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Sandra's Fantasy

by Tappy_McWidestance 02/27/11

And they were. Over the next few weeks my setup became more elaborate. I would light several mood setting candles and always dress in silk lingerie. I'd have a few glasses of wine and have some soft music on while reading a few stories to get me in the mood. I'd then switch to video. I'd try to hold back from masturbating as long as I could. Usually this was at least 5 whole minutes. But soon I'd be soiling my panties and fondling my breasts. The story was always the same. Regular hetro video didn't do much for me but one where a woman is submissive would leave me panting. It was at this point I started thinking that maybe that was what was missing from my life. That maybe my life of always being in control needed to be challenged for me to find true happiness. I came soon after thinking that. Whether my climax was the result of that thought I don't know, but from that point on I was preoccupied with the concept of finding somebody to submit to.

Unfortunately that is more of a challenge than it would seem, at least in my town. I tried a couple of Internet chat rooms which specialize in BDSM, but none of the people I met seemed to fit the bill. Not that I didn't receive many offers, but they all seemed creepy and untrustworthy. I decided that finding a master probably wasn't in the cards. That Friday night I once again went through my living room ritual. The candles, the wine, the soft music, the lingerie and then bondage chat, stories and video before finally blasting off. I didn't realize it but I had left the first floor windows open that week. I'd been airing out the house and forgot to close them. As fate would have it, that simple mistake set in motion a series of events that would change my life.

*** Rose's Point of View ***

Since before I graduated college I had dreamed of being out on my own. My mother was hard to live with. We got along fine and loved each other, but her workaholic nature and constantly being under stress translated to an unhappy home environment. I knew as soon as I could I would move out. Fortunately the opportunity presented itself quicker than I thought. My brief time at home after graduation was actually better than I had remembered summers and break periods from the last few years. I couldn't put my finger on it, but my mom seemed more relaxed on the weekends and in better spirits. Still I figured that was temporary. As soon as the next important project started at work she'd be back to her old self so I got an apartment and set out on my own. I figured I would still visit as time would allow since I wasn't far away. But as soon as I started my own business career, I began to understand some of the stresses my mom was under. I'd always been a hard worker in school and I found the demands in the workplace were even tougher. I didn't work as hard as my mom, but I still worked a lot of overtime and could feel my social life slipping away. It was a struggle to make ends meet. I didn't want to have a roommate which meant limited discretionary spending. In fact, not going to clubs and other places where twentysomethings gather was putting a deep crimp in my sex life. College had been very free and easy when it came to sex and now that I was in the real world I missed my casual hookups. Sure I could have walked into a bar and within no time walked out with a guy for the night, but somehow that didn't seem responsible anymore. I was looking for a relationship now, although my resolve had been dwindling as the days without sex turned into weeks and then a month.

It was my lack of recent sexual expression that led me to be outside my mom's house that Friday night. No, I wasn't going to a bar with her to cruise for guys. I was meeting my best friend Jeannie who lives next door. Growing up Jeannie and I were inseparable. She had also just graduated but was still living at home for the time being. I figured I'd make a surprise visit at my mom's and then head next door. As it turned out, I was the one who got the surprise.

I parked in front of Jeannie's house and then walked up my mom's walkway. For all the money she earned, she still lived in a modest Cape Code house in a middle class neighborhood. I loved the house as it was the one I grew up in and the maintenance wasn't too bad for her. Anyway... as I walked up the short path leading to the front door, I heard sounds I wasn't expecting to hear. Clearly they were the sounds of sex. More specifically, I heard the sounds of a woman begging to be fucked. What the heck was going on? I could see a flickering light from the picture window which dominated the living room. The dining room on the opposite side of the door appeared dark as did the bedroom windows upstairs. I cautiously continued to the door.

The source of the sounds was definitely the living room as I noticed the window was open about six or eight inches. Instead of ringing the doorbell I felt compelled to peak through the window. The blinds were shut, but a steady breeze had them swaying a few inches. What I saw stunned me. On the screen of my mother's TV was a young bound woman. Her wrists were tied behind her back and she was wearing a ball gag in her mouth. If that wasn't shocking enough, her partner was another woman. I couldn't believe my mom was watching this. There had to be some kind of logical explanation. The second woman was behind her bound partner. She was clearly fucking her. As the camera angle changed I saw she was indeed wearing a large black strap-on. I'd heard of such things but never seen one.

The second shock of my evening came when I heard my mother moaning in time with the bound girl. My mom's couch backed to the window so it was more of a challenge to see her as opposed to the TV. I crept through the bushes being careful not to be heard, but I doubt she would have even noticed if I knocked on the window at that point. I tried to get an angle that would let me peer through the blinds and see the couch. It seemed to be a failing effort until a gust of wind moved the blinds an extra couple of inches. I didn't get a good look, but I could see candles on the coffee table in front of the couch. I also saw two stocking covered legs resting on the table. They were spread fairly wide and it was obvious what my mom was doing. To say I was surprised would be the understatement of the year. I was also shaken by the revelation. I didn't have the courage to ring the bell and interrupt her. As quietly as I could, I exited the bushes and sprinted next door to see Jeannie.

She was her usual bubbly self without a care in the world when she opened the door. I knew I was shaking and visibly upset. We made it to her room before she asked what was bothering me. I should have been a little less forward, perhaps, but I couldn't help blurting out "I saw my mom masturbating to lesbian porn."

"Really?" Jeannie asked.

"Really," I replied. "Worse than that the girl was tied up. I don't get it."

"I don't believe you," said Jeannie.

"Go look for yourself," I told her. "The window is open. She's in the living room."

Jeannie didn't say another word. She just walked out of her bedroom. Her family's house is also a two story and her bedroom is over the garage facing out house. In fact my bedroom faced hers. In high school we would talk to each other for hours out the window. From her room I could see her creeping across our front lawn. It seemed like she was there for a long time, but it was probably only a minute or two before I saw her sprinting back across the lawn. Less than 20 seconds later she was back in her room, her breathing labored from her run.

"What happened?" I asked her.

"I ding-dong-ditched her," she said.

"Real mature," I replied. "What did you see?"

"Well, everything was quiet when I got there. I looked through the window and the TV was still on, but it wasn't playing any video. She must have been on the Internet because the screen was displaying a website. I couldn't make out which one. I figured you caught her as she was finishing and was probably in the bathroom freshening up. That's went I decided to ring the doorbell to make her worried."

"That wasn't very nice," I told her. "I wonder what site she was looking at."

"Do you still have a key to the house?"

"I do. Why?"

"We can sneak in and look at her history. I doubt she clears it each time she, ah, let's her fingers do the walking."

I playfully hit Jeannie on the shoulder. "That's mean."

"Seriously. If you want to know what she's up to, we sneak a peek when she's not home. You'll learn all about her."

I didn't like the idea of spying on my mother that way and I told Jeannie that. She told me if I changed my mind, she'd be glad to help. I told her I wasn't going to change my mind and that we should get going before my mom noticed my car. She agreed and we headed out on the town. We didn't speak again of my discovery but we made a date for the next Friday night.

Arriving at Jeannie's house, I once again planned a surprise visit to see my mom. I had talked to her during the week and nothing seemed different in her demeanor. I convinced myself her behavior was a onetime thing after she accidentally stumbled into the porn website. That night I didn't hear anything. I noticed the windows were closed as I walked up to the house. Just like last week all the windows were dark except the living room which flickered. I snuck into the bushes. I couldn't see anything, but if I placed my ear right up to the glass, I once again heard erotic sounds. This time it was of a spanking and moaning that in my mind I positioned as coming from the couch. I think I was more shaken than the week before. This behavior wasn't a onetime thing. It was something my mom must do on a regular basis.

I headed next door again. This time I asked Jeannie how we could do some recon on my mom. I felt compelled to know what this was all about. Jeannie volunteered to sneak into the house when my mom left for work on Monday and see what she could find. I told her I had to work and couldn't be here. She said no problem that I just needed to give her my key. I did and we headed out for another girls night. I drove so my mom wouldn't see my car if she happened to look next door.

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