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Rita Like Hymen Girl Jhanky

by reeta 07/19/09

When Jhanky opens her eyes she saw her pussy blood on my cock and all over the sheet. She could not move her hips without pain, so I took a towel and cleaned her pussy and my strap-on.

Jhanky was lying on bed beside me, my hands still running over her body. I wanted to fuck her some more, but she complained of the pain in her pussy. I remember how much pain I felt on my day, so I left Jhanky on the bed and took a shower. Then I offered Jhanky a glass of milk with a pain killer tablet so she can relax.

After an hour Jhanky moved from my bed and went to her room and came back dressed telling me she was still in pain and she can't walk easily. I told her I could take care of myself and that she should just relax. I gave her sleeping tablet with water so she could rest well.

I was also nervous at what I did with Jhanky.

I didn't sleep well all night, but the next morning Jhanky told me she felt better.

After breakfast, I asked Jhanky to take a bath get ready for more fucking pleasure. She smiled and ran into her room. After taking a bath she came back to where I was sitting on sofa.

First I asked about her first fuck and she smiled and told me her feelings, that she wanted to do it again.

"Wow, that's great you want to do it again," I said.

She shakes her head, but she meant yes.

I told her bring same toy that I used last time with the oil bottle. When she gets back, Jhanky sat on sofa, looking at me with big, brown eyes.

I told her that today I would fuck her ass hole.

We began kissing and making out on the sofa, getting both of us hot.

I pulled down my pants and got on my hands and knees in the doggy position on the floor next to the sofa. I told Jhanky to lick my anus, so she started placing her tongue above on the tight ring of my ass hole and she started sucking, moving her tongue slowly around the crinkly hole.

"That's nice, Jhanky, lick it," I breathed, shuddering at the wonderful feeling of her tongue.

She did, then I told her to push he tongue inside of my ass hole. She did and I could feel her soft, but stiff tongue touching the sensitive walls of my anus.

"That's like a good girl, Jhanky," I told her. "I like that way yes lick it, Jhanky, now get three fingers inside my ass hole, I need three of your fingers deep inside my anus."

She licked her fingers first and then shoved them deep inside my anus. I sobbed, so she pulled her fingers out.

"Jhanky, don't pull out again, put them deep inside my ass hole," I told the young girl. "It's OK if I am crying, you don't worry. Just push your fingers in and out of me.

So she starts with playing with my shit hole and her fingers were deep inside me.

I changed position and sat on sofa so that Jhanky can easily reach both of my holes.

She started licking my pussy, keeping three fingers deep inside my ass. I was already wet so I asked her fuck me with her tongue.

She did as I told her and moments later I started rotating my hips here and there, up and down, but Jhanky kept going. She kept playing with my ass hole until I finally told her to take off her dress so I could lick her butt hole now.

She had a really small ass but she still has a virgin asshole, I am the only one to have touched the girl.

I started licking her anus, then I decided to give her some pleasure. After licking her anus, I fucked her ass hole with my tongue deep inside her touching her sensitive walls. Soon, she was really wet and moaned when I licked two fingers and pushed them deep inside Jhanky's ass.

"Oh, take them out, it's killing me," she cried.

But I didn't.

I was get going in and out with my two fingers, going deep inside her shit hole. When she got used to two fingers and calmed down, I put my third finger inside her butt hole and she cried again.

"Oh, ma'am I am dying please get your fingers out of me," she sobbed with a loud groan.

Again, I didn't.

After my fingers and my tongue fuck loosened her up, I put on the strap on, but this time I did not put any oil or did I use spit to wet the cock or her ass hole.

With out telling Jhanky, I gripped her around her waist, then placed the head of the fake cock on her little ass hole and pushed inside her hole with my full power. In the first try I was inside her.

She screamed in pain and her head flipped back and forth, her body twitching and twisting. She cried the way she cried last time, but she could not escape because of my tight grip around her. I kept pushing my cock inside her back hole, which was shivering because of the big cock in such a tight hole.

She kept crying, begging, but I didn't listen to her this time. I was pushing my cock deep inside; I was able to get six inches inside her little hole.

"Take it out, ma'am, please. It is killing me. It hurts soooo much, shit, it is like a hot poker up my ass, I have never felt so much pain," she babbled at me.

She kept desperately trying to find a way to escape, but she couldn't.

I started fucking her ass hole as hard as I can as fast as I could.

Jhanky was weeping, crying with pain but I didn't listen to her.

I fucked her hot ass hole for more than fifteen minutes and Jhanky kept begging me to pull out.

I didn't.

After we finished, her ass throbbed in pain all day.

But if you had that kind of innocent, young, girl would you leave her?

I think I will never leave her, just play with her all the day and nights. I did that with Jhanky. We fucked three more times that day.

I fucked Jhanky three times again the next morning and also fucked her ass twice that night.

After a couple of weeks Jhanky ass could easily take a cock bigger than normal easily.

The way she wept when I broke her hymen and cried when I fucked her ass I really enjoyed a lot, so I like to say you should definitely try a virgin girl, even if she has never masturbated before, but you must have an strong grip upon her when you play with her.

With love Rita.

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