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Serving the Dark Lady Ch. 05

by Certeis 02/14/18

NOTE: Character development? in THIS story? Heresy.


The tiefling woman groaned as Karee laid his hands on her abdomen, although she didn't appear to be fully aware he was there. Karee murmured the incantation for the healing spell quietly, and for the fifth time in less than half an hour he felt Myria's power flowing through him. She gasped a little as her wounds started closing, and with a shuddering breath, she lost consciousness as the last of Karees power petered out and the bleeding stopped.

"I think... thats all I got..." Karee panted, feeling exhausted from channeling all that magic. He felt a tad embarrassed, he knew a more experienced cleric could have done all he'd done and not broken a sweat.

"They owe you their lives, miss. Hah! When I tell that one there that an Aasi kept her from bleeding out she wont believe me," the caravan owner pointed at the unconscious tiefling woman Karee had been attending.

"They probably need more care. I just stabilized them." Karee mumbled.

"Yeah, but if we'd had to spend time tracking down a cleric of Myria, they'd probably have bitten it before they got here. They'll be right pissed if they hear that a Lanyan beat them to it, but I'll keep my mouth shut about it." She gave Karee a wink.

"Oh, no, I'm from the church of Myria. I just happened to be in the area," Karee corrected her, slumping down onto the cold stones of the street, feeling dizzy.

"You... really?" She asked, furrowing her brow.

"Yeah. Long story... uhh... I don't suppose you have a place where i can lie down for a bit?" Karee asked, feeling a bit wobbly.

"Oh yeah. Sure thing, use the lead wagon. Take as long as you need, those damned orcs made sure that were not going anywhere for a few days."

Karee wearily nodded his gratitude and dragged hid feet over to the wagon. It wasn't much but it was covered and had a well used cot for him to lie on. His dress fanning out on it as he laid down, Karee found himself drifting into a light snooze almost immediately.

Nimira was there in his dreams, wearing her usual evil grin. The big fake phallus she'd strapped onto herself and fucked him with last night clearly visible, she was stroking it and grinning at him. "Karee what are you wearing? Wake up." Her voice didnt have her usual playful bitchiness, it was stern, mature. Just like his... Nimira changed into a tall Aasimar, imposing and wearing full plate armor, her eyes looked like two openings into a glowing white expanse, even giving off a little light. His mom.

Karee jolted upright with a frightened gasp, only to scream when he saw she was still there.

"Youre such a little drama queen I don't know where you get that from. And why in the goddess' name are you wearing a dress?" His mom, Purity, stood in the wagon, her hands on her hips. It took Karee a moment to realize it wasn't actually her, but a projected image, she was probably still at home in the temple, getting one of the clerics to do this for her. "Honestly you didn't have to put on this big circus of running away just to get my attention. I get that you're unhappy Karee and I promise we'll talk about it when you come back-"


"No!" Karee yelled, interrupting her. "Don't lie to me Purity, I did need to run away to get your attention, and..." he trembled with anger, realizing he'd just fallen for her typical trick. Again. "...That's not even why I did it!! I ran away to get away from you. To live my own life." Karee knew there'd be no talk, no effort to address his grievances if he came home. Part of him wanted to believe his mother, that they could be a family again, but he angrily stepped on that part until it shut up.

"To live your life sleeping in the middle of the day and having dirty dreams in the back of a wagon." Purity's voice dripped disdain, and she waved dismissively at Karee's crotch.

Karee glared back at her, refusing to hide his boner. She was the one using divine magic to spy on him, he was not going to be ashamed. "Yeah, Purity, and you know what I was doing last night? I was having sex with this hot Drow guy, he fucked me until i screamed and came all over his bed while his wife watched-" Karee stopped his hysterical rant, his Mom had glared at him and winked out of existence halfway through Karee's explicit description.

He sat back in the cot. He could feel himself shaking. His heart was racing. It wasnt just anger but fear too. His mom had found him, and he didnt doubt for a second that she may very well try and drag him back there. So much anger... it actually scared him almost as much as Purity did, he'd never been this angry, even back at home when he'd been dealing with her and his dad every day.

"You alright, Miss?" a hand and a head poked through the flap, the caravan master from before. "Heard you screaming and yelling. Thought for a second you may have had a guy in here with you."

"Uhh... no... someone contacted me magically... sorry to disturb you, I should get back to the temple. Thank you for letting me rest here." Karee did his best to calm himself.

"'Course. Let the temple know we appreciate the support, especially since they refuse to charge us for it." She gave Karee an apprecative, innocent smile, and vanished from her spot between the flaps of canvas.

Karee took his time to calm his nerves, running his hands through his scruffy grown-out hair, and fixing the dress he was wearing that had gone slightly askew. When he went outside, one of the other senior priestesses along with two of his fellow initiates were tending to the wounded. They acknowledged him, but let him head on through without flagging him down. Karee dragged his feet through the city to one of the safehouses that had a staircase down into the temple, and got in past the guard, who just nodded at him. He was so preoccupied with his own thoughts on his way back to his bunk that he didn't even see his molester coming.

Karee let out a yelp as a warm, soft hand wrapped around his waist under the hem of his blouse, pulling his back up against a set of feminine curves, breasts pressed into his head and neck. "Hmmm.. where have you been hiding, my little angel?" Raka's hot breath tickled his ear, and her teeth nibbled playfully on his neck. Her gentleness came to a swift end before he could even answer the rhetorical question. Her hands wandered north, gripping and squeezing his boy tits roughly, pulling him roughly back against her, grinding her already-hard cock into his back.

In spite of his current trepidation, Karee's body responded in a way he was accustomed to. He moaned leaned his head back onto Raka's cleavage, his legs growing as weak as his willpower. Raka squeezed his nipples harder, and Karee could tell that his little nubs were extremely hard and swollen. Karee took in a deep shuddering breath and out out a shrill feminine moan as Raka's teasing sent electric shivers through his body. Raka spun him around, letting go of his titties and lifting him up by his ass, squeezing his fleshy cheeks with her surprisingly strong hands. She carried him into a nearby empty room adorned by several shelves of books and a couch, which she headed towards.

"I'm so fucking horny..." Raka purred, biting Karee's neck a little harder as she ground her heavy meat against Karee's stiff little clitty.

"Ahh.. Uhh.. yeah..." Karee muttered half-heartedly. He wasn't quite sure what was happening, he really liked Raka, he loved having sex with her, and this was super hot, but... He felt a tear trickle down his cheek, the anxiety and anger from earlier that day bubbling back up to the surface.

Raka let out a growl. This wasn't one of her normal, predatory growls, she sounded frustrated, and resigned. She carried him over to the couch and set him down on it, and then flopped down next to him. "Okay, sweetie, just give me a second... to calm down." She muttered, breathing hard.

"W...wha?" Karee asked, secretly relieved. He sniffled, and whimpered a little bit, feeling himself start to cry in earnest. What was... what was happening? He hadn't cried like this since he was little.

"Shhh... It's okay sweetie, it's okay," Raka dragged him onto her lap, cooing at him softly and stroking his hair as he sobbed. "It's alright to cry, go ahead and let it all out," she whispered.

Karee clutched Raka's dress as he sobbed, burying his face in her chest just above her breasts, his mother's words and recriminations playing in his head over and over and over, threatening to take away all these people he'd met who'd been so great to him. They stayed there for several minutes, and eventually, he did calm down. Raka patiently whispered to him and consoled him, no judgments, no questions, nothing other than support. "Feeling a little better?" Raka asked him quietly, still stroking his hair.

Karee nodded, clutching her closely, feeling her warmth against him.

"Do you want to tell me what happened? I can go get Nimira or Lan if you'd feel more comfortable talking to them." She asked, sounding a tad cautious. Oh no... Karee realized that she had no idea what had set him off. She must be worried.

"N-No!" he clutched her tighter. "Stay. I... I wanna..."

"Okay, don't worry hun, I'm not going anywhere," Raka assured him, gently scritching the back of his head with her nails, which Karee liked.

"Mommy... my mother... P-Purity... her name's Purity." Karee whispered, his voice wavering. Somehow, as he said it, he felt a bit of a burden lift off his shoulders. He'd said it, he named her, told another person.

"Purity is your mother?" Raka asked, clearly recognizing the name. Karee nodded, it made sense that Raka would know her, she'd probably clashed with clerics and paladins from back home before. "She's the commander of the Golden Sky Knights, isn't that right? And her husband is a high-ranking cleric of Lanya?"

"Y-Yeah... S-Sorry I never... I lied to you..." Karee sniffled, burying his face in her cleavage.

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