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Sarah's First REAL Man

by BabyGirlLOVESBrian 05/22/06

I took my mouth off his cock for the first time in a half hour I looked over to Brian's group of friends. "Yes, Please let me get fucked, by all of you!"

Jabari came over to me laughing and pulling his dick out. "You'll get your chance to fuck us all bitch but I'm first, hear suck on this for a second since its all your good for. I leaned over Brian and Took Jabari's dick in my mouth; it wasn't as long as Brian's but it was still a good 9 inches and plenty thick.

After a minute of sucking on his cock he pulled it out. "Hold up bitch, I know you want to drink my nut, but I think I'd rather do it in your skanky pussy."

With that He started sliding his big black dick into my pussy. I could feel my pussy stretching just from him putting it in. I tried to let out a moan, but soon as I opened my mouth Brian pulled my head back onto his dick.

Jabari grabbed my waste and started fucking my pussy like crazy. I kept feeling like I needed to scream but it all got muffled out by Brian's huge dick in my mouth.

It wasn't too long before Jabari started screaming "Oh shit bitch I'm going to fucking nut in your pussy."

All I could do was keep slobbing Brian's Knob and get out an "MmmHmmm". With that

Jabari's body tensed up and he shouted out "Take it up your filthy pussy bitch uggh!" With that I could feel his hot sperm filling up my pussy. Oh my god I had missed the feeling of a fat dick stretching my pussy and filling me up. Jabari came for a good long time, and when he finally pulled out I could feel and his cum oozing out.

Just at that time finally after like 45 minutes Brian started to tense up "Oh my god you stupid bitch I'm gonna fucking blow in your stupid slutty mouth. Take this fucking load in your mouth bitch!" He grabbed me by the hair and yelled at the top of his longs "TAKE IT!" With that he unloaded a huge glob of cum into my mouth. I held the tip of his dick inside his mouth and kept on sucking. Another glob came, and another, and another. He came for what seemed like almost a minute. Every time a shot of come hit my tongue I swallow it down. It was a load most other girls would have never been able to swallow, but fortunately for me when it comes to swallowing big loads that happens to be my specialty. I kept on drinking Brian's huge load until his dick finally stopped spurting. I could feel all of his thick cum in my stomach, I felt like I had just chugged a whole gallon of milk. I held the last little bit in my mouth to savor it. I opened up and showed Brian the cum in my mouth. Brian laughed at me "You sure know how to suck cock, but what should I expect you a fucking stupid slutty white bitch."

I just smiled at him and showed him the come in my mouth again. "I bet you can't wait to go home and kiss your boyfriend with that cummy mouth of yours. But we're not done yet, we all need to have a chance to cum in your mouth hand pussy." I finally swallowed down the last gulp of Brian's nut after savoring it for awhile."

I looked to him "Sounds good to me, god you cum tastes so fucking good and it feels like it filled my stomach up too."

Brian started laughing "Yeah next time your bitch ass boyfriend is eating you out you can think of the big load I gave you in your throat and how Jabari just nutted all in your cunt."

I loved it. I smiled and looked to his friends "Well he's gonna have plenty of time to eat my pussy, after of course all of you have finished dumping your loads into my cunt."

Brian signaled for 3 more of his friends to come over. They introduced themselves as Tyrone, Winston, and Sam. Tyrone had about a 10' skinny dick, Winston's dick was REALLY fat and about 9 inches, and Sam had the biggest dick of the group looking to be about 12 inches.

Brian told me "Take off all your clothes bitch my boys need a good nut." I stood up and started to strip down, feeling a little of Jabari's cum starting to leak out of my pussy onto my thighs. Sammy laid down on the couch while Tyrone went and got some oil. Sammy told me to lay on him and I wasted no time sliding my pussy onto that monster dick. God the thing was even bigger then Jabari's and between the mix of Jabari's cum and my juicy pussy it was super slippery. Winston walked up to my face and shoved his fat cock into my mouth. As good as Brian's cum was I knew I was gonna need to drink a lot more before the day was done. Tyrone started pouring oil into my asshole and before long I felt him slide his dick up my ass. It had been a real long time since the last time I had a good ass fucking. My ass felt like it was on fire as Tyrone's long cock pushed his dick farther and farther in.

I could hear Tyrone "Yeah bitch never had anything like this in your ass before huh? Look at the bitch wincing!" I couldn't help but wince Between Sam's huge cock in my pussy stretching it to new depths, Winston's fat cock in my mouth chocking me, and Tyrone's long cock burning my asshole I was in a lot of pain. Brian walked over onto the couch looking at me taking a cock in my ass, pussy, and mouth at the same time. "Now you see, I told you this bitch would do anything for some cock." He looked at me "I'm not done with you yet either I am gonna fucking destroy your pussy little white girl, these guys are just warming you up. By the time we're done with you your boyfriend will be able to put his whole head into your stretched out pussy." The only thing I could do is response is take that cock up my ass and pussy and moan around Winston's cock in my mouth. I was in total ecstasy.

Sam started to pick up the pace fucking my pussy, and I tried my best to keep hopping up and down on his dick, but Tyrone quickened his pace as well in my ass and the feeling was too much. Winston's cock slopped out of my mouth leaving huge strands of saliva across my face and I started creaming at the top of my lungs. Winston backed off for the moment just jerking on his fat dick. I felt my pussy start contracting around Sam's huge cock. He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled my pussy all the way down his dick. "Yeah baby milk that dick, go ahead bitch cum all over my big dick." Between my intense pussy contractions around Sam's dick, and Tyrone's long cock sliding in and out of my ass I felt like I was going to faint.

I heard Tyrone grunting from behind me and he quickly pulled his cock out of my ass and ran over to my face. "Open your mouth slut, now!" He snarled at me. I opened my mouth up but it didn't stop him by grabbing me up by the hair and pulling my mouth onto his cock. His cock tasted horrible after being up my ass, but with Sam still pounding into my pussy I could care less. Tyrone tightened his grip on my hair and started to blow his steamy load into my mouth. "Oh god baby, take my load, you know you need it." His first strand of cum came out as thick clump. It was so thick I almost couldn't swallow it down. When the second clump came out my cheeks started bulging so I again worked my swallowing magic and was able to quickly put down a mouthful of hot clumpy semen. Soon as I got it down, Tyrone pulled it out of my mouth and started to let it drain onto my face. The next shot got me in the eye and down my cheek, and the following ones went across my forehead into my hair.

Sam quickly shoved me off him and hopped up off the couch. He angrily yelled at Tyrone "Woah what the fuck man, you trying to have nut dripping down onto me?!"

Tyrone had a big smile on his face looking at my face and hair covered in cum "Not my fault man, bitch couldn't keep my dick in her mouth."

I sat up in the couch and quickly shot back "If there's anything I can do its keep a dick in my mouth!"

Winston stopped jerking on his dick and walked over to me, his dick just inches from my face "Well you sure couldn't keep mine in your mouth!" I felt challenged, and I wasn't going to take that kind of lip from anyone. I quickly leaned forward and took his whole fat dick back into my mouth. A held onto the base with my small hands and bobbed my head back and forth as quickly as possible moaning and slobbering all up and down his dick. Winston looked down at me and I just continued my ravenous pace. I knew he wouldn't be able to last long and not surprisingly he didn't. He pulled his dick out "Jerk it onto your face!" I tilted my head back a little and let my tongue dart quickly back and forth on the underside of his dick while stroking it.

I could hear Sam in the background "Hah look at that bitch's big ol' titties bounce!" I could feel them shaking and the feeling of watch made me even more excited.

I could hear Winston moaning "Oh fuck yes, I'm gonna paint your face a new shade of white." I could feel Tyrone's cum had dried a little especially in my hair, but soon as the thought crossed my mind Winston's fat cock started to explode in my face. I squinted my eyes closed, but I felt quick shooting skinny lines of cum shooting all over my eyelids, nose, cheeks, and mouth. All that I could hear all of the guys cheering Winston on.

I tried to wipe the cum from my eyes a little before I opened them, but as soon as I opened them Winston had backed away to the rest of the guys and I saw Sam coming at me quickly "Time to finish up slut."

He pushed me back so I was leaning back on the couch and pulled my legs apart. Before I knew what was happened I felt him plow that big dick of his back into my sore stretched out cunt. Sam was going at it like a man on a mission this time he was here to seriously fuck up my pussy. He pas pounding in and out of me like he was trying to he trying to put his dick straight through me. I couldn't help screaming and shouting and I could here Sam snarling like some kind of animal. I looked behind Sam and saw another one of Brian's friend's walking over to me jerking his dick.

Brian who had been sitting over at the table ever since nutting in my mouth called over to him "Yo Steve, what you think your doing?"

Steve called back "I've seen enough I gotta bust a nut on this broad."

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