She couldn't stop herself from checking out the Latina mom's butt as she walked away, hips swaying from side to side, her luscious backside on full display.

It was a guilty pleasure to look at, Mindy thought.

After those few seconds of taboo indulgence, she went back to work. Since she had all the time in the world, she took her time as she developed her lesson plans, occasionally flipping through her phone to tend to text messages.


It was 30 minutes later, Mindy needed a break. And not the kind of break that would normally happen in a working environment. The coffee and cupcake would have to come after.

Mindy's breasts were aching. She had pumped early that morning and now she needed another round of relief. Her breasts felt heavy and full, like balloons that were overfilled. They were small, but at the moment they packed a seriously milky punch.

She had a breast pump and a cup in her satchel. She also brought a bunch of paper towels from home. She took them out and sat on the couch against the wall. For the past few days she had been able to pump her breasts undisturbed there.

Just before she whipped her tits out, she heard those Jimmy Choo heels clicking on the hallway tiles.

Dolores popped her head into the classroom and smiled. "Your Principal can be a real feisty one. I'll tell you that. I don't know how you survive working with her throughout the school year."

"Whatever it takes," Mindy joked back. "Trust me, things can get hectic and we need a strong leader."

Dolores entered the room, but this time, something seemed different about her. Her usually tight ponytail of luscious black hair was now a bit looser. It was like her hair had been ruffled. Her red lipstick seemed fainter, almost as if much of it had been smeared off. And her clothes seemed disheveled, as if she had pulled them on quickly and didn't have a chance to smooth them out.

Mindy didn't give it much thought.

"I just wanted to swing by again to apologize," Dolores said.

"For what?"

"I shouldn't have brought up your personal life. Ashley just told me that it was supposed to be a secret. But don't worry, she certainly chastised me for having a big mouth."

Mindy gave a polite smile. "It's fine, really. It's always good to get things off my chest and talk. I appreciate it."

"Wonderful. And please don't be upset with Ashley. It slipped out during a conversation the other day. Like I said, I've already been chastised for being a Gossip Queen. I deserved it."

Dolores gave a little smile and seemed amused that she had been 'chastised' by the Principal. It was pretty obvious that the 'chastisement' must have been playful, whatever it was.

"I know the Principal is good at discipline," Mindy joked, playing along. "I see her in action on a regular basis."

Dolores gave a coy smile. "Lucky you. And I'm glad you aren't upset about our gossip. She told me something else a moment ago."

Another slip-up? Mindy was beginning to wonder just how much gossip actually went around at this school. Sure, she was used to gossip. It happened everywhere. But this was getting a little ridiculous.

"Oh? What did she say?"

"Your nipples," Dolores said firmly.

Mindy's jaw nearly dropped. "My nipples?"

"Your lactation situation, I mean."

Mindy blushed. The thing about her nipples was something she had only confided to her doctor and the Principal; both were women she trusted with her secrets.

He nipples had been sensitive all her life. They had always been rather long and suckable. Admittedly this was quite a sight given how small breasts were. With milk now in the equation, and the constant pumping and nursing she needed to do, they appeared to be in constant soreness.

"Oh, that?" Mindy said finally, slightly embarrassed. "It's something I'm learning to handle. My doctor has given me some tips and there's plenty to read online."

Dolores took a few steps closer, almost seductively. "Well, that's exactly why Ashley told me about your situation today."

"You have experience in the matter?"

"A plethora of experience. May I have a seat?"

"Please do," Mindy said, gesturing to the seat beside her.

She moved the breast pump and other supplies to her side, and out of Dolores's way.

"Don't be shy with that," Dolores said, eying the pump. "Actually, may I see it?"

"Sure, I suppose. It's clean, I washed it this morning."

Mindy handed the pump to Dolores, who thoroughly inspected it.

"This model is kind of old," Dolores said, giving the device a once-over.

"My sister gave it to me. She used it years ago."

"Well that's part of your problem. Pumps are not all the same. Different women may need different types of pumps. I'm confident that we can find a resolution for your problems."

Mindy blushed a little and smiled politely. All her life she was used to being hit on by men with their suggestive comments and leering eyes. She knew all the signs. Could Dolores be hitting on her? It certainly felt that way...

"I guess I'll have to invest in a new pump," Mindy replied, still smiling. "I should have done that a while ago."

"Leave that to me. I'll order one for you. My treat for the holidays."

"You're very sweet."

"I want us to be friends," Dolores said in a matter-of-fact way. "The same way I'm friends with the Principal. As you can tell, I'm around here a lot. And since you're a new teacher who's actively involved in extracurricular activities, it only makes sense that we have a great working relationship."

Mindy nodded slowly. "I am interested in getting more involved with the PTA moms and what not."

"Exactly my point," Dolores smiled.

"Part of that relationship means that we can be open with each other. That we help each other with whatever needs or concerns may arise, whether it's PTA-related or not."

Mindy knew that something was up. It was a bit odd that this power PTA mom, who was well known for making everything about herself, was suddenly so generous with her time and support.

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