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Sexual Healing

by EveAnna 03/20/07

Chapter 1

I've been in my new apartment for a few weeks now – and I have a problem – I'm not alone but I'm supposed to be. This was going to be my new life after 7 years of marriage, a new apartment, new life, new job, new City – none of these new plans included a night time visitor, and an invisible night time visitor at that.

The Beginning.

My name is Laurie, 26 years old, recently divorced, shoulder length blonde hair, 5ft6inch, average build, I fit into a size 12.

I felt something when I went to view the 4th floor apartment but the price and location were just too good to let a 'feeling' get in the way. Really, in reflection I should have listened to my inner voice because in the few weeks I've lived here things have started to get a little strange.

First was the hot water kettle, I like to have a cup of coffee in the morning before going to my job at a busy accountants office, I was finding that the kettle had been turned on and boiled before I had even entered the kitchen. I thought I'd left the kettle plugged in and the thing was malfunctioning – however it did mean that I didn't have to hang around waiting for the kettle to boil and it was happening every morning – including this morning when I'd left the kettle on the other side of the kitchen, unplugged – but here I was pouring boiled water into my instant coffee from a kettle I hadn't boiled. I'd also found cold spots in an otherwise warm apartment. I was having one of those moments where you know things aren't right but you're really trying to act as though they are.

The boiled kettle was the least of my worries now though. This morning in the shower, I'd been touched. I'd felt what was like a finger slide down my spine, very lightly but from the top of my neck to the bottom of my bum. And I'd reacted, Oh yes, I'd reacted – jumping nearly out of my skin, unfortunately in a slippery bath, I'd also gone down very hard on my left shoulder and hitting my head on the side of the bath. I'd laid there in the bath for a few seconds with the shower water pounding down on me before I realised that the water had been turned off, I knew I hadn't turned it off.

So here I stood in my kitchen, in my bathrobe, with a thumping headache, aching arm, feeling like death warmed over making myself a coffee from a kettle I hadn't boiled. I stopped and looked around the kitchen. I shook my head.

"I'm going mad!"

I muttered as I walked into the main living room, I reached for the phone, hit the speed dial that would take me straight to the office.

"Hi Jean, can you tell Mr Proctor I won't be in today, I'm not feeling well"

I spoke quietly into the mouthpiece of the phone, trying not to aggravate any of my aching bits!

"Ok thanks Jean"

I hung up the phone and stared at it for a second. I tried to make sense of what had happened and I couldn't. The kettle shouldn't be boiling by itself, my apartment shouldn't have cold spots and I most definitely shouldn't be feeling an invisible someone touching me up in the shower. I looked around me, everything looked so normal, sunlight just starting to come though the windows of the main living room, looking sunny and warm on what was a clear and crisp Friday January morning. I glanced at the wall clock, 8.30am.

The rest of the day passed without incident – I'd got dressed, sat and watched daytime TV as I'd eaten my breakfast of cereal, sat and read for a while, using an icepack on my shoulder – which had turned into an ugly blue bruise, my headache had vanished thanks to some strong painkillers. But still there was a knot of apprehension in the pit of my stomach, there was an atmosphere in the apartment that was getting stronger as darkness was approaching. It was making me nervous. I started to jump at the smallest of sounds.

"Get a grip Laurie"

I said quietly to myself wondering if I'd hit my head harder than I'd realised. By 4.00pm I'd had enough, irritable and feeling sick with nerves I pulled the drapes closed over all the windows, shut myself off from the outside world and put all the lights on in the apartment – now that was new, I scolded myself for acting like a child and quickly turned the lights off I didn't need on. It didn't change the atmosphere in the apartment, it was as though something was waiting. I didn't want to feel like this in my new home.

By 6.30pm, my headache had returned with a vengeance. Holding a replenished icepack to my head, I made my way to my bedroom, turning lights off as I went, until the only illumination was in my bedroom. I crossed the room, pulling the blinds down over the windows and pulling the drapes, I like to sleep in pitch-black so I'd added blinds over the windows in my bedroom as well as drapes. I went to the bathroom, using the toilet and brushing my teeth, my headache a blinding ache that had spread to my shoulders. Gratefully, I moved back into my bedroom, shutting the door firmly behind me. I only needed a little lie down until the extra painkillers I'd taken could kick in. I stripped my clothes off and put my short sleep t-shirt on, taking only seconds to turn the lights off, plunge the room into darkness and lie on top of my quilt covered bed. The darkness enveloped me.

I was dreaming, I moaned. I was lying on my stomach, my arms loose at my sides, I could feel firm fingers kneading the muscles at the back of my neck under my T-shirt, down onto my shoulders, carefully working their way round the vivid blue bruise on my left shoulder but finding all the tight spots of tension and ache. Unconsciously I moved a little craning my neck and hands made their way to the base of my neck again, fingers gentle but insistent. It took another second to realise that I wasn't dreaming and as my eyes shot open, I knew I wasn't alone and that a very real pair of hands was massaging my neck and back. I heard a whisper


With a speed even I didn't know I possessed, I was off the bed and running for the bedroom door, in my panic completely forgetting that I had a bedside lamp that I could have switched on but no, in a pitch-black bedroom my first thought was to get out.

Of course I didn't make it. I aimed for the door, my hands feeling the edge of it before I was pulled back.

"Get off me!"

I screamed as arms I couldn't see snaked around my stomach, pinning my arms to my sides. I tried to bend but the arms were strong and tight, I kicked back, heard a grunt and connected with a leg but still the arms didn't let go. In shock I realised that I was feeling naked skin. Blind panic overtook me as suddenly I was pushed back onto the bed, I scrambled to the wooden headboard, clinging to it, looking blindly round the room into the blackness, then reaching for the bedside lamp, I clicked the switch – nothing happened, the light didn't come on. Fear washed over me, I could feel him watching me. I knew from the feel of his bare chest and strength of the body that my attacker was a 'he'.

I hugged my pillow to me like a shield, drawing my legs up close, trying to make myself as small as possible.

"What do you want?" I whimpered to the blackness of my bedroom.

The words came back clear, confident and very male "I want you".

The fear rose in me like bile, I felt very small, very insignificant and very alone. "Please leave me alone, I have money in my purse, and some jewellery, you can have them, please?" my voice broke sounding pathetic even to my ears. I hugged my pillow closer.

"I don't need your money or jewellery, just you" he answered me.

I tried to judge where in the room the voice had come from but the room was so quiet and dark, I couldn't. Quick hands reached for my pillow shield and easily pulled it from me – I screamed then as my legs were pulled down and I ended up lying flat on the bed, my T-shirt rising just above my ribcage, I kicked and fought like a wildcat, kicking and hitting out at my assailant, not seeing the body but knowing that it loomed just above me, the bed sagging with his weight, as he struggled with me, trying to hold my body down under his.

In seconds it was over, I felt his bare body next to mine on the bed, a heat radiating from it, my hands were being held over my head in one of his hands, my legs being pinned down by his, my body stretched. His voice came near to my right ear "I'm sorry I hurt you in the shower, you just looked so beautiful with the water flowing over your back, I had to touch you".

I froze, "Who are you?" I whispered back, knowing full well that whoever had touched me in the shower hadn't been visible. Did that mean that this very real feeling man wasn't really here. My brain refused to take all this in. I felt the first prick of tears forming at the edges of my eyes.

'I am real for you and that's all you need to know' his voice was more of a caress, and I could feel his warm breath across my cheek as he spoke, hands I couldn't see moved the strands of my hair that were trapped across my face. I turned my head towards that voice, whimpering as a finger gently rubbed across my lips, tracing the outline.

I tried to pull my arms down, still finding them held tight, panic overtook me again and I realised I was crying. Instantly anger followed. "Let me go you bastard, or I'll scream so loud I'll have the neighbours calling the police".

He chuckled then, male and full of humour "don't worry about screaming, I'll make you scream before the night is over". Fear flowed through my veins ice. Even if I did scream for help, I doubted that any of my neighbours would hear or come running to my rescue.

I realised that there was probably no way I was going to be able to stop what he was going to do to me, I knew it was going to end in my rape, he was too strong, too heavy for me and the body lying next to mine felt huge compared to my slim frame. I was on my own but he wouldn't get me without a fight.

It was as if he could read my mind, I made my body rigid and tried to anticipate his next move. Instead he sent me into a frenzy of thrashing as his free hand went to my bare stomach. I whimpered as his fingers started to trail circle patterns on my skin, coming to the waistband of my panties, then trailing back up next to my navel, I squirmed trying to move away as his finger tickled the inside of my bellybutton.

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