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Sex with Self

by AlinaX 02/14/18

Based on an idea by Storm7279 in the forum: "Recently came across an app where you could see yourself as the opposite sex, now what were to happen if that other image happen to come to life? Would you take advantage of yourself? Would you both be able feel what the other is feeling?"


The new neural interface was sharp, with full sensory integration. With a thought I overlaid my dimly lit apartment with warm colours and indirect lighting. With another I changed the ever pervasive stink of rotting garbage from the streets outside to a subtle infusion of sandalwood and raspberry. I added some background music, something classical, sophisticated, and banished the touch of cold from my skin.

None of it was real, of course. I could have imagined myself in a vast palace, but that would have had me bumping into walls and furniture. It didn't stop me shivering either, but I could live with that.

The world has no future. It barely has a present, but they keep us distracted with gadgets and gameshows. For those of us who can't afford - or can't keep - a real woman (or whatever), one way or another, there are bots for that too. All synthetic and oddly grotesque, but self-cleaning and suitably functional.

I called mine Jane. I hated her. I hated her not being real, for acting so obedient, and for worshipping me with false words. I hated her because I needed her so much. I needed to hear her begging me to fill her with my cum, and needed to hear her cry out with pleasure as I did. I needed to see my cum dripping from her synthetic pussy and dripping down her synthetic legs - and I hated myself for thinking this meant anything at all.

I scrolled through the various options for the neural interface, and searched for apps that were compatible. It was state-of-the-art technology, more expensive than anything I could ever afford myself. In three or four years time it would no doubt be available generally, but this was cutting edge. The only reason I had it was I had volunteered as a test rat. They had cut open my head and installed some kind of quantum computer neural net thingy inside.

And it was pretty fucking cool. No side effects so far after a month of observation in the hospital. But it was good to be home again, although I would miss the hospital food. All I had at home were tasteless rations. Except...

I unwrapped one of the rations and licked it. And grimaced. It was as tasteless as I remembered. But with a casual thought, I changed the taste and smell to fresh, succulent chicken, gave it the impression of warmth, and devoured it with such pleasure I no longer cared that it was a lie.

Reality might suck, but this augmented reality made life almost worth living again.

Jane watched me dispassionately, uncommenting. An ugly, plastic reminder that I had nothing but illusions to keep me warm. Searching again, I found an app that let me overlay a variety of beautiful women on the sexbot. Skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, etc., were all adjustable, but one of the standard settings was called Cleopatra, and it transformed Jane into an Egyptian queen.

A naked Egyptian queen, naturally, with black hair and dark eyes and warm, tanned skin. Even her preternatural stillness seemed oddly apt. Her mouth opened willingly as I presented her with my cock, and the app was smart enough to give her hard, synthetic lips the illusion of softness and warmth.

I hadn't come in a month. I hadn't had any privacy for a month, and now I had a beautiful queen worshipping my cock. I was in heaven. I was so excited I climaxed within a minute or two. My cum dribbled out from her royal lips as she continued sucking my pulsing, spurting cock, and it dripped from her chin onto her desert-dark breasts.

Cleopatra was a fantastic upgrade over Jane, but she still wasn't realistic enough for my liking. I expanded my search parameters as I relaxed with a cup of tea - or, rather, a mug of hot water that I adjusted in my mind to smell like some exotic blend of spices.

From time to time I changed the sexbot's appearance, to a Chinese princess, to a blonde American porn star, to a Brazilian model. Some highly questionable online shops sold overlays of famous celebrities, but just looking at them had my integrated virus checkers in a panic.

Then I stumbled upon something intriguing. An open community project called "Sex With Self" that was not only free but considered quite safe by the virus checkers. "Sex With Self," the documentation said, "uses the new quantum net's ability to multiprocess to enhance the sexbot experience. Essentially, while you are having sex with the sexbot, your unconscious mind will control the sexbot's responses."

Which sounded great, really, There was only one drawback. The only overlay the app worked with was the "Self" image built in to the neural interface for communication. I really didn't want to fuck a sexbot copy of myself. Still, I tried the app and had a look out of curiosity.

It didn't really look like me. My features were warped too much by the sexbot's body. But on the point of deleting the app as a waste of time, I noticed an option to adjust the overlay's gender.

A moment later, I was looking at a very female version of myself. Not unattractive either. I would have preferred Cleopatra, no question, but female-me was certainly better than synthetic Jane. The sheer kinkiness of fucking myself like this was enough to stir my cock to life again.

I connected the app to the sexbot to see what would happen. At first, nothing did. Indeed, I was starting to think that this development version was a little too broken, when the sexbot stood up suddenly and walked over to me.

She fell to her knees and engulfed my cock with her mouth like a predator devouring its prey. The pressure of her lips along my shaft as she bobbed her head hungrily was blissful. As blowjobs go, this was vastly superior to Cleopatra's mechanical performance.

But I had already come in her mouth, and indeed her lips were still stained with my cum. I wanted something different. I pushed her away from me. "Turn around," I said. "Get on all fours."

I knelt behind her as she did, and she pushed back eagerly as I guided my cock to her pussy. With one savage thrust I buried myself in her, and she cried out in delight. "Yes!" she cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

It was part of the standard vocabulary, but uttered now with such conviction it was hard to believe the sexbot wasn't a real person. I slammed into her again, loving the way she thrust back to meet me. "Fuck me!" she growled. "Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, fuck my mouth. Fuck me till I can no longer walk."

I doubted I had the stamina for all that, but I was willing to try. For the first time in years I was actually enjoying sex rather than merely fulfilling a need. I pulled out and bent to sniff her pussy. The raw aroma of her arousal was intoxicating, and I sucked hungrily on her clit and penetrated her with my tongue. I never did this with Jane, who smelled only of lubricant and rubber and tasted bitter.

"I want your cock in me," she growled, and I was happy to give it to her. We settled quickly into a steady rhythmic pounding that I wished would continue forever. The illusion of having a real woman was perfect. If her face looked uncomfortably like my own, well, I didn't need to look at it.

"Such a big cock," she said, panting. "So thick, so long,... So hard!"

More standard phrases, but they sounded genuine, even if I am only average in size. I was as hard as I'd ever been, though, and chasing a climax. I was close, I could feel it, but not quite there yet.

"Come in me," she begged. "I want your cum in me!"

How could I deny her that? I wanted it as much as she did. My muscles were starting to cramp, but I put fresh effort into it, making my strokes as deep and hard as I could, so that the smacking of my pelvis against her plump cheeks echoed loudly about the room.

"So good," she shouted. "So fucking good! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

We came together. She screamed with ecstasy as I stiffened and unleashed the cum she had begged for.

"Yes!" she screamed. "Yes - yes - fucking yes!" I could feel her contractions as she climaxed, the walls of her vagina tightening about my pulsing cock as I emptied myself within her.

And then I was done, and I pulled out slowly. I was delighted to see my cum spill from her ravished pussy as I did. Before it could fall to the floor, she reached between her legs and scooped it up, and licked it hungrily from her fingers.

"More," she said. "I want more. Do my ass now."

Tempting as this was, I simply couldn't. Instead I paused the app and left her kneeling there with my cum dripping from her.

Sated, satisfied and exhausted, I crashed onto the sofa and wrapped myself in a blanket. Within a minute I was fast asleep.

What a dream I had! In the dream I was the sexbot looking up at my real self. Standing there with his cock nice and hard. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to feel it in my mouth. I wanted to feel it coming in my mouth.

I crossed the room and knelt, wrapping my lips about that beautiful cock. I could taste nothing, but I could feel it with my lips and my tongue and my mouth. I worked it with my mouth - I knew exactly how he liked it - sucking on it and licking the delicate underside.

He pushed me away. Before I could voice my annoyance, he ordered me to turn around - and I was happy to. My cunt was desperate for cock, and I welcomed his savagery. It was a good cock, but I would have welcomed more. I had the capacity for more. I was built for so much more than one average cock. I was built to accommodate many cocks in many ways. This one would do - for now, anyway.

I made the most of it, praising his cock and begging for his cum, and the climax was something special. I brought his cum to my lips, but still couldn't taste it. It was disappointing. I loved the feel of his cum in me, but I wanted more. If I couldn't taste it, at least I could feel it, and I wanted to feel it all over me and filling my insides.

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