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Self-Fulfilling Nightmare

by tw_holt 11/14/15

Author's note: This one gets a little weird. I implore you to read until the end. Everything will make sense at the end. You'll see.

Edited by: Todger65

Chapter 1

Mi'elle arched her back, her blue eyes rolling into the back of her head. Her naked, sweaty body was shaking, coming down off another orgasm. The campfire outside the entrance of her tent was still going strong, illuminating her muscular body with a faint orange glow.

Her long black hair dripped sweat onto her toned ass. The man Mi'elle was straddling, cupped her breasts, sat up and kissed along her neck.

She needed this. She needed to feel a man inside her. It had been far too long. Mi'elle was nearly done with her long journey home to her beloved. Oh how she missed him! He would understand her desires, her need for sex during their occasional bouts many days apart. Their love was like no other, one-of-a-kind, unconditional. Mi'elle wondered if he'd taken a temporary lover in her absence. If so, she would meet her and thank her for taking care of her beloved.

The man smiled, bringing Mi'elle's mouth to his own, their tongues invading each other's mouths again.

He broke the kiss, leaning back, his hands gliding over Mi'elle's washboard stomach. "Good?"

"Very. I must admit, Ul'sses, I'm getting tired. I have a long journey before me," Mi'elle said, looking into the man's dark eyes.

His thumb rubbed her lips. There was something odd about this man. Skin as dark as his eyes, braided black hair, a perfectly sculpted, muscular body, he didn't just fuck her; he made love to her.

The odd part is that they recently just met -- shortly after Mi'elle set up camp for the night. Her horse, Perfection, usually neighed when strangers approached. The stallion was quiet, somewhere in the woods behind the camp, presumably grazing.

A shirtless Ul'sses entered her camp, hands raised, apologizing to Mi'elle, asking her to put her two-handed sword down. There was a calming aura about him. She could see he meant no harm.

Ul'sses claimed he saw an unusual sight and that as a druid, he had to make sure the forest was protected. Mi'elle believed him, apologizing for drawing her weapon.

They sat, talked about her journey home, and shared a small dinner. When Ul'sses made to take his leave, Mi'elle invited him to stay.

A sweet and gentle smile came over his face while watching Mi'elle remove her bulky armor in her tent.

Several hours later, Mi'elle sweaty and exhausted, countless orgasms having washed over her, moved in front of Ul'sses. She turned around, presenting herself to him, nodded over her shoulder.

"Are you sure you want me to finish?" he asked, having lasted hours without cumming.

"Yes," Mi'elle chuckled. "I need some sleep before I start my journey through the valley."

Ul'sses frowned, looking down, "I understand."

Mi'elle rose up, looking over her shoulder at Ul'sses. She kissed him, slowly savoring one another. It felt so natural, like they knew each other for years.

Back on her hands and knees, Mi'elle moaned when Ul'sses entered her from behind. His large hands slid up her back, over her muscles, ending up in her hair. He slowly pulled her back against his body and thrust into her lovingly.

"Have I met him before? Does he know me?" Mi'elle thought; her eyes rolling into the back of her head as this mystery man, this new friend made love to her.

Ul'sses kissed at her neck and shoulders, his hands massaging her breasts, working closer to his orgasm -- finally.

"Ahh, Mi'elle!" He groaned, pushing her back to her hands, gripping her hips.

"Yes!" She cried out, feeling his thick cock pulsate inside her pussy.

"Ughhh," Ul'sses arched his back, looking to the ceiling of the tent, filling Mi'elle with his seed.

They collapsed on one another, Ul'sses still inside her, her pussy oozing his cum. He rolled to his side, Mi'elle rolling with him, her head resting on his chest. They kissed for several minutes before Ul'sses seemingly drifted off to sleep.

She watched him, perplexed, yet enthralled by this man. She left the tent.

Mi'elle walked by the crackling fire, letting the cool night breeze dry off her sweaty body. Her long, flowing black hair fanned outward in the wind. She stood on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the valley she was to traverse in the morning. She could barely make out the trees in the light of the full moon. She was so close to her beloved she could taste him, his mouth, his cock, and his seed. She missed him so very much.

Mi'elle closed her eyes, imagining seeing her beloved, kissing him, removing her armor for him, when she was distracted from her trance.

"If you're heading down there tomorrow, you need to be careful," Ul'sses said from behind. He was sitting on a rock, looking out into the darkness as well.

"I will, thank you," Mi'elle replied, smiling at her new friend.

"There are quite a few dangers that lurk in that valley. Cursed, insane druids, for one. They are unable to turn back into their human forms. They become confused, unable to climb out of the valley, too confused to fly out. They are trapped there," Ul'sses explained.

"I'll be cautious. My sword is sharp."

"Mi'elle, your horse may not be able to climb out." Ul'sses stepped closer to Mi'elle, the same sweet smile never leaving his face.

"I'll find a way," Mi'elle replied, stepping to him, her hand on his cheek. "That's the route I need to take to get home - through that valley. I'm sure there's a way out."

"Please be careful," Ul'sses stepped away, heading back to her tent. He grabbed his leather leggings.

"Mi'elle I have to leave," he said, putting the leggings on.

"Oh. I see," Mi'elle replied, disappointment in her tone. Perhaps he was just a man she met, never to see again. A man who just happened to be amazing at pleasing a woman.

"Will I see -- "

"Yes," Ul'sses cut her off. Without any further explanation, he left her, alone by the fire, disappearing into the dark woods behind her camp.

She looked to the night sky, shaking her head. Druids were always so mysterious.

Chapter 2

The next morning, after dawn Mi'elle donned her heavy, plate armor and girded on her sword. Her horse of five years, Perfection, a dark-brown stallion with a black tail and mane, was milling about in the woods behind her camp. Mi'elle whistled and Perfection happily came to her side. She hugged her best non-human friend, kissing his nose, running her fingers through his mane.

"We have a long trip today. I'll be sure to stop and rest for you," Mi'elle hugged him again. Perfection nuzzled against her neck.

They made their descent into the valley via a nearby trail. The trail was fairly steep and rocky, but eventually they made it down safely.

She thought about the words of the druid Ul'sses the night before. Perched atop Perfection, she glanced at her bulky, black plate armor. It was heavy, covering everything but her head when she opted to not wear her helmet. The shoulders had large spikes protruding from them.

Mi'elle recalled a memory from several days ago of head butting a large man in his chest. She was traveling through a small village and saw the man attempting to rape a woman. Mi'elle glanced at her spikey shoulders, his dried blood still there. After head butting him, she charged into him, tackling him to the ground, her spikes stabbing him. The woman thanked her and ran home, while the man rolled around in agony.

Mi'elle looked at her legs next. Her feet, shins, and knees were protected with armor, but this hindered her movement even more.

She recalled a situation a couple weeks earlier. Mi'elle was standing near a blacksmith's forge, her gloves, chest piece were removed; she was only wearing her leggings and boots. A man accosted her while she was waiting for small repairs to be done. The man attempted to remove the white wrap around her breasts. She stomped on his foot, breaking a few toes in the process.

She couldn't help but chuckle. "I guess this bulky armor is good for something," she thought to herself.

A few hours later, after making her descent into the valley, following winding narrow trails, Mi'elle came to a river. There was a small waterfall, cascading into gentle rapids.

"This will be a good spot to rest." Mi'elle hopped off her dark brown horse. "I need a bath after last night."

Removing her armor, she entered the water, splashing it upward, rubbing the coolness onto her skin. Mi'elle made her way to the small waterfall, letting the cascade soak her hair and body. She smiled, closing her eyes, enjoying the sensation, thinking about last night—but also about her precious beloved.

Running her hands over her erect nipples, down her tight stomach and muscular frame, she found herself aroused. Then it happened. A single splash of water bouncing off the rocks from the waterfall landed against her engorged clitoris—a wonderful little accident. Mi'elle laughed at the sensation.

Turning to the small, tumbling waterfall, Mi'elle smiled, watching it bounce and flow off the rocks. "There's a first time for everything," she mused aloud.

Grabbing low hanging tree branches on either side of the falls, she bent at the knees, slightly squatting, and thrust out her pelvis, letting the water kiss and lick at her pussy.

"Yess," she moaned, the water lapping at her body. It felt so good and refreshing.

Moments later, knowing no one else was around, nor caring if there was, Mi'elle closed her eyes, letting the waterfall make love to her.

"Ahh!" she cried out as her orgasm overtook her. She shook and convulsed just as she had with the druid, becoming one with nature.

When it passed, she let go of the branches and went to her knees, gathering and pouring water over her head. She opened her mouth, drinking deeply from her watery lover.

Making her way back to Perfection, she giggled, noticing the horse's very large erection. "Aww, I'm sorry Perfection. Did I excite you?" Mi'elle hugged and kissed the horse's head. "If I were a druid, I'd turn into a mare and help you out."

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