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Sandra's Fantasy

by Tappy_McWidestance 02/27/11

At the club we danced and had a few drinks, but I really had sex on the brain. Jeannie was teasing me about how sexual my mom had become. Still frustrated by my own lack of recent sex, I let some guy pick me up for what I knew would be a one night stand. Jeannie told me to go and not worry about her. She said she would hook up with someone or take a cab. She said she'd email me Monday with what she found out.

*** Jeannie's POV ***

After Rose had first come to my house distraught over finder her mom masturbating, the wheels in my head began turning. Rose didn't know that I preferred the company of women and I immediately began to plan how to use the information about her mother to my advantage. I lied a bit when I told her I didn't see anything that first night peeking in her mom's window. I saw plenty and I heard plenty. I heard her mom cum just as the girl on the screen came and then I saw the screen pause and lingerie clad woman walk across the room and either into the kitchen or bathroom. I only saw her mom from behind, but I have to say, for an older woman, she still looked good.

I told Rose I didn't recognize the website, but I certainly did. My other best friend and occasional partner Nicole, was an aficionado of the darker arts of bondage and submission. In particular she loved taking a straight woman and introducing her to Sapphic delights. Rose's mom was perfect for her. Nicole had shown me the website dear old mom had been watching. It featured submissive lesbian pictures and videos and also had a message board and chat feature which Nicole used to find her conquests. I wondered what other secrets were held in mom's computer and knew I had to find out.

I was a little disappointed that Rose didn't go for my initial suggestion for a sneak and peak, but was thrilled when she changed her mind. The fact that she gave me her key so I could do it on my own was even better. I left the club just after she walked out with her worthless man, had a copy of the key made for myself and called Nicole. She was waiting at my house when Rose's mom left for work Monday.

*** Nicole's POV ***

When I first received Jeannie's phone call I was very excited. Having inside knowledge of this woman would make my conquest easy. Jeannie had sent me a picture of the target she had from some picnic. She was beautiful as was her daughter. I knew Jeannie was making plans to capture the daughter as I was making my plan of attack for the mother. I knew mom would be easy and I hoped I could help Jeannie along the way. We'd been together a few times sexually, but I could sense Jeannie didn't have the sub mentality, something I require in a partner. We had fun together but she was really just a distraction when I didn't have any of my sluts handy to service my needs. The thought of having a mother and daughter slave pair, however, really had my juices flowing.

The first step was to get into the house which Jeannie thoughtfully provided. If Rose only knew what she was about to unleash on her mother she never would have handed over the key. It didn't take long to access the computer. She didn't have a password for the default user. The browser history confirmed what Jeannie suspected. Mommy was very naughty and a member of my favorite site. She had thoughtfully saved her username and password so we could access her account. I quickly sent myself a private message so I'd have her contact info and then deleted the evidence. We couldn't get her password so we began to look around. We carefully searched her hard drive for a passwords file but came up empty. I suggested we search her home office area but that turned up a blank too. I had to see her bedroom and we found a stash of sex toys, all pretty standard I must say a bit disappointedly, but no record of her user accounts and passwords. We were getting ready to leave and I was shutting down the computer when I accidently knocked the wireless keyboard off the coffee table and onto the floor.

Jeannie laughed at my clumsiness, but it turns out it was a fortuitous accident. Sandra1965, as I learned was her online name, was old school. Her usernames and passwords were taped to a card on the bottom of her keyboard. A quick click with my cell phone camera and her online life was mine. I felt a rush of excitement and adrenaline as I took the picture. Soon I would have another loyal rug muncher serving my insatiable need. If all went well her daughter would be joining me too. But right now those needs needed to be tended to and Jeannie was the only other person in the room.

Ever since we walked in the door and I first saw Sandra and Rose's pictures on the wall I knew I had to have them. As Jeannie and I explored the house my lusts were only fueled higher. Now with her online persona unlocked, my fires had been lit and had to be quenched. Jeannie didn't have a wild submissive streak in her, but I knew if she got horny enough she was willing to play. Now was the time to find out if her quest for Rose was having the same effect on her that Sandra was having on me. I started by leading her back into the kitchen. She seemed a little confused, but a wry smile on her face told me she had at least an inkling as to what I was up to.

I quickly kicked off my shoes and pulled down my pants. If she had any doubts they were gone. My panties were next and then I hopped up onto the granite countertop. I didn't say a word. I just spread my legs and then spread my pussy lips. Jeannie looked at me as if to say "you really think I'm going to eat you just like that?" I pointed toward my pussy. She hesitated.

"Come on, Jeannie," I beckoned her. "I know thinking about having your own slave has your motor running. You can do this for me."

She didn't move right away but I could feel her will to resist me draining. I was right; she was horny enough to play my game, at least for a little while.

*** Jeannie's POV ***

Nicole's words cut me like a knife. I'd never admitted to her how much I actually enjoyed our occasional games where she took charge. She never really made me submit, at least not like the other women I'd seen her seduce, but she was definitely in charge. She was right. Thinking about having Rose as my personal sex toy did have my motor running. I needed relief as much as Nicole did, maybe more. Why did I drop to me knees in front of her? Maybe it was a subconscious need of my own to experience what I was about to do to Rose. Maybe I was secretly more submissive than I wanted to admit. Maybe I was just horny. No matter the root cause, I found my tongue buried deep inside Nicole's tasty pink pussy. Once engaged, I didn't think about why I only thought about how. How was I nibbling her naughty bits? How should I use my tongue and fingers to get her off? How much pressure did she need today?

My own pussy began to ache and demand attention. I stood up with a glistening face to a chorus of "you're not done yet," to which I replied "I know. I'm just taking off my own pants."

Quick as a flash I was back between her strong powerful thighs only this time the fingers of my right hand were busy in my own dripping pussy. Nicole held my head tightly against her mound either in a fit of possession or because she was about to cum. I worked my clit furiously in an effort to cum when she did. Alas I lost that battle. Nicole always gets exceptionally wet when she climaxes. She doesn't squirt, per se, but her pussy floods with her love juice. Whenever she cums with me it's always with my face between her legs and I always stand back up glistening. Today was no different except for the addition of my own determined effort to join her excitement. I was very close when I felt her pulling my head up indicating I should stand. I begrudgingly stopped masturbating and stood up. Nicole was smiling and thanked me for my oral skills.

"How about you return the favor?" I asked her.

"No, I think you should just masturbate in front of me," she replied. "You're close and I want to watch."

This was a new wrinkle for us. We'd only had sex a handful of times and she always made sure I came. She never asked me to perform for her before. We were in uncharted territory, but I was too far gone to worry about the consequences. Immediately my hand found its way back over my clit as I turned to face her.

"It turns you one to think of having Rose between your legs, doesn't it?" Nicole asked.

I had to agree, although my confirmation was a nod of my head instead of actual words.

"I knew it. I'm going to help you achieve that, but from time to time you will have to help me. Is that acceptable?"

Again I nodded.

"I've got a plan for the mom, but I will need your help. Once we have her, your precious friend will soon be your slave."

My fingers were flying as I looked into her eyes. She was still sitting on the counter. I was standing before her my whole body shaking with precums. I'd heard her order her slaves not to cum without permission and tried to hold back my orgasm in case she gave me the same command. She didn't, but I almost wish she had. When I couldn't hold back any longer I let out a loud guttural moan as my pussy clamped tightly against my invading fingers. Nicole clapped with joy at my wanton display of orgasmic pleasure. I had to lean forward against her thighs to keep from falling as my climax consumed me. The thrill of exposing myself to her only magnified my pleasure and I knew I'd have to do this again. If Nicole played her cards right she'd have three new slaves, although I still had no intention of giving up Rose.

After I finally calmed down Nicole asked if I thought our arousal smell would last until Sandra got home. I chuckled thinking how much I'd like to see her face when she got home and her kitchen smelled of happy pussy. I figured it would dissipate by then, but it was a nice thought.

*** Sandra's POV ***

I got home from work Monday stressed, tired and horny. Part of me wanted to watch another movie and have another session with my finger, but another part of me said Friday's were special and if I played with myself during the week, I would lessen the impact of my mind blowing Friday nights. I decided I'd try to be good. I went to the kitchen to fix dinner. Something seemed out of place, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Moving through the rooms of my house I felt like something was wrong but I didn't know what. I decided it was in my head and made dinner.

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