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Sexy Swimsuit

by azburglar 06/28/13

I could feel Dave's hard cock rubbing up against the thin material of my swimsuit. It was the only thing separating his thick, masculine cock from my soft, feminine ass. My head was filled with thoughts of shy, classy Samantha rubbing her big, bare ass against Dave's fat cock. The thoughts disgusted me and turned me on at the same time. I was so horny that I wasn't thinking straight. "Ok Dave," I saw shyly. "Go ahead and take it off, I will give you the lapdance but no funny business." There was a part of me that worried I would regret this but it was overwhelmed by my libido. I countered any doubts in my mind with the thought that if things got out of hand, I could just swim away.

"I can't wait, baby," Dave said with a huge grin on his face. His strong, thick fingers grabbed the sides of my swimsuit and yanked it down my legs. This caused my erect dick to come popping out. "It looks like I am not the only one who is enjoying you sitting on my lap," Dave laughed. "Mmm," Dave licked his lips as he looked over my bare ass. "I was waiting for this since the moment I laid my eyes on your ass in that swimsuit." Dave grabbed the bottom of the shaft of his large cock and placed it up against one of my bulging ass cheeks. He rubbed the bare flesh of his cock against my ass. "Ohh god, yes," Dave moaned.

I felt myself blushing again as Dave rubbed his boner against my entirely bare ass. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was Samantha. I started by rubbing my ass back and forth against Dave's cock. After feeling Dave's hard as steel pole rub against various parts of my ass, I lifted my body up and let Dave's large cock fall below me. While I hovered above Dave's ass, I shook my ass, causing by cheeks to bounce up and down and slap up against Dave's rock hard dick. This created a very sexual sounding rhythmic slapping noise.

Dave leaned back and enjoyed the lapdance he was receiving. "Ohh yeah, that feels great," Dave commented. "I knew once you got up close and personal with my cock, you would be my new bimbo. Just like Samantha." Dave moved his hips in rhythm with my lapdance. "Unh, so hot," Dave moaned. "Press my cock in-between those big sexy cheeks of yours."

I grabbed each of my shapely butt cheeks with one hand holding each cheek. I then pushed backwards and sandwiched Dave's big cock in-between my ass cheeks. I pressed my ass together and rubbed my cheeks up and down Dave's cock. "Did Samantha use her ass like this for you?" I asked Dave.

Dave grabbed my ass checks and gently pushed my hands away. He began shifting his hips and pressing my asscheeks around his dick himself and holding him in place while he pushed his dick up and down. "I was doing more of the work at this point," Dave commented in response to my question. Dave continued to rub his dick this way for a while. As time went on, he became more aggressive and as a result he was sloppier. Eventually his cock had ended up positioned so it was pointed straight towards my asshole. I could feel the pressure of the large head of it pressed up against my hole. Dave did not make any effort to correct the position of his cock but instead wiggled the head of it against me opening.

I felt shivers run down my spine as I felt Dave's mushroom head rubbing up against my opening. "Unh, That's too close," I complained in-between a series of moans. I was about to pull away but I decided to rub my asshole against the tip just one last time to see if it would give me more shivers. When I did so, I felt the shivers in my back once again and I decided to do it another time. Pretty soon, I found myself rubbing my virgin opening back and forth across the tip of Dave's dick.

"Unh, hell yes," Dave said with a look of ecstasy on his face. "Your ass is begging for my cock right now!" Dave grabbed the sides of my hips and pushed forward. "Uhhhh," Dave moaned as he forced the fat, rubbery tip into the inside of my ass. "Yeah, we're going to fuck!"

"Oh shit," I commented as I felt Dave push his way inside of me. "Dave, no," I gasped. I tried to pull away and stand up but this turned out to be a mistake. I ended up stuck and combination of gravity and Dave's grip on me began to slowly pull me down on to his shaft. I could feel myself sinking down, my butt swallowing more and more of his enormous, hard as steel cock. I could feel the big pulsating dick inside of me, every inch invading more and more of my insides. "No, no, ohh gross, it is in me!"

"Unh, yeah!" Dave yelled as he felt his big dick slide into my ass. He couldn't believe the hot and sexy sight before him, my bulging, feminine butt cheeks lowering down on to his massive, thick erect cock. By the time I had finished sliding down Dave's slick pole, both Dave and myself were breathing heavily. "Just relax," Dave cautioned. "It's no big deal, it must have accidentally slipped in. Just leave it in there for a second and it will go limp."

I sat there impaled on Dave's cock for a while. As much as Dave told me not to worry about it, it was impossible not to. All I could focus on was the huge cock in my insides. It felt so weird having some foreign presence sticking deep inside of my ass. All I could smell was a mixture of sweat and testosterone. I was frozen on top of Dave's dick, fearing that if I moved, I would stimulate him further. Right when I started to feel like I was starting to calm down, I felt Dave stretch back and start to pull out of me. Hopefully this would be it and we could go on pretending this whole thing never happened. Right before Dave was out of my ass though, I felt him slide right back in; He stuffed my ass once again with his huge cock. "Dave, Dave," I pleaded. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Dave held tightly on to my hips as he pushed his dick back into me. After thoroughly rubbing his big dick around in my insides, he pulled back out and repeated. The cumulative effect of this was a slow, rhythmic invasion of my ass with Dave's bulky dick. After establishing a steady pattern of pulling out and pushing into my ass, Dave decided to pick up the pace. Dave stopped moving his own body and instead started using his strong arms to began lifting me up and then pulling me down and back on to his hard pole. There was no question at this point that Dave was fucking me anally.

"Shit, shit," I muttered. I felt helpless as Dave lifted and pulled me with his strong arms, repeatedly impaling me on his concrete hard dick. "Come on Dave, unh," I spoke in-between grunts. "I'm not, unh, gay, unh, my ass... no"

"You seem pretty gay to me," Dave chuckled as he continued to lift and pull me down on his cock. "Your cock is still rock hard. You love my huge cock in your ass." Dave pulled me down hard the next time. He pulled as hard as he could on my hips and wiggled his dick deep inside of me. "Oh yeah, take it bitch!"

Dave was right about one thing, I was horny as hell. At the same time, I felt ashamed. I couldn't believe he had manipulated me into a position where he was able to fuck me. I really was some naïve bimbo, a hot piece of ass that would end up being one of Dave's easy sexual conquests, manipulated by his macho douchebag tactics and his huge cock.

Dave held my ass up against his lap and stood up. He shifted the two of us about two hundred and forty degrees to his left. Dave lifted me so that my upperbody and arms were left dangling outward perpendicular to his body.

My arms quickly reached downward and rested on a dry step above the one that Dave and I had just been sitting on. Meanwhile, my legs touched the ground infront of Dave. I ended up in a bent over position with Dave standing behind me with his cock buried into my ass. I realized at this point that I was about to really get fucked like a bitch.

Dave towered over me, staring down at my plump and shapely ass. "Fucking that ass is a dream come true," Dave commented. He put a hand on each cheek of my ass and groped them gratuitously. "Oh god," Dave moaned as he was overcome with yet another sudden burst of libido. Starting slowly, Dave began to pump his fat cock in and out of my ass. Although Dave started slow, he quickly built up rhythm and began fucking me hard and raw. A consequence of my disproportionately large ass was that there was a noticeably loud slapping noise every time Dave plowed into me. Every time I heard that noise, the thought it my head was Dave smacking me across the face with his massive dick and calling me his bitch. I felt so dirty.

"Unh, yeahh," Dave moaned as he pumped his cock into me. "Your ass is so big and slutty but your hole is so tight and delicate. You're the perfect fuck." Dave squinted his eyes in pleasure as he fucked me hard. "It feels amazing." Dave looked down as his beastly dick repeatedly violated my sexy ass.

"Ugh, unh, soo gross," I complained as I felt his bulging dick slide out of my ass only to be violently thrusted back deep into my insides. Every time he did so, I got a weird guilty but pleasurable feeling from the inside of my ass. "Oh man, this is crazy" I moaned.

Dave slowed down his thrusting but discovered it did not slow down the pace of him fucking my ass. As Dave let up, he noticed that I was pushing my ass back on to his cock. Dave eventually stopped doing any of the work, yet I still continued to voluntarily push my ass back on to his cock without even realizing it. Dave smirked, "You really are a cock-loving bitch. I knew you must have been with an ass like that. Look at yourself; you are using my dick like your personal dildo."

I was shocked when Dave pointed it out to me but he was entirely right. I had been so focused on other things that I didn't even notice. My own body had taken over. I tried to stop myself but I couldn't! Helplessly, I continued to push my ass back so that Dave's thick dick would push deep inside of me only to pull out and repeat the process. I couldn't help but fuck myself on Dave's big dick. "Oh shit," I gasped. "Unh, I really am, ugh, a gay bitch." The realization caused my body to shake. My own cock couldn't take it any longer. I had the most intense orgasm of my life and cum exploded out of the head of my cock. I was shocked how much cum sprayed out. It was so explosive that when I turned my head down to look at the orgasm, cum flew far enough that some of it hit me in the face.

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